Thursday, 3 January 2008

taste of foochow

Foo Chow Oyster Pancake.
not hot, so ....:S

the famous Red Wine Mee Sua. this was my second time trying this dish, so....
i'd say that i am still looking out for nicer Red Wine Mee Sua. *nods*

One each, fishball, wanton, fuzhou fishball, n yada yada ( can't exactly remember)


kxin said...

r u the one i'm seeing? and ur photo is so blur... is my eyes blur? new blogs? lol so posting 2 place? or u gonna change it here? :P

curiositykills said...

photos blur meh??? or cause the photos are small? ermm..think i'll change here d kua?? hee..see la how..:(

kxin said...

tis comment is for the later blog XD paiseh post wrong palce for comemnts upside down liao XD hahha

am i the only reader currently of ur blogspot blog? XD haha