Thursday, 28 February 2008

pizza uno- bandar puteri puchong

pizza uno has a few outlets in KL. one in taipan, usj and one in bandar puteri puchong. i think they have another outlet somewhere as well.
Alla Carbonara (RM 20)
Lightly fried beef bacon and onion in a delicious creamy sauce
i chose this! Oglio olio (RM16) 
garlic, olive oil, parsley, basil

we opted for their homemade fresh pasta thus we had to pay an extra 2 bucks each for both. 

Mixed herb bread and garlic bread. RM3 for a piece
Pumpkin soup
A must have! heh, cause i loveeeeee pumpkins!
Caesar Salad
"actually, named after the Italian chef, in New York City, who perfected this salad for some big shot, Embellished with:- beef bacon RM16 / smoked chicken RM16 / smoked salmon RM18. 
this was what i extracted from their menu.heh.
Anyway , i think we picked beef bacon.

Romeo Special RM24, regular
Smoked chicken, pineapple, mushrooms, olives

verdict: loved everything!!!! i'd love to go back there again!!!


kxin said...

omg pizzassss i'm hungry.... i love cheese~~~~~~~ wow so many nice food in thsi short few days? Last Supper kah? :P Have you go check your weight? hahahaha

curiositykills said...

pizza uno's good lah!! last night i went to another italian restaurant. good food also! ok lah..i'll go transfer the photos n post up now, FOR YOUR SAKE! :D

n nope, i visited pizza uno a few month's back. hee. im posting it so that i can delete the photos from my comp! my photos would be safe in blogspot right?

kxin said...

oic... wait till u come back from scotland then we go makan kia XD lolzzzz go hong kong = i no more money liao... haha

nvm we go HK eat ho liao then u go more photos to take and blog! ;)

not sure wor... think save gua XD