Thursday, 29 July 2010

flipped at almost 6 mths old

kj can flip without hindrance! today marks another milestone

previously he could only turn half, only his lower body cause he got stuck with his arms which impedes the full swing (of the entire body)

today is the second day im feeding him with solids
first meal: avocado
category: fruits
method: mashed it against a siever then add some ebm (expressed breast milk)

why avocado?
can be eaten raw, so it is really simple

first feed: 28th july 2010
second feed: 29th july 2010

need to follow 4-day rule,
whereby u need to introduce one food (veggie or fruits) at a time for 4 days consecutively before starting the next
this is to see if there is any reaction to the food
this enables us to detect the allergen which causes any sensitivities or allergies

gotta bear in mind that milk is still the main meal at this stage,
food is supplementary
from 8 mths onwards, food will then be the main meal and milk will be supplementing the dietary intake

we did the ceremony last sunday (25th july 2010)
witness: flora ling, edmond, william yip, mommy and daddy
venue: wong kok dimsum
we let him taste a bit of everything
by just touching the food on his lips
something like that, i hope i did it correctly

as for the date for the feeding,
i chose 28th for my own convenience
no special reason for it

i planned before hand so that i could be there to watch his reaction on his solid feeding journey
i will give green light to the nanny to feed him with porridge this coming monday

things to do this weekend:
get a sippy cup for him
so fast i need to wean him off from bottles already :(
and think of whats next on his menu

i could introduce another new 'dish' on sunday!

just for my own record,
kj's statistics:

birth: 2.79kg
4.5mths: 7.6kg, 68cm
5.5mths: 8.2kg, 76cm

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

ding dong bell

no vera wang wedding gown for me
nor jimmy choo wedding heel
but im contented, rather, with my wedding band.
the LOVE ring is engraved with the date of our chinese wedding 20.09.2009, instead of our registration date.

looking for wedding heels could be a pain in the arse. we searched everywhere and ended with up a silver lacy stuart weitzman. (cant find a pic of my shoe, will add in at a later date)

found it!
i goggled it

shoes is only like 1% of the component of a wedding and yet i spent ample time looking for one that i love.

studio photos werent that important to me then.

photographers/videographer IS important on the wedding day but my hb is too poor to hire them so i did not have any. :)

oh well, the things that i could take charge of at that juncture....

let bygones be bygones..

allow me to relate one funny incident!
i cried on the day of my wedding day!
the make up for the morning session was hideous so i cried the moment i went home. she painted my face and did my hair in her studio. who is she? one so-called hot aunty/hairdresser, a popular hairdresser in a small town, what was i thinking? sigh.

i hope it does not spell bad luck :p

thats all about my wedding :p

oh, and i'll upload wedding photos in fb, but will only release on request, else they will be restricted :p
cause i dont want random strangers to view sesuka hati.
sorry, hope u people would understand.
i think the photos are gross, and sometimes u dont know who adds you in fb these days. although i do try to ignore those whom i cant associate with.

bye guys

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

no let down :(

leong collin

sounds nice?

lea leong. confirmed.

i wanted a boy's name and i thought of it one fine day. regrettably, i forgot what it was now

im a bit scared....

i dont mind doing part one, but can i skip part II?

part 1: purchase medication from a chinese med shop

part 2: if succeeded part 1, i would need to reenter the shop with my RO (raiding officer) and finger point the person who sold me the medication and also point the location of where the med was taken from. -_-''

my face went green in part II. :S

good news is that i managed to buy the med, BUT! i forgot to ask for a receipt! haha!

they try to camouflage the rest of the stock by putting rubbish on top of it. -_-'''

mission accomplish nevertheless

time to bake

Make MUFFINS from ice cream?

6 scoops of ice cream
6 tbsp self-raising flour
sugar sprinkles

1. take the tub of ice cream out of the freezer about 20 mins beforehand, or put the right amount of ice cream in a mixing bowl and leave for about 10 mins to soften up.

2. meanwhile preheat the oven to 190 celcius and put paper muffin cases on baking tray

3. beat the ice cream with a wooden spoon until it's really soft and runny, then sift flour and stor just enough to mix it up

4. spoon the mixture into muffin cases, top with sugar sprinkles and then bake for 10 -12 mins until the cakes are risen and golden

WAHLAU!!! so easy!!! im tempted to try this since i dont have a beater! could use fh's manual hands to do it! HAHA!

ice cream works because it is also made from eggs, sugar and some kind of fat. for a basic cake can be made by simply maxing the ice cream with flour.

yay yay!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

CD addict!

have been meaning to rave about this but havent had time really

money money money

if i were to have money, i would rent a house to ourselves. hire a live in maid.


this sounds sad as i was telling fh. we go back to our parents time, whereby they need to live frugally. had to rent and stuff. :S

anyway, back to where i started, been wanting to introduce CLOTH DIAPER!

we have to go green! :)

they are truly beautiful and yeah, im spending on the beauties.
havent spent on myself for a long time.

KJ wearing the cloth diaper (CD)
i started off with these...
so cute!

more CDs
arent they cute mei wen???

i hate enforcement

omg! mr.david added me in fb? omg omg omg!

ok, anyway, kay jay's milestone should be documented.

he flipped yesterday! well, nanny said she has seen it before, oh well.

but it was my first! im thrilled! he couldnt succeed in all attempts though. good enough little one. good try.

i teared yesterday. i was upset when i heard nanny told me that he tried feeding him with a little porridge. she blended it to make it soft. i was touched that she actually went all the way to do those things for KJ. BUT i really want to witness this. i want to be the first to start him on solids and i want to see his expression and his reaction to the food MYSELF!
dont she get it? dont anyone get it?
well, some mommy-friends understand how i felt. but people like my mom and the nanny apparently do not seem to get it. im annoyed.
i called mom and complained to her about what the nanny did and she said people will be laughing at me. she said it was no big deal.
anyway, dear hub was really understanding and he went to talk to aunty(nanny) about not starting him so soon.
oh yeah, the FDA says better to start babies on solids after 6 months. gah! i know, previously, you and me, were fed with solids starting 4 months old. but that was LAST TIME. now it is different.

KJ is rather contaminated now u know.
he wasnt being brought up exactly like how i wanted to!
i could be a fussy parent, but i try to close one eye. i so want to leave my job to look after my son. i know it is unnecessary, but....i dont know how to explain my feelings.

why did i say he is contaminated?
nanny gave him some sweets, jsut to let him taste. gah! i try not to be angsty but i cant help it..:S

also, this is just to remind myself, who knows, i'd forget when im having my 5th kid :p
okay, it is about me expressing my milk. let down is poor these days. starting 2 weeks ago, let down is slow and wouldnt come sometimes.
some people would not feel anything during let down, but some can feel some tingling sensation, and another feeling which i dont remember.
mine is tingling sensation. SO, when the tingling comes, i'd be really happy. a sense of relief wash over me. honestly. feels good baby!

i thought i do not need to take medicine to increase my milk production, but i had to give in, so i decided to take on sunday. it was my first.
ive never tried before so i have no clue how it would be like, hence best to take on sunday. u know, if the milk increases like mad then i would have time to pump at home, rather than if i start on monday then it wouldnt be convenient for me to pump every or so. haha.
i took domperidone instead of metoclopramide. Dr.Koe, a lactation specialist in OUG, prescribed her patients 2 tab tds. a friend of mine took 2 tab bd.
i am a little apprehensive, so i tried with 1 tab od, but today i decided to take 1 tab bd.

alright! that should be all for now.


kj's nose mucous
at the age of 1-2 mths old, i managed to dig such big piece from his nostril!
he has a lot of 'pei xi' though
i dig them daily till now :)

what is pei xi called in english anyone knows?

Friday, 16 July 2010

my job in jeopardy?

im very paranoid when it comes to matters involving KJ.

like yesterday, i got to know that the nanny feeds him sweets! I SO WANT TO BEAT HER UP!

how could she??!?!?

i mean, ok, im exaggerating. :P she didnt FEED KJ sweets, but she let him tastes! and she said he likes it!
who wouldnt?

i want to build a strong foundation for him.

u cannot be fussy when your children is looked after by someone else.

ive swallowed many incidents!

for example,

the aunty secretly fed kj with an unknown syrup, 2 weeks ago when he was down with flu!
i mean, no, it should not be secretly, the word should be WITHOUT MY PERMISSION! can i sue her!?!?

it couldnt be any worse when she couldnt tell me what medicine it is. she said it belonged to another girl. the info she could provide me was the syrup is orange in colour.


i fed him a wee bit only, very littttttttttttle only, i dare not give much also, she said.


i was a little unhappy when she told me about it. sigh.

2 more weeks before KJ turns 6 months old. i am really anxious to get things ready for solid feeding.

i need to have bowls, spoons and maybe a sippy cup.

im reading so much on solid feeding and it made me wonder, why am i not reading about Hep A and Hep C relating to HIV? dammit. i need to hand in the assignment by end of the month.

speaking of that, let me relate another story.

this week im in enforcement. instead of having lots of free time, i was quite occupied earlier this week.
i was dragged along to check on premises so my pumping time goes haywire.
milk supply has decreased and on one of the days, i didnt get to pump for 4 hours!
i was so mad that i thought i was going to speak to the boss.
i actually ran through the conversation in my head.
it went like this :

me: boss, im serious about my work. but i am also very serious about my son. i dont know if u have children, i dont know if u have breastfeed before, but i prioritize my son before my job. i am committed to do my best for my son, hence i am ready to go all out to breastfeed my son.

apparently, after relieving myself (the breasts become soft and spongy again), i decided to put the act on hold :p

i went home and spoke to hb.


another week more to go.
i hope i can survive.

i am at a stage where " kais pagi makan pagi, kais petang makan petang"

how much i expressed today will be used tomorrow.

i do not have any extra supply.

either i take metoclopramide or domperidone or i buy formula milk or i EL...or...

i dont know :(


hopefully i'll regain my supply this weekend



time to punch card!

ive resurfaced


has been a really really long time since i ditched u dear blogspot!

it was really difficult not speaking to u for such a LONG TIME!

anyway, i would be real random this time, hence it would be quite messy.

i cant seem to cope with my current life. it is too demanding and hectic, till im having migraine for this entire week. it is pcm pcm pcm. what other choice do i have? like now, the migraine residue is still dancing in my head.

ive hired a maid, she comes once a week and she is of tremendous help i kid u not! i do not have to worry about the big baby not having his clothes pressed on monday! what i did last time was i would wake up early, about 6 am and will iron one or two. i used to jump on hb to sweep and mop the floor last time :p cause i was pregnant , how do u expect me to half-bend and do the chore? :p
yet now i do not have to worry about this anymore. however, cleaning the house ONCE A WEEK is insufficient. we cannot afford to hire her more than once a week, hence we have to close one eye and live in a semi-clean environment.

in order to save $, we try to eat in as well, which means more work for me. right after work, i'll rush to the kitchen and start to wash the rice, chop meat, wash vegge etc etc etc. when im done, or while waiting for the things to cook, i'll dash to our bedroom and fold the clothes. i would usually keep the clothes during lunch time (i go home during lunch hour) so that the clothes wouldnt be wet/cold since it rains most of the afternoon. after im done with the clothes, i'll bath. after that, the food would be ready. if hb doesnt go for football, we'll either bring KJ over from the nanny or we'll eat and then bring him home.
if hb goes for football, i'll bring KJ home first.
but there is a change last month.
i got mad with the system, so i ate first and bring KJ home.

so by the time im done with dinner and KJ is home with me, i'll try to give my full attention to KJ. although i would sometimes stray away from him (come online for a while), i would still try to make it up to him by singing and talking.

im not a good talker. i cant talk to him. i am not used to pouring out my heart to teddy bears or anything like that. whats more is that i dont even feel like talking when im left with 10% of energy.

why do i feel like i owed it to him to talk and sing and play with him? because i feel guilty for not spending the day with him.

crazy right?


my hp is not that important to me anymore. i can go out without my cellphone, or my purse. when we need to go out, i would need to remember to carry his diapers, extra shirts, and cloths. obviously i will not forget my baby when i go out :p so i never leave him alone at home. hardly.
sometimes when he wakes up early in the morning in the weekends, i would bring him together with me to the market! :) he enjoys it since he is a kay-poh-chi! :)) he loves to look around and explore things


something needs to be done about my situation now. i need to rope hb into the team, to serve the baby and ourselves. im not a supermother or a superhousewife :(
hence, he does most of the pot or wok cleaning and i'll try to arrange things so that he (hb) can chip in. such as i'll throw the clothes into the washing machine in the evening so that he can hang them at night before he goes to sleep. i'll sometimes transfer them out to the front of the house when i wake up the next day, to get sunlight and prevent them from getting musty.
sometimes is i fail to do the laundry in time for him to dry them, i would dry them myself when i get up in the morning, before i go to work.

he would also cook when im not in the mood :p my recipes are limited. when i was pregnant, my browser is flooded with recipes but NOW! is all about BABY! i spent so much time searching and reading about baby stuff. every little thing needs to be goggled. heck! kiasu mother! read until my eyes want to pop out sometimes!

now im reading about BABY ON SOLIDS!
because KJ will be eating solids in 2 weeks time! i would be lying if i tell you i am not excited!

oh oh! and hb said im mad when i befriended mothers online! :D
i even went to their houses! :))))

the power or motherhood!

you will go all out for your baby!

there is another excitement! im excited to have another baby!
i so want to have more! but sigh. we cant afford it. plus the environment and everything else doesnt favour another family member so i'll jsut have to wait. :)

i missed those times when i can blog hop!
hence im really outdated
hope my dear friends are doing well

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

a year has passed

wanted to say times pass with a blink of an eye.

has been a year after our registration.

i wouldnt want to say happy anniversary, sounds lame.

wanted to upload pics but oh well, not in the mood. havent been feeling well these days so i'd rather take the time so sleep.

sigh. its quite sad though.
pcm pcm almost every day.

im such a lousy mother. i ought to note down KJ's development so that we can refer to them at a later date.

right, i shall hit the pillow first.

hope to be back soon.

ps: i labeled this post under celebration but it wasnt a celebration for us though. there are just too many celebrations.
something is missing, i should tag this post under something else, but i cant of what it is now. hmm...