Sunday, 31 October 2010

babywearing and baby's meal

i love this photo

baby-wearing dad
glad hb loves the angelpack (brand name)
this is called babywearing by the way
they dont come cheap
u can google the many benefits of babywearing your child
dont simply buy one off the shelf from your neighbourhood supermarket, some of them are bad for the spine
do some homework before purchasing
sigh, as usual, the good ones come with "a" price tag

it gets on my nerves if kj goes out un-shed
umbrella is mandatory

~KAYJAY"S MENU this weekend~

sat breakfast
white potato + carrot + garlic

this is the first time im adding spices to his meal

he ate them! phew!

oatmeal. organic.

sat dinner
oat + eggyolk

sorry darling, mommy cant afford to buy u peaches
tonghing sells 3 for RM20?
too dear my dear

i lamented on why the avocados were out of stock last week?
so i jumped on them the moment i saw them on saturday
my eyeballs bulged after weighing them
2 biji for RM15?
gracious me!

sunday breakfast

purple/japanese sweet potato + avocado

i didnt sieve them
trying to feed coarser food

i began with thicker food last week and also on saturday
then i decided not to sieve today

he seems to be doing 'okay'

gave him honeydew when we went out for teatime today
he loves it
but aunty said he didnt like honeydew

i still havent gotten around to make yogurt so havent let him try that

mango is too ex. 2 biji for dont-know-how-much-already. was it rm8? so i decided not to go for it
the man said there are no local mangoes hence the mangoes are imported

tofu is also on the waiting list

bought ANNABEL KARMEL cooking book for babies to toddler yday!
not cheap! but hope they'll be in good use


Wednesday, 27 October 2010

facts about baby teeth

Notes on Baby Teeth & Teething:

It is not uncommon for a baby to have a delay in the appearance of teeth

until 12 months of age.

The first dental appointment should be scheduled when baby is between

2-3 years of age.

Wash your baby’s gums after each meal with a damp cloth or “baby”


Remember; never let your baby sleep with a bottle of formula, breast milk

or juice! This can cause serious harm to baby’s forming teeth and

permanent teeth too!

KJ has his upper tooth this week! means the upper and lower central insicor is out!

not bad, the emergence of his teeth tallies with the suggested age.

k, this photo above is merely for my future reference :) and also perhaps for other mommies

Saturday, 23 October 2010

kayjay's meal

A few signs that your baby may be ready for table food:

    signs baby may be ready to go to table foods Doesn't want to be spoon fed

    signs baby may be ready to go to table foods Turns his head or even spits out those thin purees at mealtimes

    signs baby may be ready to go to table foods Grabs at the spoon and tries to feed himself

    signs baby may be ready to go to table foods Mashes lumps and texture without incidence

    signs baby may be ready to go to table foods Pincher grasp is well utilized

    signs baby may be ready to go to table foods 8 months of age or older

a little sad that i still cant do all these to KJ.

other babies at his age now can feed himself and mommies could begin cooking all the yummy food for their babies. they could be adventurous and even bake cakes, muffins, feed pancakes, omelette, pasta and etc. the recommended age is 8 mths and above but KJ is going to be 9 mths soon but i dont think he is ready.

oh well, i shouldnt be that impatient. his time will come.

oh yeah, sadness, finally, the day has arrived. no more avocados! they dont sell avocado anymore! argh! no more aussie ones!

the only hope is that the flipino market has them? remind me to ask hb to fetch me to the market tonight! shall try the local acovado, which is also known as buah susu.

those who hasnt been to kota kinabalu, please try their avocado juice! avocado + condense milk and blend them. they taste great! me love!

local avocado/ buah susu
can eat it just like that
this taste different as compared to the greenish imported avos
this is sweet and creamy
some called it buah mentega
due to its buttery flavour i suppose

i tried giving BRINJAL/EGGPLANT to kayjay today! yay! i mixed it into oats and tried to give it to him without sieving but unfortunately, he wasnt ready. he still needs pureed food. hence i quickly sieved the lot but didnt add any water, wanna make it into a thick paste.

that is how u should do it. gradually move on from thin puree to thicker puree and then into chunky food.

this week is my first time giving him egg yolk as well.

u should introduce egg yolk first, without egg white as egg yolk is less allergenic.

i gave him broccoli last week but because i do not have a proper blender :( i couldnt blend the vege hence i cant give him that frequent. i can only give it to him if i boil the broccoli long enough till they are soften and then i have to mash it against the siever. that is a lot of work. so i will keep all these vege, peas and broccoli when i go back to peninsular.

i am also looking forward to give him peaches and nectarines when we are back home!

kayjay is 8.5 months now, hence i am excited and am preparing, reading up all the new foods that i can expose him too!
he has now stepped into a new category : 8-10 mths.

there is honeydew in my fridge as well! they are taking turns to be savour by him!

next on the list would be yogurt! ive been meaning to give him yogurt but i was plain lazy to prepare it. u heard me right, i am making my own yogurt, by using the yogurt maker given to me by my chummies.

and also red dragon fruit

last week i gave aunty the food feeder and hand over pear, papaya and apple to her so that she can give it to kayjay as snacks.

apparently, kayjay doesnt like pears.

another issue that i need to tackle is high chair.

during meal times, u need to train them (kids) to sit on the dining table instead of running around or eat while watching TV or whatnot. besides, u also need to inculcate good eating habits, and table manners which is of great importance to me. :p

i havent gotten a highchair yet. sigh. we (the parents) dont eat in the dining room here in KK. it is too stuffy and lack of lighting so we usually dined in the living room (on a coffee table) or in the bedroom. bad, i know

*for my own reference, the words in purple are those that ive given him*

Sunday, 17 October 2010

is he special to me?

wanted to take a pic of his tooth
forcing him to open his mouth when he was going into slumber

today is the third monday, of kayjay having his little tooth.

haih, gotta backdate everything.

i wasnt aware of his tooth. sap pai. :)

aunty was the one who found out and told me. it wasnt visible at that time, u can only feel it. feel it with your finger ;)

after 3 weeks, it is visible now. i even took a pic. will ask hb to edit, crop the pic and i'll attach here for remembrance.

he only has one tooth. aunty said usually the other tooth will sprout out together but in kayjay's case, it is only one. it is okay kayjay, there is no hurry.

uncle has stopped pestering me to get a baby walker. because? he has questioned me on the reason for not getting and i hope i have made myself clear.

ok, what can kayjay do?
his achievements.

he can sit up straight, unsupported. he can crawl on his tummy, like real quick. flipped like a dolphin. on the bed, he can flip unflip flip unflip and rotate 360 all over the bed.
BUT! he doesnt dare to move when he is on the floor.
i put him on the floor, wanna check if he can crawl on the floor but nope, he remained stationary.

he starts to lift up his and inches forward. i dont know how to explain this. but he is learning to crawl on his limbs. with the butt lifting, he would soon be able to do that i am sure.

after so many falls from the bed, he has learned to bring himself to a halt when he reaches the edge of the bed *grin*

he is also very responsive these days =) u could tease him. u act like u want to carry him but then didnt carry him in the end, he would make noise :)

if u play with him and stop abruptly, he would go on a whim.

oh, and he is getting up almost every 2 hours at night. :S

he learns to splash the water in the tub during bath time as well!

as for food, i didnt give up on avocado. he took it on saturday. hb went " u wont give up, will ya?" ;P

ive also given him broccoli. first time trying this week.

also, i finally dig out the munchkin food feeder and gave him banana, papaya and pear :)

nibble on the handle of the feeder when he was done with the banana

im looking forward to next weekend so that i can try brinjal/eggplant!

im waiting for peaches / nectarine to be in season. the perils on being here. if only im in KL, i bet i could give him a lot more variety!
we try to back carry him these days
note, u should front carry younger babies

learning to stand up on his own
this is a little dangerous hence need to be watched at all times

made this yesterday!
steamed banana cake!
sort of a destress thing :p
couldnt give a damn about the unfinished project given by the almighty frp

gnawing his own toes!
haha! :D

can sit up unsupported and play with his toys

ure not the greatest

ive gone through a month of clinical. yet im still alive. i thought i was going to die. although i did feel like dying.


what is this? die die post.

anyway, yeah, u wouldnt believe what i am going to tell u next.

i cried in front of my preceptor. one frapping frp. ugh.

we need to complete 3 wards in clinical rotation. 1 ward = 2 weeks.

hence, ive braced 2 wards, which make that 1 month. i cant wait to quickly skim through this remaining 2 weeks.

how did that incident happen? i know, most of u will be interested in that.

it happened just , erm, thursday i think? yeah, cause then the frp took leave on friday, which is such a joy and blessing!

ohkay. we were in ward on that fateful day. early in the morning. one patient passed away and it caused quite a stir in the ward. everyone was running around etc. then few specialist came and wanted to review one patient. obviously, this patient has many complications. he had a uncontrolled fits on top of all the complexity so when they were discussing about the patient, i tried to give some input. i wasnt really giving any ideas or opinions of my own, i was just INFORMING them of what happened yesterday, when the question propped up.
means when the doctors asked something, i offered to answer them. i told them, informed them what medicine was given yesterday.
after they were done with this patient, the frp called me in to his room. we both sat down, and he started bombarding. me.
he explained that i was wrong to do that..etc etc etc..yada yada...

sorry, of course what happened above wasnt the only story, there were slightly more to it but i find it difficult to explain in detail here.

so to sum it up, i got screwed. and embarrassingly, i cried halfway through the fracas. he didnt listen to my explanation. so then i know what type he is hence i kept quiet through out. tears kept streaming down my face and THANK GOD i had on my face mask. the wonders of face mask. u know, with a face mask on, u can yawn without covering your face and can do a lot of nonsense behind without people knowing. so fun :p
anyway, yeah, after he gave me an earful, i went to the bathroom and wash up.

haih. btw intec people, dhina is in queen! in kota kinabalu! ;) she is in my ward and she asked " what happened to u? why is ur eyes red?"

oh, i brushed it off and said i couldnt stand the family (referring to the patient who passed away that morning) sorry dude, gotta use u. please forgive me.

oh, what a tale.

" clinical is very tough right?"
i never said it wasnt. and i never said i wanted to be in! im not those bpharmers!

"u see! dont know where is the info in the book? got book also dont know where to find!" hello? i dont even own this book(lexicom), i dont use it, so how the hell do i know where to flip?

" got book in front of u also dont know the answer"
people, i was looking at the book, reading out the answer but he said wrong. wrong answer.

"use your brain to think! ur brain is to do what?....... is not to study only, is to think!"

"study study also no use wan, need to think! thats why i keep tell u people...........etc etc etc"

"so how? study already? want to discuss? or dont want to discuss already?

" so how? any questions? no questions? then i ask u questions"

got questions ask u also no use. ask like not asking. cause he will ask me to go back and read and find :S

"dont answer back! when i say u are wrong means u are wrong. definitely there are reasons. go back and check!"

"i know u are keen to learn. but really, ur knowledge is way below standard. next time please check with me before u do any intervention! u think ure so smart huh? bla bla bla"

i didnt do any intervention of my own. i didnt suggest anything of my own. i suggested what he had suggested to the HO. furthermore, the HO referred to her specialist before ordering the drug. and i never thought i was smart. i never said or acted like i know a lot. i always said i am dumb. i wasnt confident at all in clinical so how could i go about offering people my views? i kept quiet most of the time. so i felt a lil useless, following the doctors on round. i DONT know how to do intervention. i dont know what dose is right. what is wrong.
i did do a few silly mistakes like telling the doctor Tablet azithromycin is 500mg od and IV is 400mg od. damn! i even said I AM SURE about this! -_-'''

why want to memorize so many guideline? why need to?
i havent even had time to read about baby signing which im suppose to do with kayjay and now i need to memorize guidelines.
btw, we dont do that in our uni duh. so dont expect everyone to be the same.
and not everyone study everyday when they go home NOW. we have a life. unlike you. you shouldnt force people to lead the same lifestyle as u. what about my son? who will play with him when he comes home? i should ditch him and memorize guideline for u? who will plan what meals to prepare for kayjay?

your experience did contribute to your knowledge today, dont deny that!

ok, that is all about this. i want to blog about kayjay next! =)

Friday, 8 October 2010

contemptuous frp

"u will kill people in ward! im just being honest here!"

"wwahhhhh ur antibiotic is so bad"

"u need to present like the doctors! then only we are up to par with them. then only we can stand up and discuss with them. then only our profession can be looked up to"

"u have to think like the doctors, then u will know what they are up to"

"what is the difference between artemisinin and quinine? i give u tips. look at the pharmacokinetics, the half life, the MOA"

"give me 10 reaons why ceftriaxone is good?"


i know im dumb. i forgot 90% of what ive learnt in uni.

its good that u scold us and ask us many questions, so that we can go home and ready.

but there are ways to do it. the last thing that u should do MOCKING.

u drive people's self esteem down the hill.

no doubt im under lots of stress under your tutelage,
good and bad

bad that i fall asleep even before my son does,
before 9pm im already in deep slumber

happy when dear son sleeps early

bad when dear son wakes up in the night and i cant stay awake to coo him

good when i come home with a little enthusiasm,
hoping to study my s off after dinner

good that i can forget everything else when i come home to kayjay and finally break into a wide smile

bad that i seems to forget that i should study when i see kayjay

i can just look at kayjay for hours and not do anything else. is this good or bad?

please do not USE my son!!!

Sunday, 3 October 2010


my mommy can spot me at night!
glow in the dark pants bought by dear dad

cmon KJ! bite it!
pisses u when u bolt to the room and this greets u?

i dont want to study:(

study is one thing

memorizing is another!

i need to memorize guideline-s

note the s please

right. anyway,

kayjay can crawl!
starting last monday, i was aware

he came home and we realized he inched forward
we got so excited and hence try to lure him forward with remote control, astro's and ps3 joystick.

think kayjay would grow up to be a gadget geek? haha!
he loves the remotes

right, back to his crawling.

he cant commando crawl.
he uses both his arms to pull his body forward.

he inches around the bed from monday till yesterday

however, he began to crawl from bed to the floor this afternoon!
that was a feat i would say

and i have a hunch, the nightmare begins

note to myself, i would need to scrub the bedroom floor every sat and sun
so that he can crawl around the room

no way im letting him out of the territory
way too filthy outside

besides, he loves to put things into his mouth
worse is that he would lick the floor?
i hate to imagine it

i failed to keep count on the number of falls

here are a few that ive managed to capture ;)

i was in the room but wasnt aware of this
he was quiet, played on his own


this time he wailed
awww he had to give u this look


limited edition photo!

yummeh kayjay?