Friday, 26 November 2010

makan makan

i feel sooooo lucky to be able to eat the very-sought-after-famous-food this morning, without having to QUEUE at all!!! mygawd!!!

first, we went to xin quan fang for curry mee! curry mee was so so. i didnt like the smell. i could smell santan, although the curry wasnt very santan-y

then we drove to curry puff/kaya kok shop. dont know the name of the shop cause i didnt see any nameboard!

kaya kok
not too sweet and kaya tasted very original!

i saw THEAN CHUN , which was opposite the pastry shop. so after hb got up to the car, i asked him to try to go over and check if they still have the caramel custard ("tan-tan")

if u dont know or havent heard of this caramel custard, it is a very 'ba bai' food! U have to queue for it very early in the morning. so imagine the many times ive been to ipoh, we didnt get try this. hb didnt know that thean chun has this custard so he hasnt tried before as well.

so of all the many times that i was in ipoh, nope, we didnt MAKE it to sample the custard. hb is not an early person. so im no doubt unhappy about this.

anyway! i was elated when i see him carrying a bag when he walked out of thean chun! hooray!!
everything was a breeze!
hb said that was because today is a friday.
but KL was packed everywhere we went before we came back to ipoh. it is the school holiday period so i think many are making a trip to KL.


cold caramel custard

he has 26 seconds to eat this, while waiting for the green light

we have about 3 full days in ipoh and i told hb, please sell me ipoh. he always try to promote how good it is to live in ipoh , assuming i wont take up the offer.
anyway, so i told him, this is the time to promote ipoh to me. make me miss ipoh. make me wanna come back to ipoh. come! show me what ipoh has! bring me makan!

but u know, when u are away, u would miss what u dont have. what u cant have. but when u are back here, u wouldnt know where to go makan.
this happens when we were in KL.

but atleast ive managed satisfy my mouth with TGI, godiva, o' briens' , carls junior, madam kwan, yut kee, ikea's meatball.

o brien's triple deck

yut kee's butter cake + kaya swiss roll
hainan chicken chop
roti babi

we didnt plan to go to yut kee but the thought sprang to mind when jarrod & rawlins wasnt opened yet

didnt get to eat jap food and italliannies. SIEN!

was also very pissed that i didnt get to try the peppersoup and black mee which hb raved about in tg malim! brh!

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

as we progress

kayjay has his milestone. so do we, the two of us :)

1 year has passed.

i know this will be interesting, cause it is more relevant to most of my dear friends who are not married yet. too much of kayjay bores them.

okay okay

1. im pleased that he helps to do the dishes now.

before : i'd walked into the kitchen with used utensils lying around the sink

after: CLEAR! no un-used utensils! never underestimate these little gestures. u could cook cheerfully when u walk into the kitchen and u can jump straight to the preparation of food. rather than needing to wash and clean up the work area first!

im no doubt SATISFIED! after ngam ngam ngam for so long! the day has arrived! :)

when i was anticipating to wash the dishes when i come home from work, that was when i started to notice that the dishes were all washed.

i told him that he should wash the dishes after using. dont wait for me to do it. if i am already there at the sink washing, then if he has finished eaten, i could wash.

irks me when he came home for lunch alone, eat and just leave the utensils beside the sink. why want to wait for me?

firstly, i would appreciate if u could help me to soak the utensils.

secondly, i am also working, as hard as u (him). same time, same job.

thirdly, we dont have a maid.

you love me? do it. please help out.

wife = maid

dont overlooked all these chores, never underestimate what they can DO to a relationship :p *laughs*

all of us are spoilt. most of us are i believe, so all these menial jobs are done by our dearest mother or honoured maid. but now your wife is the one doing it. so please help out if can, everyone is capable. we are living in a new generation.


wanna piss me off? darn easy

WAKE UP LATE and there you go!

getting up at 7.15am will put me in distress!

try getting up at 7.20am, please expect a volcano!

7.10am is the latest that i can take!

work starts at 8am, for god's sake!

i need him to wake up early is because it would affect me. ive already tried to get up EARLIER so that i can manage everything on my own, but, well, it works sometimes, but sometimes cant. BECAUSE? it depends on kayjay. he needs to be nursed once he gets up.

there was one period where i wake up at 5.30am. then now i dont have much to do, so i get up at 6am or latest 6.30am.

i would sometimes cook in the morning. most of the time fried rice.

dont know how to say. there are just many things to be taken care of.

so like today, we were late and he didnt bring up my workbag into the car. punchcard is in my bag. grh!
and i forgot to put on my sunblock! add on to the anger! bah!

also! i cant stand it when he doesnt COVER the dishes /marinades when he puts them in the fridge! ewwww!!

do u need to TEACH such things?

only guys do that!

it is EWW because u do not know what is brewing in air of the fridge!

k, that should be all.

it is just great that ive taken time off, 3 hours today to come home to blog!



went to the market for 1 hour and prepare food for 1 and the remaining 1 here. 'i have nothing to say'



cooking for big leong and small leong

its difficult to catch up with penning down kayjay's development, work and household chores simultaneously!

first of all,

kayjay is 9 months now!

these are what he has achieved!

1. he can prop up himself. meaning to say, he can sit up on his own. previously, u have to sit him up! :)

2. his pincher grasp is improving. the thumb is more agile! :D

3. he can move while standing up. eg, he can move in his babycot from one corner to another corner when standing

4. he is more demanding. he cant lie down without whimpering. he wants to sit up or stand. he will crawl towards u, jump on you. cant even sit still in his car seat! if you dont strap him, dont be surprised to find him OFF the car seat. this happened once! :S he was in the legroom

5. he can clap hands! pai pai shou!

6. im starting sign language! they said only SAHM (stay at home mom) can succeed because they spend more time with the child as compared to WFTM (working full time mom). they suggest to involve the caretaker as well in baby signing but im a tad lazy, to explain to aunty the reason i want to practise signing. oh well, i'll just do my part and pray for the best! :)

6. his menu has expanded evidently. im trying to give him a variety. it is not easy doing this especially when you son is being under the care of a BABYSITTER!

anyway, i AM THRILLED ! that i can blend food for him now because i borrowed a proper blender last night! what i have is a chopper. pftt

so i tried blending steamed broccoli and they came out perfect, just the way i wished they would be! YAHOOOO!!

FINALLY! my cube containers, brought all the way here from Exeter, are put in great use! they are gifts from kayjay's godmom. i have about 20 of them!

they are not cheap in msia mind you.

BABY CUBES RM41 for 8 small pieces!
i WISH to see this in my fridge! so i need to work hard

i could sit down and 'mengkaji' recipe. think of what i have, plan what to buy and what to cook and what i can cook. many of the recipes require blending so i was limited by that.

im really excited over APPLE CHICKEN!

guys! u can google this recipe! although it is for babies, adults would love it too i think?

i bought 2books from Times in Suria, one is about baby's development, the other one is the very popular ANNABEL KARMEL cook book for babies-toddler!

last night ive bookmarked the recipes that i could prepare for kayjay and i thought why not prepare this for tomorrow's lunch? for the adults i mean.

hb loves it! u can say it is simple, but also not that simple. im just plain lazy i suppose. simple when u have all the ingredients ready, but the process of preparing such as boil the tuna and crumble them. sounds easy, it actually is, but its just that i need to boil the tuna, so while boiling? i cant do many things. someone has to look after kayjay and i cant sit down and online or study. if i do that, confirm the tuna will be on fire. happened many times *sheepish*
anyway, i prepared cold tuna pasta. (didnt take pic of the end product)

u need : flaky tuna, elbow pasta, chopped celery, chopped onion, apple cider vinegar (or any other vinegar), few blobs of ketchup, black pepper, salt

i didnt want to mix in mayonnaise. was thinking of something light.

if you are wondering how come i boil my own tuna, yeap, u hear me right. we've never bought canned tuna. the tuna here is SO CHEAP! one big fat tuna, bigger than my foot! twice its size! for about rm12? that is huge okay! remember how big my foot is?

hb claimed the tuna here are yellow-finned.

kayjay has tried dragon fruit! the white one though. the seeds were visible in his poo! :)

ive also bought ORGANIC TOFU in an organic shop last friday. :p

cheese is one that is still pending. sigh. cant get a suitable cottage cheese.

he still cant take coarse food. will UEEK but i'll keep trying.

bought QUINOA, they are not cheap. organic ones of course *shy* one small packet for rm16! about 500g i think.

1kg of bario white rice for

im running out of ideas on what to cook for US! sigh. stress. anyone has any easy and quick recipes to share?

running short of money as well, so gotta try to eat in as much as we can.

9 months