Monday, 16 December 2013

playschool-attach multiple kids

march 29

at 3 years old, he still does not know Which is different.
I've tried a couple of times with a different worksheet.

anyway, if you are still wondering,
i have stopped doing all these, at the moment.

im not even sure if i will continue doing them, with kj. or even with matty.
*gasp to myself*

i'll talk about how i cope with 2 children later.

baby matty is in my tummy in this photo :)

very simple puzzle.
a 2-piece puzzle.

4-piece puzzle

match the animals.

oct 5

grocery shopping

he can maneuver the shopping cart, which impresses me.

we parents are easily impressed with our children's achievements, don't we? 

arranging from small to big.

he knows small, medium big.
but not big, bigger, biggest.
what is the word for this?

self correct

Saturday, 7 December 2013

uncelebrated birthday

 Happy birthday honey!!!

you are another year older today.
may u be a wiser husband and father :p

i feel guilty for not celebrating.
there is just too many things happening, today!
ONE- we are moving into our new house tomorrow.
TWO- a colleague's wedding tonight
THREE - in laws are coming tonight with an entourage of 10 guests!
last minute chores and cleanup today, in the midst of everything else, i must not forget to pump milk every 3 hourly.
lack of sleep for the entire week!

i know you are dead beat tired too.
big hugs.

thank you so much for providing us a home.
our own home.
i did not contribute much to this house as u did most of the plannings and you DIY :)

as I've mentioned,
this year is a memorable year.

with our second addition to our family!
baby matty!

and my dramatic pregnancy and labour!

and kJ goes to school!

it is quite overwhelming, no?

we are exhausted.

but i know we feel blessed.

may u be strong (mentally and physically) and loving to your children and your wife, always.

we can't live without you.

oh, kj forgot to buy u a cake today :(

we'll get u one on another day :)