Friday, 5 September 2014

updates of little one

aww when he first started to crawl …when was it? he is only 14 months old and i don't remember already! sigh. lousy mum!
anyway, in Jan 2014, he started to crawl a think, and as he gets more active, crawling and commando-ing like crazy, these was what he gets. the skin on the knees peeled.
awww, the mother is heart broken hence the adhesive. heh heh

fast forward to now, 14 months old.
we need to accompany his brother to swimming lesson every saturday.

of course, he can't sit STILL for more than 30 seconds.

he loves water.

2-3 weeks back, he could stand up and began taking a few steps.
still not more than 5 steps now but he loves to stand up! in the bathtub. on the bed! silly boy.
the joy on his face when he is walking! 

he still drinks mummy's milk and he loves to scream for me at 5,30am in the morning, knowing that I'm in the kitchen busy preparing food for everyone. (actually not everyone, mainly for the 2 kids). dad has no breakfast now, poor dad.

I'm still cooking porridge every morning for this little one.

introduced celery, aubergine, leek for him last month.

he is vegetarian on most days of the week.

initially i gave him beef, fish and pork but now that i think of it, he would have plenty of meat when he grows up, so I'm giving him more veg/beans/legumes whilst he is still under my control :p

i add all sorts of grains - millet, quinoa, red lentil, green pea, buckwheat, oat groat, nutritional yeast into his porridge.

he loves to tear things into pieces!
so he found a big piece of kitchen towel in my bag hence he decided to practice his motor skill by shredding it into pieces.
well done sweetie!

kj could never do that.
when kj was a toddler, i gave him a small piece of newspaper and place it on a beautiful tray and present it to him. showed him how to tear the paper.
he just watched me.
no, he is not copying me!
sigh, i was disappointed because he doesnt like the activity.

but hey!
this kid, did it without me demonstrating!
is he smart or what?
(could you sense any sarcasm?)

we can never neglect this boy.
he adores his little brother tremendously.
how do i know?
how do we know?
because he never fails to tell us that his brother is very cute! :)

ok, so why can we not neglect him?
because he talks so much and he is an attention seeker!
sometimes i feel like giving him a whip at the butt!
he stalls time.
he negotiates and gives excuses! O.O at this age??????!!!!