Thursday, 28 February 2008

pizza uno- bandar puteri puchong

pizza uno has a few outlets in KL. one in taipan, usj and one in bandar puteri puchong. i think they have another outlet somewhere as well.
Alla Carbonara (RM 20)
Lightly fried beef bacon and onion in a delicious creamy sauce
i chose this! Oglio olio (RM16) 
garlic, olive oil, parsley, basil

we opted for their homemade fresh pasta thus we had to pay an extra 2 bucks each for both. 

Mixed herb bread and garlic bread. RM3 for a piece
Pumpkin soup
A must have! heh, cause i loveeeeee pumpkins!
Caesar Salad
"actually, named after the Italian chef, in New York City, who perfected this salad for some big shot, Embellished with:- beef bacon RM16 / smoked chicken RM16 / smoked salmon RM18. 
this was what i extracted from their menu.heh.
Anyway , i think we picked beef bacon.

Romeo Special RM24, regular
Smoked chicken, pineapple, mushrooms, olives

verdict: loved everything!!!! i'd love to go back there again!!!

soong kee beef ball noodle

i wanted lou shue fan (rat tail noodle) but they only have noodles and vermicelli, so if i were to opt for dry type, it definitely has to be noodles and not vermicelli. 
fyi, in the northern states, rat tail noodle is better known as Niau Choo(rat) Hun ;)

 they forgot to ask us for our drinks so we didnt order any, as we planned to go over to Chinatown for tau fu fah(that was what i wanted) and my chum cried out for mata kuching. im not a fan of mata kuching because longan can be 'heaty'.

however, i prefer ngau kee in tengkat tong shin or yangkee in Oug.

mr. kx was the one who first brought me to this shop. now i think he has the same preference as me ( the ones stated above ) :)

Soong Kee Beef Ball Noodles
3 Jalan Tun Siew Sin
Kuala Lumpur
Tel No: (603) 2078 1484
Opening Hours: 11:00am - midnight

Pu Gong Ying De Yue Ding

Artist: Jay Chou

xiao xue li ba pang de pu hong ying
shi ji yi li you wei dao de feng jing
wu shui cao chang chuan lai chan de sheng yin
duo shao nian hou ye hai shi hen hao ting
jiang yuan wang zhe zhi fei ji ji cheng xin
yin wei wo men deng bu dao na liu xing
ren zhen tou jue ding ming yun de ying bi
que bu zhi dao dao di neng qu na li

*yi qi chang da de yue ding na yang qing xi
da guo gou de wo xiang xin
shuo hao yao yi qi lu xing shi ni ru jin
wei yi jian chi de ren xing
zai zou lang shang fa zhan da shou xin
wo men que zhu yi chuang bian de qing ting
Wo qu dao na li ni dou gen hen jin
hen duo de mung zai deng dai zhe jin xing
Repeat **

yi chi chang da de yue ding na yang zhen xin
yu ni liao bu wan de ceng jing
er wo yi jing fen bu qing ni shi you qing
hai shi cuo guo de ai qing

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

dimsum in puchong

lazy to type. this was what i had last weekend.

char sao bao. they only have 3 types of paus: char sao, redbean and lotus. i had charsao and redbean. 

pear-shaped muachi. the filling was something like curry puff potatoes.

oyster and peanut porridge

fried radish cake.

wtf?? what happened to my radish cake??? who says blogspot makes blogging any easier?? ive had enough!!! ive already posted few photos a few times, and in the midst of rearranging the photos, some would just conveniently disappear. bah!!! and what's with this font colour? sometimes it'll be black and sometimes it'll be blue??? WHO SAYS BLOGSPOT is more manageable comparing to friendster blog? HELPPPPPP!!!!
by the way, the photo of the drinks was suppose to be before this kamhin dimsum pic. grhh

Sunday, 24 February 2008

24-hour starbucks

went to mont kiara's 24-hour starbucks yesterday. oh well, we chatted while watching stardust and also eyeing on the couple beside us. they held hands while playing jigsaw puzzle. i was like...??? do u neeed to hold hands while doing it??? *incredulous* fine. i shall not simply pass comments on such things. no, i not NOT a romantic if you're wondering. okay, if you're confused, the sentence merely means i AM a ROMANTIC! haH! even if im not, ( cause u cannot pass judgement on yourself?) i LIKE a ROMANTIC! chehh..who doesnt? blehh

ermm..darn, gotta divert my attention elsewhere. i'll be back for more.

note to myself: what kind of a first post is this? shame on me! blabbing on such random thing as my debut? gah. dont i have any more sophisticated iss
ue to write? dont i have any intelligent material to share? blerhh...

hold on a sec. before i ciao, who are WE? we are......