Sunday, 31 January 2010

once a fortnight


im blogging once a fortnight?

that's bad.

ehehehhe..nah..not that bad. :)

i usually blog according to mood. as in, the urgency. this is a very natural feeling. when u feel like blogging, u blog, isnt it that way?

anyway, i have complaints! when do i not have? :S

grhhHH!!! living in KK makes me miss Kuching! sigh. :)

i thought i could get Star Newspaper daily. neither did it cross my mind that the supply here is extremely limited.

u can only get the paper at 2pm at shops (cause u need to fly the papers over), and if u start to hunt for them after working hours, poof, they are all sold out. :S

seafood is not as cheap in KK as what people perceived.

tawau is cheaper, and perhaps sandakan.

however, the pork here is good! no smelly porky taste! :)

n pineapples are abundant! i could eat one whole pineapple at once! the only snag is chopping up the fruit. and ive been eating lotsa red/orange fruits. namely oranges, persimmons and papayas. oooO..jaundice, dont come to me!

okies! times up! i have to run. many errands undone. gotta iron clothes, fill up water bottles, plan the menu for the week and etc.

yawn. im feeling sleepy already. it is 9pm now by the way.


nites all!

have a good week ahead!

oh, n its feb tomorrow. sobs. i miss home. chinese new year will be just like any other day for both of us.

i havent have time to tell u people about valentine! ehee..nah, i wanted to whine about my valentine gift for him. he wanted to get a ps3 badly. so well, i said i could get it as your valentine gift. but in the end, he got greedy and said i'll buy him ps3 and he'll get xbox or was it ipad? then he was fickle-minded, contemplating between ps3, xbox or ipad and whatnot.


k, really gotta run. chao!

Sunday, 17 January 2010

ive watched spykids!!

yesterday (saturday) was the first time we argued in 'public'

it was about his driving skills

his negligence (in my opinion)

let me explain one by one. 'public' means, in the living room, where 2 housemates can hear us eventhough they were in their rooms but with their doors opened, and 3 house-keepers. *ha!*

wasn't that cool?

as for his negligence, he is always VERY CARELESS when he is driving. he said i complained too much when he is behind the wheel. but if he were to drive carefully, then would i at the first place nag? so he became stressed when i nag, then what about me? i would be stressed as well when he doesnt drive properly!

do u know that to that extent, that he is lazy to use the clutch when he is driving a manual? goodness me! dont drive then if ure LAZY! the car would jerk if u dont use it. he is even LAZY when it comes to changing gears.

what else? he can miss a turning, make that numerous turnings (max 2 so far) in A ride home. a 15 minutes ride home, he can miss 2 turnings all together.


what's the explanation?

a man handling multi-million business wouldnt even be that careless, would he?

tell me about brain-occupied hence the forgetfulness.

huge DUH!

we've been arguing about his driving wayyyyyy back in IMU.

he couldnt concentrate and would miss turnings even in KL. (hence not a recent disease)

u'd think he would shut the hell up when i yell?

NO! he would sometimes retort with ULTRA LAME excuses! i cant exactly remember them. perhaps things like he doesn't know the way. this would inflame me seriously! like HELLO? it is like telling me you dont know the way home. then i would burst and snapped WHY DIDNT U ASK ME THEN!??!?!?!

it would also enrage me when he said he forgot the way. blardy!

so we said, nope, more like i said, i suggested that the best way to this problem is! THAT I DRIVE! settles everything, no?

tsk tsk tsk. guys and their ego.
imagine me fetching him, and our housemates, who happened to be his batchmates.
though this has never happened, but would, soon! HA!HA!

i have to be an idiot and point where to turn sometimes, just in case if he decided to conveniently forget (how do i know when he would miss a turning?), and he would go 'i know i know' and i would just ignore him when im in the mood and continue pointing.

obviously, dont get me wrong.

when im angry, i would get over it quickly after spilling them.

how could I get angry with such a man when he comes up with such video? i print-screen this photo from the video. made me go 'awwwww' when i see the 2009-forever. how attentive of him to put "- forever"! ahhaahhaha im a psycho i know, but truthfully, the first thing that entered my mind when i saw that word was WOW, how thoughtful of him!


well, this is not all about my new life.
about marriage
we'll do it bit by bit ok? lols!


time for me to go get my case notes done!

dont know lots of things.

FRP: million?
me: yes? *jovially*
FRP: how come u everything also dont know wan?
me: ha? i also dont know why i dont know.
PA: aiyah, slowly la, shez learning ma.
me: yealoh yealoh, give me some time. i am learning now.

how embarrassing.

nope, im not actually that embarrassed. i felt stupid BUT YET i want someone to teach me! as in, i already know i lack of knowledge, but i need people to teach me!

what i do now in IPP is to screen the medications (they seemed to be normal to me :S cause i dont know what is wrong you see. i dont know what cant be given with what) im suppose to detect wrong dosage or wrong frequency or interactions, but i am oblivious to them all. ??? how do i know? i dont have time to go through all the drugs one by one!

so, the screening part is always fine to me :S

next would be filling and checking. if i do the filling, then someone else has to check. and vice versa.

mmm....this is really continuous education. i need to find ways to feed my brain.

i want to be like the FRPs, where they can intervene and argue with the doctors! ;)

till then!

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

affable jack

i know. has been eons since i last showed up!

although i have plans of what im going to post up following the phantom period, i doubt i'll do it soon, im the procrastinating queen! so to hell with it. i like to build castles in the air, tsk tsk, bad habit.

anyway, im DYING to blog. :S

k, first of all, i'll just make a brief summary. im married! YAY!!! :S

and this is my husband -_-''''



im currently in kota kinabalu,
slaving in hospital queen elizabeth,
in short, HQE.

btw btw,

im actually excited to unfold an event which occurred this afternoon.

in all honesty, i do enjoy reading and listening to peoples' stories about their workplace incidents.
so i'd like to share mine as well ;)

today is my second day in IPP (in-patient pharmacy),
3rd station in HQE.
and i am enjoying it.

despite being engrossed in filling and checking drug charts,
ive fallen in love with JACK!
he is soooooo nice!
he merely called to my satellite pharmacy and i was smitten by his personality and his voice!
he's an HO!
oh duh, u'd think an MO would be courteous?
anyway, dr.jack called and i apologetically told him i was new, so i couldnt answer his questions.
heck, whats oral resonium? oral kalimate?
i even called back and gave him the wrong answer.
screw me.
then i called him AGAIN, 3 times in total,
just to get the correct dose for kalimate.
despite everything, he was immensely pleasant.
he is also very humble,
simply because he referred himself as JACK, instead of DR. jack.
see how these details can affect oneself?
he's my ignition!
stirred up the blogging flame i mean :p

in within a month,
i've learnt to walk with my nose HIGHHHH in the air when i spot NOSY doctors from afar
most of them are MOs.
(Medical Officer)
WHy so LC?
(abbrev for lansi)
so when we glide pass one another,
we'll see whose nose is nearer to the sky!

dont worry,
the tip of my nose is not burnt,
cause i applied lotsa sunblock before leaving for work.
lame joke

well i tell you!
this place is atrociously HOT!
the sun's rays have no mercy.

hmm...guess i should make a leave STAT!
else i would yab incessantly.


i hereby attached some photos simply for some entertainment

sesat huh?

why do ppl find it romantic to be up in the eye?