Friday, 16 January 2009

papai paella

remember how i mentioned JJ was disappointed the first time we patronized la tasca?

so we comforted her that we will go back again for its Famous Pa-Pai Paella,

GRANTED if they would have another 50% off strategy! :p

which i kind of doubt u know at that time. ehehehhe. sorry for lying JJ :)

cause like what? we just went in dec? and now is only jan?

is la tasca desperate or what?

so so so...

the moment i got to know about the offer,

i quickly print out the voucher,

went home and asked them!


everything was very fast!

they both agreed and decided to go on that night itself.

ohh la~ la~

had to be a DINNER ;)

oh yeah,forgot to explain why i called it pa-pai paella.

cause u have to wait for one hour for it to be cooked,

and can only order it during dinner, not lunch.

how great could it be?


the verdict...

is revealed below.

Traditional Sangria £3.15

Our famous sangria, served traditionally with fruit and our special spirit mix

Berenjenas Gratinadas £3.45

Fresh aubergine, topped with cheese and tomato

pretty good:)

did my homework by looking up in huiyin's blog and texting Karen when i was in the restaurant.


Albondigas a la Jardinera £4.45

Our spanish-style beef meatballs, served in tomato sauce.

can taste the freshness *thank u shinhun*

if u compare to the also-yummy-subway-meatballs :)

Paella de Mariscos £19.95

A seafood paella with prawns, squid, mussels, white fish and tuna.

once this was served, all i have to do is *clap clap*

these 2 pairs of hands would then begin to do their job.

squeeze squeeze lehmon !

wahahaa :p

lols sorry housemate!


and thank u! mwahs :)

well, here is a tip for future use,

u need to extract the lemons and cool them for a wee bit before squeezing them.

they could burn your fingers ;)


i am deprived of seafood!!

everything on the platter is edible.

see that Artichoke in the middle?

yeah i ate it.

this is wet.

well, considerably wet comparing to the Paella that i had in Andaluz.

this was good actually.

i loved it! can taste the sweetness of the seafood!

we were bloated at the end of it.

3 to this humongous platter!

3 person i mean.

well i dont know about them, but atleast i was full to the brim.

listen people, this is the best best best deal that u can get so far!



taking into account the voluminosity and everything else!!

makes u pat your belly, as well as your wallet at the end of the night :))

us!! yayy...


Link 1 : First visit

Link 2 : Third visit


kxin said...

the food makes me drool~ :P

nice shooting skill la or mayb just the good camera :P

curiositykills said...

nice shooting skill? more la very lazy wanna take d, simply take only..just point and shoot ..super lazy liow :p

wah eh! can see the 'asap' in the meatball pic! ;)
hebat eh?

good! ure suppose to drool after seeing them :p

kxin said...

o honest girl so its nice camera... no credit to ur shooting skills! haha ><

curiositykills said...