Thursday, 20 March 2008

Pasta Zanmai

Ulcer is growing bigger! stupid metal!! UGHHH!!
never mind if u cannot spot the teeeeny weeny hole. hee
Had Pasta Zanmai for dinner yesterday!!
Terrible jam all the way to One Utama cause it was raining.
Sien. so i was complaining all the way till we reached One U. hah!
Narrow entrance

~Let us see what they have~
Huge and bulky menu
Dont understand. Why are the menus in restaurants getting huger?
See? it can fit about 6 of my faces! :p
Hot green tea, thus they served in this ugly thermos. If you order a cold pot, they would serve you with a nicer teapot ;)

Forgot to change the position of the photos and thus the chaos-ness.

Grabbed some kuihs from Nyonya Colour before that.
Love kuihs! It is difficult to get yummy ones these d
ays. sien. and the kuihs in KL are darn expensive!

Bought Sago Ubi, dunno-what, Sweet Potato(3sisters),Lapis Pandan, cendol and bingka ubi.

Ika to Ika Sumi no Pasta RM18
"surume" Squid & Squid-ink Pasta

The squids were perfect. Not too rubberish :D

Teriyaki Chicken to Onsen Tamago no Pizza RM20

This is the virgin version

Sprinkled some chilli powder.
Love the chilli powder! very fragrant, unlike those that u get from other eateries.
The egg! Darn nice!
You can order only the egg itself for RM3. wait or was it RM2? cant remember
Loved the pizza
Macha cha Parfait RM15
They have jellies at the bottom, followed by vanilla icecream, cornflakes and finally greentea icecream.
Overall, this was good. the vanilla rawks surprisingly.  and the cornflakes taste a bit different! its a lot nicer than Kelloggs Cornflakes. Probably they use Jap ones
BUT! it was normal. If you have all the ingreadients, you can prepare yourself at home.
Detoured to this place above when i went for a toilet-break.
Make me missed KLCC :(
Why? cause i usually go to the one in KLCC, Isetan  :)
Mini Anpan Japan RM1.20 & Mini-pie Durian RM2.50
The mini anpan has redbean in it ---> =(
The durian pastry ---> =)
Steamed cheesecake RM3.30
Good, with a strong cheesy smell.
i want my green tea one :(

The service in pasta zanmai wasn't good. i had to wave like crazy sometimes to signal them and the pizza came wayyyy too late! after the pasta, we had to wait for about 20mins and had to kept checking with the staff.
That was the time i went to the bakery while waiting for the pizza =)
Merman wanted to order the meat sauce omo rice but i stopped him. was worried that their portions would be big.
Since i bought lotsa little snacks and the pizza came so late ( it was 10pm by then), we didn't order the rice.

but here's the catch!
they are having a promotion now and so i ate the squid pasta for half-price!
One dish per day at 50% off!
but u need to bring the promo advertisement in The Star!
i wanna go again!!!!


Anonymous said...
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~Christine~Leng said...

promo from the STAR?? which day? which day? I wanna try the squid ink pasta too gal! ;P

curiositykills said...

someone sent some virus ! so i deleted the comment so that you people wont go click on the link. babi betul

by the way, how come my place got cropped out? haiyooo....blogspot ah mafan wan...

and why is the alignment of my page so narrow ?

curiositykills said...

aiyaks! squid pasta was yesterday!! diff dish on diff days.
it was on last Thursday's paper! metro section! =)
hurry! go and see what u'd like to have ;)

kxin said...

got virus comment? how u know its virus? lol u r too famous so ppl wanna spoil ur blog :P

weih... first photo is to spoil everyone's apetite?

kxin said...

wa the pizza really looks delicious...

again...yerrrr... first photo... saliva monster kah? XD

Anonymous said...

See here or here

curiositykills said...

nenos is here again!!



spoil ur head lah! :PP heee...admire my bracy while u still can ;) dont missed it afterwards! :D

pizza very nice! u will love it! come to KL with your dad and bring him there! ;)

kxin said...

million: o u mean nenos? poor child! its really pathetic u know to see nenos who lack of parents love compare to us... making this childish virus thingy to attract attention... so sometimes u must learn not to hate... but have simpathy on this poor child. You never know how he've been through his childhood...

tortured? sodomized? i'm not sure i dun really know him.. what my point is don't blame him becoz of his childish act bcoz every child has their own stories behind...

Nenos:God bless you! If you need any counselling, do find me k? i'm good in handling those bondaged nightmared childhood problems... might be able to help!

million: sorry to spam on ur comment :P i'm high lolz

kampungboycitygal said...

hey shiamillion..weizhi here..found ur blog accidentally

curiositykills said...

damn swt lah u! lols! u and ur naggings about nenos! lols!! but good job! WAHAHHAHAAHA

eh! anyway, its all your fault that they spam my comment lo! cause u asked me to remove the word verification! hmmm :(


heya weizhi! wah! paisehnya let u see my blog. hee. i pretty much talk nonsensically here. unlike your well-known blog! make me feel intimidated only
so hows work life?
hope ure doing fine.
and fyi, i do stalk your blog you know :)
keep it up!