Sunday, 1 July 2012

Typical one day trip in Kota Kinabalu~

 the mighty Mt. Kinabalu!

love the impish grin P6234047 with ah kong and ah ma

 the Ooi's reunite in KK, first time ever. brought them to Kundasang and Ranau.
it was their 4th or 5th trip here but never brought them up anywhere. he he
 favorite family member! ah gu!
the nuclear family! 

please note the MAJESTIC breathtaking view behind us in all the photos above.

 drove further down to Ranau. from KK, u go up to kundasang where it is the entry point to mount KK, then u'll go down to Ranau. i think Ranau is a valley.
 visited Kifli's house upon request. yep, mom called him one night before and asked if we can visit his kampung house, and if his mom can cook kampung meal for us. i know, shameless. hah
 glad this little boy loves coconut water
 was it a dog or a cat that caught his attention
 kampung rice. kifli's mom planted herself. harvest and everything on their own. except milling, she sends them to a nearby milling factory.
 pucuk paku? can't quite remember. steamed, hence u can taste the crisp freshness of the vege.
 kampung petai. i LOVED it! miniature in size as compared to the peninsula's.
 i was scooping daun bawang stir-fried with bunga kantan. i eat for the sake of bulking my bowels.gulps.
to its right was Soup, cooked with bush talap. kj doesn't like it and it was the only dish with liquid!
then, to its left, was barbecued wild boar.
 before we left, they suggested to snap a photo! =)

 next station, we went to a river !
 my heart skipped a beat when i saw these 2 lads walked down towards us. they look like superstars. no joke. especially the white shirt chap, presumably because he wore the sunglass on his head. heh heh
 and obviously when u are tall and lanky, u win extra points automatically.

look at them! u can soak your feet into the river and the fishes will feed on your feet. nibble away all your dead skin!

 kj chickened out when he saw the schools of fish. he totally forgot that he wants to swim with them originally.
 look at kj's feet! =D
 the boys enjoyed themselves tremendously.
 time to confess, I'm frightened of the slimy beings as well. see how i avoided them.
 how could he not love his uncle?
 mom insisted on bringing her grandson up to the hanging bridge albeit the dark clouds gunning towards us. it rained for a good 5 mins halfway through our play there.
 that grin again. signature grin?
 incredibly stunning, don't u think so?
 the yellow team.
we parked beside the road when we captured this view.
 bullying the grandparents?
 he said COLD
 i love this

 seeing is believing. i never believed this until i saw this with my own eyes.

this trip was worth all the money spent on flying them over.

no signs of emo-ness from her highness this time. hooray! :p

sorry, by the way, just to explain the title: typical one day trip. i said that because everyone who comes to KK, will definitely do this. they will undoubtedly go up to Kundasang. we once did that when we were strangers in KK.  our colleagues' parents/friends who came to KK will ALWAYS ALWAYS be brought up to kundasang for a night. nevertheless, we have only stayed up there once in our 3 years stint here :)

This time, we didn't manage to bring then to the Desa Cow Farm because we left the house late, at 10 plus in the morning. no time to even stop at Tuaran for Hub's FAVOURITE tuaran mee.

we were lucky that Kifli was around hence we could go to his kampung. it was pretty deep inside the town of Ranau.

the typical Kundasang trip for us would be : leave KK early morning ; breakfast at Tuaran (tuaran mee) /Tamparuli (tamparuli mee) > Pekan Nabalu > strawberry house at Kundasang (strawberry ice cream) > War Memorial at Kundasang > Desa Cow Farm (drink fresh milk) > will be late afternoon by then, hungry. sped down to Sepanggar for coconut pudding > seafood dinner in KK town.

yes, we don't lunch at Kundasang because the food sucks. not much variety of food stalls/restaurants as well. hence we would always remind our guests to eat more in Tuaran :)
and remember, u cannot over stay because u have to come down before dusk. no street lights. the road is windy. better not take risk.

we have never been to Poring Hot Spring yet.

no idea why it doesn't attract us.

oh, and u can forget about Kinabalu Park. brought my brother and friends there once. THAT's IT! i will never enter that place ever again, unless if I'm climbing the mountain.

hopefully this post can remind me of places in future :)


Behind the Scene of a Milk Ad

 milk male model
 this one = fail
P3104015 P3104014

they hijacked kJ's Good day fresh milk

cicak play~

Having Fun with House Lizards~

 @ 29 months old
 baby lizard to be exact
  P1070045P1070040 P1070039
 he says " baby lizard play leong kay jay " P1070038
 free toy! @.@
 free play =)