Thursday, 19 August 2010

cute stuff

so wanna buy for KJ!

Booster seat and bag pack rm 329.40

For ages 4 -12 yrs (15-36 KG or upto 135cm)

this wash bag is also very pretty!
but its too ex!
priced at RM 69!
oh this is one cool item!
Head Hugger!

The cushion keeps children in a neutral position whilst travelling as recommended by The British Chiropractic Association

can even watch this in youtube

rm 63.20

for age 1-4

can get all these in

money not enough!!!

Friday, 13 August 2010

applesauce recipe

kj's second meal
apple sauce they call it!

date : 7-8 aug 2010

googled and it says can use fuji apple!

cut it and steam it

but there's one controversy
i believe all of u , or most of u would have steamed fod using metal plates/bowls before
but i found websites saying it is not good to steam using metals cause it will interact with vit C or something
something about lost of vit c?

mash the apple against the siever as shown

they would come out really fine and smooth

it is recommended to mash everything against the siever for a very fine and smooth texture
be it Porridge, Oats, Barley, Pears or whatever food that is going into baby's mouth

can someone show this post to my babysitter?

easier than A-B-C

Thursday, 12 August 2010

fell from bed

im blogging at 5.53am!

ok, i should wake up at 6am today but since ive been waking up at 5.30am this week, guess my body has adjusted to the new time. bummer.

anyway, i should really blog this!

my dearest KJ fell off the bed yday! it was his second time already!

first was few months back, when he was 'immobile'. we thought he was immobile. he wouldnt budge when u put him in his bed. at that time, we didnt put up one side of the bed papan. no idea what u call it. so one side of the papan is raised and the other side is not. makes it easier for me to carry him on and off from his bed. * i need to bf him at night*
and one night, he just rolled and fell on MY bed! luckily my bed and his bed were just next to one another, with no gap. hb pulled his bed to our bed. so he fell and got stuck in between.
i instinctly woke up and quickly carry him up! awwwww. i whacked hb awake and he fixed the other papan immediately.

yday was his second time rolling off the bed. he was too quick! i put him on my bed and the minute i turned away, PLOP! he wanted to flip and instead he was off the bed, with his head stuck in between the gap. there was a gap this time, so he got stuck and his head hit the bed, his lower body were on the ground!
poor thing
he wanted to yell, on the verge of it and i managed to sooth him. hence he did not get to wail :)

after that, he dozed off and we had our dinner. i told his dad that he would wake up soon, he would usually nap for about 30 mins in the evening during dinner time.
his dad ignored me and true enough, when we were doing the dishes, i heard him wailing.
i dashed into the kitchen and found him in this position....

look at the droplet of tears..

and i think he can sit!!!
he'll sway after u propped him up for more than 3 mins

Saturday, 7 August 2010

low energy

i hope readers here wont judge him by my grouses as u need to know me, i bla and nag and whine and wail but that doesnt make him bad. many times i'd think twice if i can relate or make a fuss in here but i relented and thought that it would be good to share them here so that u guys can learn from the mistakes that we have made. i HOPE readers here are matured enough and my blog here would not mars his image.

right, back to my complains :p

u know how disgusting it is to find your hubby using your shower scrub to SCRUB his legs after football practice? imagine the sand and dirt and soils trapped between the hairs in the leg??? are u ewwwing?
yikes! why didnt he tell u earlier that he needs one scrub so that u can buy one for him? how can he assume he can just use whatever he sees in the bathroom? EWWWWWWW!!!

ok. now about KJ:)

he is so cute. im not blowing my own trumpet, he is cute to me! and i love him loads.

he hates blanket. why do i know? i covered him with a blanket when he was partially asleep. well, i thought he was asleep but i guess not? cause when i covered him with a blanket (towel), he kicks them away. alright, he doesnt kick it away. what he did was he literally lifts up both his legs then the blanket will dropped on his tummy, revealing his chummy legs. maybe it was by chance that he did so? i tried covering again and he did it again. consecutively 3 times he lifted up his legs and it was enough to make my heart squeeze.

and instances like this?
it made melts away my heart

knowing that he is able to do this helps to relieve a lot of the tension on my shoulder
because when he baths KJ,
i could do a lot of other things
rather than wait for me on every single thing!
thanks honey

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

it is just the beginning

kj is 6 mths old today. it also marks my success in breastfeeding him exclusively to date. i'd like to extend my sincerest gratitude to those who have contributed in this accomplishment. your kindness will be paid off one day. thank u so much. you know who you are.

i copied the above text from my fb shoutout.

i was overwhelmed with emotion when i thought of giving up breastfeeding just few days ago. im at TPN and there isnt a decent corner for me to express milk at work. our tpn unit has moved to another hospital so i have to travel a little further everyday. i still make my usual trips back home during lunch albeit the distance.

anyway, when i was thinking about my decreasing milk supply that afternoon, i teared. i dont know if u people would understand, maybe not now but in future, i was really upset. i thought maybe it is time for me to stop bf-ing and get milk powder instead. however, i still have milk. it would be unfair for KJ for me to take bromocriptine and stop the production totally? it feels cruel. i dont know why. so i try to push my thoughts away and try my best. i should not give up.

today is the 3rd. august. 6 months has passed. im happy that i manage to bf for 6 months. one step at a time. 6 months was my target. but human is greedy. i'd like to extend my service further, to 2 years if possible. it is not an easy task, believe me.

ive expressed at many places, namely in a surau in mahkamah tinggi, in balai polis kota kinabalu, under the table in enforcement unit, in the car, by the beach in pulau manukan (covered up with a batik).

see how serious i am?

under the table in enforcement

oh and my ameda lactaline electric pump cost me rm700++
worth investing in one

initially hb bought medela harmony rm300
not a good buy but oh well, i wasnt prepared so i shouldnt complain

i honestly urge all of you to breastfeed your baby
u could just look at them for hours when nursing
all the backache, neckache is NOTHING!

happy birthday lil munchkin
mommy loves u!

Sunday, 1 August 2010

avocado yums

his first solid


u can get local avocado here in kota kinabalu
they are aplenty
i love avocado smoothie and ice cream
anyway, i didnt have time to go to the filipino market hence i bought them in Pick & Pay
they are imported, from australia
KJ takes half each time
so one meal is rm2.50?

anyway, this is how u prepare it

scoop the 'meat' and mash it

it was my first time so i had to sort of experiment first

i read online it says mash it and it will be soft enough for consumption
it wasnt
look at the texture in the photo above?

so i threw them in the blender

too wet, and too little,
cant blend

so i took out those lumps (of avocado) and sieve it!


smooth texture!
i expressed some milk into it

ready to be fed!
he loves it!

cute spoons!

has to be bpa-free

mothers all over the world are concern with this issue, bpa-free bpa free bpa free
this will ring in your ear when ure one (mother) :p

im searching for munchkin bowls but cant get them here, nor in kl

no particular reason to use the spoons and bowls

they just give me aesthetic pleasure :p

so now?
ive engaged my friend in singapore to get me the bowls,
cause she'll be visiting mid-aug!

im like a shark
will not let go of any opportunity to whoever that is coming

sorry pals
hope u guys understand

time to get ready to go to work!
monday blues!

hope this will be a light week~