Thursday, 17 April 2008

rasta ttdi

RASTA ttdi
they have moved to another place, near penchala link.
the used to be at..urm..dont know whats the name of the road. paiseh. near TTDI's police station.

i was frantically searching for the place and i thought ive overshot or something.
then i realised they tore down the place thus i made a smart telephone call.
who else to ask if not my little princess?
thus she directed me to their new location mentioned above.

so pro.
they are using computers eh.


nicer than marche's
belief me

ubiquitious caesar salad

mushroom burger with cheese

i didnt quite fancy the cheese as it was hard.
prefer it to sticker,softer
mushroom sauce
need to order this separately

would be dry eating only this.
thus the mushroom sauce comes into play

cant recall the price of this but i remember it being cheap for a beef burger.

do try the rosti if you are a fan of one


kxin said...

empty geh... so vacant geh :P

Anonymous said...

See Please Here

curiositykills said...

coz it was raining. anyway, i think this place is more for late-food-hunters