Thursday, 28 February 2008

soong kee beef ball noodle

i wanted lou shue fan (rat tail noodle) but they only have noodles and vermicelli, so if i were to opt for dry type, it definitely has to be noodles and not vermicelli. 
fyi, in the northern states, rat tail noodle is better known as Niau Choo(rat) Hun ;)

 they forgot to ask us for our drinks so we didnt order any, as we planned to go over to Chinatown for tau fu fah(that was what i wanted) and my chum cried out for mata kuching. im not a fan of mata kuching because longan can be 'heaty'.

however, i prefer ngau kee in tengkat tong shin or yangkee in Oug.

mr. kx was the one who first brought me to this shop. now i think he has the same preference as me ( the ones stated above ) :)

Soong Kee Beef Ball Noodles
3 Jalan Tun Siew Sin
Kuala Lumpur
Tel No: (603) 2078 1484
Opening Hours: 11:00am - midnight


kxin said...

Yea i pefer YangKee but not NgauKee... u go back Ngaukee try and see then u will know... seiriously ngaukee not that good la :P too dry XD

arghhh.... i want minced beef + beef balls noodles..... drool!!!

curiositykills said...

ooOO what about yangkee vs soong kee? :D
i remebered ngau kee's soup has a stronger beef taste. soongkee's soup doesnt taste beefy at all :S

hey! have u tried the beef noodle in lebuh aceh? or lebuh pantai? or somewhere that area la. cant rmber the name of the street.hee