Sunday, 18 May 2014

Semporna 2012

thats my dad and kayjay in 2012, april, in semporna, sabah.

on a speed boat with Uncle Lee and partner to the islands.

our second time in semporna (i mean my parents and i).

i had the privilege to do to the notorious? or popular :) island - sipadan before the restriction.

Mataking island.

quiet island.
Uncle Lee's friend owned this.
they are building a lodge.

packed food from city

Regatta Lepa 2012

dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in january this year.

stage 4. metastasis to liver and spleen.

we flew home almost immediately, brought him to the best doctor in the country, mr mani operated him.
removed spleen and tail of pancreas. it is only a palliative surgery.

he is now undergoing chemo in IKN - institusi kanser negara.

for solid tumour, he was given gemcitabine.

prognosis of pancreas ca is very poor.

anyway, i will disclose how we ended up with the diagnosis.

bye for now :)

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

back-up breakfast: 10 grain rice

kayjay's favorite.

takes me 20 mins to prepare with thermomix.

if i did not plan ahead on what is for breakfast,
this would be the back-up.

thank god he loves something nutritious.
he is a sugar-addict by the way.
at home, I'm the boss, so it is under control.

 a healthy mix of grains.
cost about RM 20 - 30 per packet

11 months old

he is 11 months old now!

and today he says mamamaMAMAMAMA… instead of his usual papapapapapapa…

he eats purees prepared from home. I'm adding a little vco to his food when i can remember.

if he doesnt like the food, he will not swallow. shesssh.

eats twice a day.

he is a very attached baby! matty sticks to me like glue!

but makes me happy because he wants me to carry whenever he sees me! unlike kayjay :D
nevertheless sometimes i feel like i can't breathe because i need to carry him all the time :(

thank god i have a husband who can cook and clean.

 he likes to eat! when he sees us eating, he goes mamama… I'm not sure if it is MAM MAM…or mamama..

his agility is…O.O makes me speechless. jaw dropping!

his fingers are really swift!
his index finger is like a caterpillar. he likes to dig your mouth, your nostril.

he is an adventurous explorer, unlike his big brother.
he loves to eat paper, zooms across the hall towards paper/books. and rip them off! yums!
he has eaten a couple of things: cardboard (came out from his poo), fridge magnet, toothpaste, body cream, to name a few.

his brother gets upset whenever he bites off books.

still skinny and small, weighing 7kg.
tsk tsk

can stand with support.

he has shortie legs. long torso. ouch, heartache.
his big brother has a better proportion. haha

i need to remind myself to rub olive oil on his eyebrow because they are very faint.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Pomegranate juice

deseed promegranate!
easiest method would be to break them (the fruit) open, and use the back of a ladle and knock these seeds off!

original pomegranate juice.

I've never bought any commercial ones so i won't know how they taste like.

pomegranates are too dear here.
i actually transported them all the way from peninsular.

juicing without water.
so the juice is really 'thick' and concentrated.
undiluted remember, if you compare it to the old fashioned centrifugal juicer.

i think almost every household has a centrifugal juicer.

it gives me heartache when i juice using a centrifugal juicer because the pulp is still so wet!

when this machine arrived, my neighbor saw the new technology of this slow juicer and the following day, she went to buy 7smiles from cosway, RM999.

there are a few range available in the market.
this is the ferrari. aiseh.

what do you look for in a slow juicer?

1. after sales service
2. can it produce very dry pulp, hence giving more juice.
3. the input - this is a wide mouth so u save time whereby u don't need to cut everything into small tiny bit.
4. we are looking at juicing more greens (we started off with green smoothies) and this machine can juice leafy/fibrous greens equally well as a horizontal juicer.

thankfully we didn't get Hurom. or Omega.
never considered Primada, sorry.

kuvings slow juicer

Kuvings wide mouth juicer

this is Gabby.

we have no regrets getting this.
their service is exceptional!

they carry a 10-year warranty on the motor, and other parts for a year.

i bought it last Nov.

and just this weekend, i broke the compression silicon. i emailed them on sunday night,
they replied me on monday morning.
and they will mail me the part soon.
isn't that fantastic??

between juice and smoothies.
honestly, i prefer to MAKE smoothies.
because they are so much easier to prepare and much easier to clean up!
just wash the thermomix bowl. that is all.
thermomix can do the washing for me.

as for this juicer, i need to prepare lots of veg and fruits before i juice (so that i don't need to always juice).
the preparation can get messy because i need numerous bowls/pails to soak few types of vegetable and fruit. then i need to cut them.
and finally juice them.
finally, wash up!

i store the juice in glass container, fill the juice to the top of the bottle and seal tight.
we drink sparingly and finish them in 3 days time. not sooner ;)

i was SOOOO glad last night when kayjay asked me for smoothies/juice when we were waiting for our Roast Chicken (at home).


he can now drink both smoothies/juices.

he is also trying to differentiate between juice and smoothie.

what to do with the leftover juice pulp?

1. compost
2. dehydrate
3. add into smoothies? yuck i wouldnt do that. too much fibres and the pulp are not tasty anymore. they are without juice, no?
4. add into muffins…maybe i would. haven't try. but i don't think i am desperate for the fibre.

hence, i usually do number 1 and 2 :)