Wednesday, 27 February 2008

dimsum in puchong

lazy to type. this was what i had last weekend.

char sao bao. they only have 3 types of paus: char sao, redbean and lotus. i had charsao and redbean. 

pear-shaped muachi. the filling was something like curry puff potatoes.

oyster and peanut porridge

fried radish cake.

wtf?? what happened to my radish cake??? who says blogspot makes blogging any easier?? ive had enough!!! ive already posted few photos a few times, and in the midst of rearranging the photos, some would just conveniently disappear. bah!!! and what's with this font colour? sometimes it'll be black and sometimes it'll be blue??? WHO SAYS BLOGSPOT is more manageable comparing to friendster blog? HELPPPPPP!!!!
by the way, the photo of the drinks was suppose to be before this kamhin dimsum pic. grhh


kxin said...

lol perempuan gelojoh :P coz u dunno how to handle yet... blogspot need to "save" another benefits is that if ur computer hang or auto shut down... they already help u auto save ur message... nto like friendster might suddenly hilang all and need to retype XD make a link to ur old blog la

kxin said...

so many paozzzzzzzzz

curiositykills said...

yeah, the first post was a try-out. i upload the photos then he accidentally close the window. so now i went back to the draft and post it straight away, too lazy to even typed in any words. hee

n yes! pao! char sao pao! eh, i think only penang-kia knows the charsaopao song. ekekek