Monday, 14 May 2012

short weekend in KL

I'm home! we are home!

hb is so sweet to cook me mother's day dinner! =)

i am done with mopping and sweeping so while waiting for dinner to be served, i can steal some time here.

bad news. we have fired our weekly maid so we have been sending our work clothes to the laundry to be ironed. i am NOT willing to spend time in front of the ironing board, ironing for few hours! we are just gotta pay! i feel a little guilty as when i think of it. just because i rather spend more time in front of the comp, hence i have to PAY for ironing. quite extravagant i would say. =( i really hate ironing.

our kl trip, as usual, always hectic and we are cursed. i can safely say that ALL our trips back to KL, we will always be sick. I'm not getting any better, as well as kayjay. boo.

we are a smarter traveller this time round because we brought 2 strips of paracetamol with us. yeah, we have to take pcm EVERYDAY in peninsular. no joke.

since it is mother's day weekend, we quickly sped back to ipoh just for a night before spending the rest of the weekend in KL.

EVERYONE has something this trip. very fruitful.. kj has 7 shirts! puzzles, beads, shapes board, maracas P1060834 P1060832 P1060831

 i have shirts, pants, a pair of loafer? or a boat shoe.
while hb really went all out this time too! he has many shirts, pants, and a pair of sneaker! wheeEEE!

P1060833 P1060836

me VS him VS kj! who won?

first place goes to KJ! runner up hb! third place me :(

dont remind me of the bank statement later on.

groupon is also very addictive these days. have been buying constantly. definitely ONE purchase a week. :o this has got to stop!

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Bittergourd plant

P1060548 P1060550

Bittergourd 'plant'. chinese calls is bitter gourd rattan?

claimed to have antiseptic benefits so once in a while when KJ has rashes - either heat rash or eczema, i'll get them (pluck fresh organic ones from own orchard or just last week when mom was here, she bought it from Tuaran Tamu) for aunty.

aunty (babysitter) will boil it and bath kj with this 'herbal' water.

seriously, do not NOT believe. if it is heat rash, they will magically disappear rather immediately! hence we decided to get this from time to time.

it is just for external use, no harm we thought.

have been using this since kj was how-many-months-old ( i don't remember). aunty's house is warm so he'll get heat rash easily, especially when he was young, when he was chubby and have a mere non-existent neck!

like this! ----->

DSCN0271 IMG_2232 P1480258 P4180963

he was from very thin to fat and chubby and now back to slim:)

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

New Epson Stylus!


 this printer is awesome! it is adequate for our family usage as for now. the print from the original ink is waterproof! we've tried it and it proves to be true!

i can now print more colored sheets for kj! yay!

we have given a thorough consideration of whether or not should we invest in one printer. i hope this is not a hangat hangat tahi ayam enthusiasm! many thanks to hb for his continuous support.

im not planning to churn out a kiasu kid. to those who doesn't have a clue of what i have in mind, what we have in mind, tentatively we are not planning to send kj to school until primary one. i will try to coach him and prepare him to school.

time is limited, since I'm working full time so we will see. if things go awry, then we'll send him to school.

at this age, we'll just let him play at home and do a little bit of this and that. conditions will change when we are having our second child (I'm not preg yet) but i do hope things will fall in place.
kind of nervous thinking of it. sometimes i can be half dead before bedtime so adding another child into the family makes me gulp. P1060266

 im suppose to get this Dot A Marker for kj to make dots on the circle.

reasons for not getting it :

no 1. can't get it here in KK
no 2. don't know where to get it in KL. not sure if ELC has them.
no 3. nearest would be SIngapore but it is SGD 49. *blink eyes*

still toying with the idea of purchasing. is it REALLY necessary? many mothers shared different ways of using this 'worksheet'. u can use round stickers on it. or magnets. I've decided to try with magnets. 

amazingly, kj did it! he knows how to place the magnets on the circle. elated, i quickly print more pictures - animals that he fancies e.g. snake, tortoise, cat, dog. Boy, kite

he is not attracted to this puzzle, a 2-piece puzzle, simplest one i thought.