Monday, 16 December 2013

playschool-attach multiple kids

march 29

at 3 years old, he still does not know Which is different.
I've tried a couple of times with a different worksheet.

anyway, if you are still wondering,
i have stopped doing all these, at the moment.

im not even sure if i will continue doing them, with kj. or even with matty.
*gasp to myself*

i'll talk about how i cope with 2 children later.

baby matty is in my tummy in this photo :)

very simple puzzle.
a 2-piece puzzle.

4-piece puzzle

match the animals.

oct 5

grocery shopping

he can maneuver the shopping cart, which impresses me.

we parents are easily impressed with our children's achievements, don't we? 

arranging from small to big.

he knows small, medium big.
but not big, bigger, biggest.
what is the word for this?

self correct

Saturday, 7 December 2013

uncelebrated birthday

 Happy birthday honey!!!

you are another year older today.
may u be a wiser husband and father :p

i feel guilty for not celebrating.
there is just too many things happening, today!
ONE- we are moving into our new house tomorrow.
TWO- a colleague's wedding tonight
THREE - in laws are coming tonight with an entourage of 10 guests!
last minute chores and cleanup today, in the midst of everything else, i must not forget to pump milk every 3 hourly.
lack of sleep for the entire week!

i know you are dead beat tired too.
big hugs.

thank you so much for providing us a home.
our own home.
i did not contribute much to this house as u did most of the plannings and you DIY :)

as I've mentioned,
this year is a memorable year.

with our second addition to our family!
baby matty!

and my dramatic pregnancy and labour!

and kJ goes to school!

it is quite overwhelming, no?

we are exhausted.

but i know we feel blessed.

may u be strong (mentally and physically) and loving to your children and your wife, always.

we can't live without you.

oh, kj forgot to buy u a cake today :(

we'll get u one on another day :)


Saturday, 23 November 2013

Pump it!

mickey mouse!!!

kj did this.
played with the membranes of my breast pump.

I'm amazed with their 'creativity'

do allow the children to play freely.
allow them to explore. to expand.

no TV!! grrrr
no electronics please

one day at work,
i forgot to bring my bottles so luckily i could use this 'polycitra' bottle.
it is a 500ml bottle.

i find it pretty tickling :)

this week aunty increased feeding to 5oz from 4.5 oz
so i have to be disciplined.
i pumped every 3 hours.
9am, 12pm and 3pm.
yielded 4-5oz per session.

im all over him

5.5 months old

glad i managed to catch this expression :)

 dozing off in the car

 no smiley, poker face when he is gonna sleep

irresistible baby

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Us in November

 in the car today,

i want to buy smoke for laopa (babysitter's husband).

oh? u mean u want to buy cigarette for him to smoke?
u can't buy cigarette. you are underage.
only adults can buy.
the police will catch you.

i will ask ah kong to shoot the police!

well, he knows and remembers that ah kong has a long gun for hunting.
amazing memory!

this is what happened this morning.

I'm always hurrying here and there in the morning.
i now get up at 5.30am and yet i need to scurry all over the house.
perhaps i should get up earlier?
oh man.

when we move,
i think i need to get up at 4 am :(
im dreading the moment!
and it is not a momentary thing. it is for…life almost?

this is to share with my friends about my lifestyle.
having no maid.
tending to 2 kids.

btw, baby matty can now flip!
last week he tries very hard to flip but yesterday he could flip easily.
sometimes one hand will still get stuck below his tummy though.
and he will cry for help.

he loves to roll to his left and flip!

he loves it when i place a mirror in front of him when he is on his tummy :)
he is now 5 months old.
time flies.
one more month and he can begin to eat.
i am also dreading that moment so i will try to stall and not begin solid feeding that soon.
i hope babysis cooperates.

this week aunty wants to increase his ebm intake to 5oz. 
stresses me out.
i can still provide, but somehow, the nervousness will be there.

 the top tier is for ebm only.

they are full.
really full.
but some of the ebm has expired.
i have donated 30 packs of ebm to a mommy.

the older milk will be turned into soap.

by having all these stocks,
i still feel the jittery.

i prefer to supply refrigerated bm because the metallic taste is horrible.
i suppose the longer u keep, the stronger the metallic taste.

bless me

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

everyone is sick

 brought him to the Casualty green zone on sunday (2 weeks ago when my mom was here)
he had a low grade fever the entire day.
lost his voice.
coughed a little.
recovered on his own after that.
no pcm was given as well, although babysis and mom think we ought to.

 happy morning person.

i love to wait for him to wake up in the morning.
the moment he opens his eyes,
he will smile at you :)

so when hubs brought him to the kitchen for me last weekend,
while i was busying away in the kitchen mostly,
"hey! why did u pick him up? he shouldnt be seeing you the moment he wakes up. it should be me!"

nasty me

like a bear huh? the little one

oh, my voice is still course and deep and husky,
has been more than 2 weeks.

kj can cook

we should allow him to do this more often.

no 1: to occupy him
no 2 : involved him in food prep so that he loves his food more
no 3: developmental progress, he can practice his skills, such as pouring, stirring, twisting of hands and etc

Loves school

 he insisted that we should get this sweater for him.
because abraham has it.
i did not expect this coming from him.

usually he likes to go " mommy, i like this. tomorrow u get this for me ok?"
all u need to go is to reply "ok!"
or else he would be like an answering machine.
repeat and repeat.

tomorrow you buy this ok?
tomorrow this..tomorrow that


anyway, thats a home made shield in his hand, brought to school for "show and tell".

this is it!
a child-friendly school,
providing child-friendly urinary bowl for the little gents.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

home made pretzel

thermomix pretzel

to make pretzel,
you need to blanch the pretzel in boiling water, before baking.
i didnt know that!

like aunty anne's!

Wednesday, 30 October 2013