Saturday, 18 April 2009


Lorong selamat char koey teow
the aunty wears a 'pilot goggle'
u know, like how the cartoon we used to watched when we were young
was it goofy? he used to wear the goggle
this aunty used to operate beside the road in lorong selamat,
but she moved into a new shop a month or so, before i left
anyway, i was going to introduce Shanghai Ding
2 outlets in pg
one is around queens bay area
the other is Old town, at jalan Burmah
house of dumpling
fried mango cheese
shanghai la mian with spring onion RM 3.80
double boiled white fungus & apple RM3
pocky mouse RM 3.80
filling of the pocky mouse
xiu long bao

creamy salted bun RM3.80

yes, i will go back to this place AGAIN!
thank u for the recommendation ;)
for the paos'!!! :))) yummmM!!!


weithian said...

eh itu mango cheesseeee!
haihs. imiss malaysian food!

kxin said...

That place is call "NEW WORLD PARK" in Jalan Burma hahaha