Monday, 26 December 2011

we are intruders!

second visit to the site

half-excited over the house, half not
(dread to think of all the money needed to renovate)

we were unlucky this time,
didn't manage to get into the house to snap photos.
there were guards and contractors.

approaching the guard was easy, we succeeded in coaxing him
however, we failed at persuading the contractors.

one of the contractor warned us not to do funny things inside (the house).
hello? can u define "funny things"?

during our first visit early this month,
we could march in simply and take photos but unfortunately,
we lost the photos.

what is with the hand-on-the-waist posture?

gleefully drinking in the sights of our future home

explaining to me that i can hang our clothes there!

kitchen is a very crucial section of a house
hence it must be planned to a T.

hb loves their design

im glad that we both agreed on this notion.
phew =D

how to be a smart shopper

with two beauties!
December 2011 @ Delicious

fh said i look pregnant! wth wth wth!

Aldo Boat Shoe
i loveeee this!
it is very very soft!


shopping list : work-shoes, sandals and work-skirts

sometimes u'll think 'Fine! with all this festive season, the malls would definitely be jammed pack, hence i'll shop some other time'

but when That some other time comes, when u're in the mall, u'll wonder how come no discount.
double sigh

i need to be a smart shopper!
buy ONLY when NEEDED, that is rule number ONE
hence the TO-BUY-LIST

rule number TWO:
buy during SALE

of course, u can't get the best of both worlds,
during sales, it would be out-of-season clothes but that doesn't really bother me because i am not a very fashionable person.
i buy what suits me.
and maybe buy what looks beautiful but doesn't quite suit me,
and buy what looks gorgeous in the fitting room but looks ugly when u wear it again at home :S

oh wait, did i mention the boat shoe above is about rm400?
it is absurdity!
but it is ULTRASOFT!
don't believe me? go try it!

best pearl drinks in malaysia

much talked about pearl-milk-tea
bought this in Sunway Pyramid,
perhaps it has been a while since it first started in KL,
hence there weren't a queue.

Chatime is double the price of Yoyo, a very popular pearl-drinks-shop in Kota Kinabalu

verdict: i still prefer YoYo!

cmon KLites!
chatime is horrible!

gongcha? haven't tried it yet

met up with loved ones
at din tai fung dec 2011
gotta select restaurants which are child-friendly,
most importantly they must serve food that are edible by kayjay

what I've learned from out recent trip home is that
we must feed him with lots of food,
because he'll usually lose weight whenever we are back in peninsular.
we must not lost out to Aunty (babysitter)!
(till today i still think aunty overfeeds him)

Monday, 28 November 2011

when are my 2 princes gonna get up?

love this photo :)

there is never equality at home, no matter how hard we try to equalize it :p

like for now, 10.25am, dearest kayjay is taking his morning nap, while dearest hubby is still sleeping! from last night. duh (him)

I've had my breakfast too!


why do i need to sacrifice? why do i need to get up early, play with kayjay, drive to the market and buy some vege, come home and cook soup, feed kayjay his breakfast, line dry the clothes and put in another load of dirty laundry into the washing machine. I've done all these, and he still hasn't wake up.

well, we have talked about these before.

u see, i have to race to sleep at night when kj is asleep, if not i wouldn't be able to get up in the morning. that means no staying up at night for me. this is not my choice. as in, dear hub would say 'Oh u sleep early! so u wake up early and accompany kj lah'. he doesn't get it, does he? it is not that i want to sleep early, sometimes when i am engrossed in something online, i would stay up past the ghostly hours and YET, i still have to wake up together with kj. u see my point here? oh, kj usually wakes up at 6 -7am.

this is just one teeny example of what happens in our household ;)

right, next up,
im blogging using an iMac! wheeee...

chewww, big deal. well, when we received the package from DHL, we were darn excited! the pleasure wears off quite quickly after that. :S

the simplicity of the machine,
all in a box

jeng jeng,
gave him the honour to fix it
it is his Early Birthday Gift after all

kiss kiss kj, kiss kiss

Thursday, 27 October 2011

perineal massage

who dares to try this

ewww...massaging the vagina canal?

QUESTION: I have heard that I should be doing perineal massage each day in the weeks before giving birth to help avoid an episiotomy. Please tell me if this is helpful and if so, how it is done.

urghhh...would i do it? feels a bit gross to me. a bit like self-masturbation?

Sunday, 9 October 2011

housewife's joy and woe


a grill pan,
import all the way from scotland.
donated by a dear friend.

have been keeping this pan for a year,
and we've only used it twice i think?
underutilized, i know :p

tefal jamie oliver hard anodised grill pan

  • Prometal Pro premium non-stick coating interior
  • Hard anodized technology
  • Riveted stainless steel handles with silicone insert, oven safe up to 260C
  • Tefal Thermo-Spot
  • Curved shape with pouring lip
Hard Anodized technology enables the pans to distribute heat quickly and evenly giving you precision control when cooking
they are also extremely tough and ultra resistant to abrasion and corrosion
This strengh, combined with the naturally smooth surface, makes it easy to keep the pans looking their best

The range features Tefal's new generation of non-stick coating, Prometal Pro, which greatly increases both the performance and the durability of the non-stick coating
This coating is so durable that it can withstand the use of metal utensils
Tefal's unique heat indicator lets you know when your pan is pre-heated to the right temperature to seal in the flavour of your food.

this grill pan is HEAVY!

i ought to bring out this pan and reviving it once again =)

im crazy over kitchen accessories.

u know i tend to get muddled up pretty easily.
one minute i dont mind being a housewife.
another minute i couldnt stand the thought of staying at home the entire day, with a messed up hair, sweaty home clothes, oily face - covering household chores and cooking for the family and taking care of the a toddler/children.
might sound easy but u bet my aSs they are not!
unless, if u have a maid.
a live in maid.
*hint hint*


we're anticipating the completion of our new house.
a huge project for us i would say.
sad part is that i need my kitchen to be properly furnished!
adequately equipped.
ha! *sinister*
of course, it differs, this is person base. ?
u might think this is necessary and i might not?
i said sad, because,
one island can cost rm10 000?
so u tell me, how the hell do i renovate my kitchen?

what about my sink?
no teka for me?

remember this?
maybe not a kenwood mixer anymore,
but a KitchenAid this time :p

one fridge is not enough.
i need one fridge (minimum) and one deep freezer :p

my pyrex,
corning ware.

oh speaking of that!
ive broken 2 ramekins bought and brought back from UK

ok. time to go to bed.

i wanna win a lottery.

fried tang hoon

random post

fried tang hoon,
inspired by trisha wong

Monday, 26 September 2011

midnight shift in Hosp Queen E

worked 24 hours/midnight shift last night. 24th sept 2011 10pm to 25th sept 2011 7am.

second time doing it. the supposedly second time was done by hb. i decided to do it this time (third time being scheduled in timetable).

first time was when my parents were here in KK. i thought my mom could help me to look after kj at night while i was away in the hospital.

ended up, father and son camped out in the hospital that night. even the KPF (ketua pegawai farmasi) knew because she saw me pushing kj out in the stroller at 7.15am. -_-''

she only gives exception to mothers after delivery for up to a year. means if your baby is more than 1 year old, u have to do the midnight shift.

i told her i am still breastfeeding but she wouldnt change her mind.

i dont mind doing midnight shift, because i can get the next day off but my only worry is kayjay.

hence, i decided to give it another this time around. hb said he would care for kj at night but pulled out at eleventh hour. of course, back up would be babysitter.

before i sent him over to aunty's house at 9.15pm, i was holding him, nursing him and i said " kj, mommy's going to work tonight. u sleep with aunty for a night ok?"

he nod! i was a little fascinated by the NOD! he understood?

after few seconds, i decided to try again. repeating the same statement-question.

he nodded!


usually when he gets sleepy, he would only want me and not anyone else (not father or ah ma). but last night when i brought him over to babysis house, he went over to aunty. :( sob. felt a a little tug in my heart. but no choice.

we gave both our cellphone numbers to the aunty, for emergency if she couldnt handle kj midnight.

was a little sad that my phone didnt ring at all. :)

anyway, it was over! head felt dizzy in the morning and nauseous. came home at 7.15am, kj was still sleeping, so i quickly jump under the cover and sleep.

alright! just to document this =P ciao!

photo captured 20-sept-2011

Monday, 19 September 2011

HaPPY second anniversary

thank you so much for:

your love,

your cheekiness,


cheering me up,

standing me up,

cursing together with me,

bitching together with me,

enduring my nags,

enraging me,

then admitting *defeats,

giving me Kayjay,
and hopefully more beautiful children :p,

withstanding my poor cooking skill,
stomach my unsuccessful muffins/cookies,

scrubbed my burnt pot,

telling me that im beautiful (not everyday) occasionally,

live through my laziness,

sharing food with me,
donating food that u dislike to me,

ignoring me when you are watching football, :p

bringing me all the way to Hummingbird bakery just for red velvet,

thank you does not do justice

we have come a long way,
through thick and thin,

we are still learning about one another,
i still think i can drive better than you,
my heart aches when you asked for my permission to provoke kayjay,

above all that,

my love for you is no less

it is only the second year of our marriage.

i'm not greedy.
not asking for more.
but just another year.
and another year,
and another year,
and another...
and another.......

promises made on such events are not to be taken lightly,
i'll be waiting! HAHA!

*oh sharks! what happened to my that gladiator sandal? brown? since when did i own it? man!*

Thursday, 1 September 2011

kitchen business


i didnt know about this snow jelly until i married into the Leong's family.

cant remember what happened, hb said he loves drinking this dessert.

ah, i think it could be that i mentioned something about bird's nest.
this is pretty close to it, with a lower cost.
hb claimed that this is a cheaper " bird's nest".

one box costs RM45. not very cheap i would say.

it is vacuumed pack in two.

how to prepare?

soak them for a few hours. i did it overnight, or atleast 6 hours. they would fluff up and u have to clean them. get rid of dirt and i thought i saw some hair? ewww. could i be imagining things? this is not bird's nest!
er, okay, maybe not hair, but some kind of rubbish, stuck in between the gooey flakes. i dont like the cleaning process, because most of the time i would throw away the entire slab of snow jelly and i would end up getting teeny bit of jelly left to be cooked. :(

premium grade snow jelly

after cleansing,
i put them in a slow cooker.
throw in a few red dates,
(pitted or non, heard many rituals and im still confused whether or not to use pitted or non)
few rock sugar,
that is all.



tomyam soup on the left,
served in a big pot -_-'''
this shows how lazy we are. double -_-'''
on the right is Kam Heong squid!

i didnt know kamheong is so simple to prepare!

*edited: hb cooked the entire meal above*

3 dishes: blanched sawi, tomyam soup with fishballs, kamheong squid.
served with rice

this is ONE MEAL.

minimum is 2 dishes, one meat/fish with one vege.

we always try to have a balanced meal.
not we, but I!
dislike hb's habit of eating unhealthy food.

im not saying im very healthy,
but atleast i try to stay away from them and minimize the frequency.

what are the chances of you not touching the junks when they are available at every corner of your house?

closer view of the kamheong squid
honestly, they taste good!

fried tenggiri fish and nuggets.

i, for one, dislike frying.
i will try to AVOID this method of cooking.
no1, very oily. makes your kitchen floor oily.
everywhere! your stove,
cooking utensils etc etc.

processed food!
dont get me wrong, im not a health freak!
but like ive said,
i hate deep oil frying!
and the nuggets lack in nutritional value!

having said these,
i suppose u could guess im not the one who bought this packet of RAMLEE nuggets.
but i have to admit,
they taste good!
i have been yearning for nuggets actually,
but i couldnt bear to buy it in McD.
because i think it is not worthy :p
i would end up picking a burger instead.
so, it was good that hb is willing to fry the nuggets at home.
saves money ;P

this is a meal prepared by me, the si-lai.
white radish soup,
stir-fry long beans and chicken.
gaodim. one meal.

it is not easy stirring up dishes for a meal.

i am running out of idea :(
hb lamented that i always cook the same dishes.
the rotation period is too close,
so the repetition of a dish is too quick.
:( i dont know what other food to cook.
some other vege are no-nos for hb.

Sunday, 31 July 2011

fresh bloody mary

still breastfeeding kj at 18th months

did not know the wound would prolong for this long, no pun intended
this was the last week
unfortunately, they spread.. ? spread? yeah
there are more cuts, from one to about three this week
stings yesterday!
what is happening!!!
ive discontinued nursing him directly on the right boobs
only offering him the left boobie

but occasionally give in and give him the right boobie, countable times
otherwise i pump out

sometimes the pump would brush against the nipple
yikes! hurts!

i've applied Earth Mama Baby Bottom Balm, didnt work
next, Lucas Paw Paw

there are also some stuff, growing at the bottom of the nipple
no idea what the hell they are
have been there for few months
can be very itchy at times
i'd scratch. haha
seems to worsen now

i need to see a dermatologist,
shall ask about the two issues.

Friday, 29 July 2011

am i a tiger mother?

im reading this at the moment!


this book scored many remarks from the world

anger, criticism, worship..etc

from intrigued to fascination,
i am only at 1/3 of the book
very slow progress

no longer could i sit and bask under the florescent light and read in tranquility
i hate to return to the book merely after reading 1 paragraph and i gotta jump up and do something
i prefer to immerse myself completely without any disturbance

Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother

bought all the way from UK through bookdepository
paid in USD 19.17
~ RM 60


Wednesday, 27 July 2011

home food

beef for kayjay
quick stir-fry in olive oil and australia capsicum
minced beef marinated with garlic and lea and perrins sauce
gave him vermicelli (meesuah) last sunday with soup
we cooked 'xi yang chai' (mandarin) soup with peanuts and pork bones
it was so flavourful and fragrant even without salt
hence i scooped up a bowl for KJ before adding a little salt for the adults

i just realized he has molar teeth growing behind his buccal cavity
one prominent one on the lower left and one is emerging on the lower right
[at 18th months old] for my own record ;)

i always cheat in cooking
i cant peel and chop and blend all the onions and garlic needed for curry
cant make my own curry paste
they are just too tedious :p
for a lazy cook like me,
this is what i usually do!
buy the pre-packed curry paste!
ive cooked the ayam brand rendang
dont fancy the taste
havent tried A1 curry paste
mak nyonya is one of the few trustable ones ;)

it is not easy getting your hands on FLYING FISH BISCUITS and this TEDDY BISCUITS these days
sometimes when i crave for this flying fish, i couldnt get it
so what do i do?
i stock them whenever i see them on the shelves :p
it is like back to childhood...
i thought i have outgrown this eons ago but nope, how wrong was i
if u zoom in and look closely at the teddy biscuits, it says cheddar flavour
aiks, was cheated
it wasnt cheesy nor salty
it normal butter cookies
they come in two flavours, the other more common one is the chocolate teddy, aye?
gotta eat these biscuits these days

when i feel energetic,
this is what i prepare for breakfast on weekends
i actually fried mihun on weekdays before. got up early at 6am and this will be packed for hb to bring to work
havent been doing that for a while

Friday, 22 July 2011


i miss having this view the moment i open the fridge!

advertisement: melon kitkat from japan!
Clarins - stretch mark control cream
costing an arm and a leg!
RM180 per tube
could last for a month or so!
ive used more than 10 bottles of BIO-OIL
big bottle, could get it for about RM45
they say stretch marks is hereditary and i believe
there wasnt any marks on my tummy until when 5-6 mths of pregnancy,
suddenly they just explode
real creepy
looks exactly like a watermelon

i took photos ;)
hb is being a nuisance when he didnt want to help me to snap pics
the stretch marks grows at the bottom of the belly. i cant quite see the marks unless i stand in front of the mirror, to see them clearly
so i told him to snap pics for me to see
he refused and reasoned that u cannot take pics of pregnant lady at night
i had to force him in the end
i always get my way with hb ;)

feels nostalgic screening through the photo album
see the little one yawns

just 18 months and im missing the moment already

how lahhh

ah phang mocked,
am i addicted to giving birth?