Thursday, 16 April 2009

continuation ....

continuation ....

ah weng kor hainan tea
imbi market
very the sedap!!!
toasted version
different type of bun!
pointed to the other table * aunty! i want that bun also!*

steamed version
hainan tea, milo
aunty, i want that white glass of drink also
no idea what drink, just point to what others were having *cover face. malu*
and now i dont remember what drink was it.
almond drink? was milk i think...
teluk intan chee cheong fan
'si tao por' cutting the butter
amazing. it didnt melt despite the little hot and humid shack they operated under
ubiquitous indo maid
heeh hehh

if i can have 3 grandpas and 3 grandmas, i dont see why i cannot manage 2 brothers and 1 sister ;p

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