Saturday, 1 March 2008

restoran caff

so here we go!
the pizzas were 'traditionally hand-tossed'
it was the first open-kitchen concept restaurant in bandar puteri puchong tralalalaa...yadayadayada

the interior of the shop.
someone ordered the venison stew!
can u see it on the board?

tomato pomodoro, chef's reco, rm12
capsicums, celery, carrots and mushrooms in thick tomato sauce
eh chup!!! on scrutiny, it has prawns and i saw a shell!
opss, it's not pomodoro then.
sorry. it's tomato marina, also chef's reco, RM 18
prawns, clams, squids and green mussels in tomato sauce.
i had a few mouths of pomodoro but not marina.
pomodoro's okay :S

didn't try this

first thing that came to mind is this! i have to order this! 
smoked duck, chef's recommendation, RM18
sourplum sauce, smoked duck, onion, cashew nut
no regrets!
Merman doesn't eat duck, so do i. erm, as in, i don't really fancy duck meat either but a little bit it doesn't kill, does it?

shrimp cocktail (cold salad pizza), chef's recommendation, RM 18
cooked sauce, shrimp, crabstick, Romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese
i didn't eat this.

Apple pizza, chef recommendation, RM12
cream cheese, sliced apple, cinnamon sugar
i find it a little weird. the taste of cinnamon+cheese.
nevertheless, the other two chaps gave good reviews.

a loyal fan of Caesar! che'f reco as well.
caesar salad RM 14, large
they have better annotation this time.
fresh roman lettuce in homemade caesar dressing topped with turkey ham....and croutons.
i don't know what is croutons :(

Hawaiian pizza, RM14
chicken chunks, pineapple

stuffed mushroom, chef's recommendation.
baked button mushroom with stuffed turkey ham and mozzarella cheese
A plate of 4 were served, RM 12.
simple mental calculation will tell you one biji costs RM3. :(

let me introduce u to...mashed potatoes. we suspected that they hid a Maggi mashed potato dispensing machine in the kitchen.told him not to order this but he insisted. what can u do? (besides telling him i-told-you-so) ehee

baked pasta
re-edit: huh? hilang akan the pic.tsk tsk tsk

this picture should be right on top of this post. ahh.gave up. couldn't be bothered to cut and paste lest i ter-delete any of the photos.
BOOB WATCH! : shouldnt it be Main Courses? if you want it to be plural instead of Mains Course?
otherwise, i think Main Course would suffice.
well, cant blame 'em. they are Italians after all, no? cause this restaurant is the expert in pastas and pizzas :)

mushroom soup RM5.90
i love William's mushroom soup. however, William's is more diluted yet flavourful and the one in this place is thicker, like the one in penang. forgot the name of the shop but it's well-known for its mushroom soup. it's located inside Prangin mall ;)


kxin said...

wow thx for giving me the privilage to be ur first readers XD mana tu william's? wow looks tasty...

kxin said...

lu siao siao suddenly so "kut lat" and "Free" to blog.... suddenly so many blog updated!! lol


Anonymous said...

croutons= crunchy bread crumbs.. in cubes size.. i think so la..
btw..jus randomly dropped by cus i saw thian's blog and suspected u when i read dat..jus to confirm when i saw a pic of u kissing arsenal shirt.. lol


curiositykills said... that's croutons! they always have it in salads :)thanks girl!
kissing arsenal shirt-->hee, just imitating him :S

yep! welcome for the privilege :S so where's my award? :P
William is a mamak! at PJ. u comeeee lah!!!!!
kut lat and free...sigh
exam stress always make u resort to blogging. release stress? :D hee

how to off word identification? :(

Baby Photography Malaysia said...

Warm-looking restaurant, you may try California Pizza Kitchen if you fancy pizzas.. :) and I think there is somewhere in the setting panel of your blog which allows you to edit the sequence of the post, good luck in that!