Tuesday, 24 April 2012

poo without a potty


 when he first took charge over a ball pen.
 he was a little petrified. he went Maaameeeee! Maaaameee!!! i turned towards him and i saw THIS! then he tried to rub them off. even urged me to help him! haha


then he did this
 he was sitting on the toilet bowl by the way.
 he cannot poo without sitting on one. bad move.

 we were at Semporna last weekend with my parents and he tried so hard to poo from morning till night, and finally his rectum sphincter opens at night and poo. and diarrhea after devouring TWO coconut water!
 i felt SO guilty.
he poo-ed once. and later on, he told me he wanna mmm-mmmmkk.
i coaxed him to be good, that we are going home the next morning and he'll have his potty.

he went one round and came back to me and did the same thing.

 after 1 min, he came to me with an agonizing face, pointed to his knee. crap!
it was wet! darn!
the poo dripped everywhere, god knows how it happened.

 thank god mom was around to help. phew.

I'm proud to announce that KJ is potty trained in the day, since Jan this year.

he needs to wear diaper only in the night.

Accidents happen now and then before Jan. he urinated into a borrowed car seat and i felt extremely guilty and embarrassed.

he also pee-ed in Gymboree BSC. he was excited thus he forgot to inform. Daddy got 'counseled' from the headmistress because of that. lols. i was not around that time ;)

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Who wouldn't like Mickey Mouse and friends?


im not turning him into a nerd! =)

let us be honest. i am beyond thrilled when i came into the room and saw this!

however, it can be a pain when he asks u to read once... read twice...read thrice...four times... five times... and many more times... in just once session. *pulls hair*

i know, i shouldn't complain.

funny thing is that we would push this noble job to one another. hb says Mommy reads. Mommy says Daddy reads. BUT! given a choice, dearest son will ALWAYS say Mameee read!

hub says : can we not buy books with long sentences?

haha! message received! i totally agree.

kek batik or marie biscuit cake

there are many variations of this cake. seriously, u'll have a big headache contemplating which one to follow. so i follow my heart. i adapt from here and there.

recipe 1

100g milo
25g cocoa powder
125ml boiling water
190g butter
sweetened condensed milk (i do not measure, i pour until the sweetness level is to my liking)
5 eggs, lightly beaten
250g Marie biscuits ( 1 whole packet )
vanilla essence ( i don't remember if i put this )

some recipes stated sugar but i decided to omit it. our sweetness level is quite low ;)


small marie biscuit. RM 2.30/ packet


butter : wood dunn brand! I've never noticed this in the West. some blogs vouched for this butter!

err, we don't have much preference for this. somehow, i still prefer Anchor ;)



1. melt the butter in the wok.

2. add in milo, cocoa powder, boiling water and egg into it. stir.

3. pour in sweetened condensed milk.


4. stir until the mixture becomes thick or custard-like.

5. turn off the heat. add in the biscuits. some recipes suggested to break the biscuits into smaller pieces/ halve them but i did not. i threw them in whole. Mix them until all the biscuits are coated.


6. transfer them to a mould and press/compress the batter.

7. cool it and refrigerate it, until like 4-5 hours or so? minimum.


8. bring out from the fridge, over turn the mould and u'll get the cake! slice it and voila!

truly simple eh?

i started goggling for this recipe because there was once when dh took home 6 cans of condensed milk! hence i have to think of ways to get rid of it before it hits the expiry date!

smart right? ;P

Saturday, 14 April 2012

our food

strawberry and something juice!
forgot what was the other fruit

he didn't want to eat the strawberry whole fruit so i had to juice it.
i don't quite fancy giving him juices as i prefer him to eat it whole.

chocolate muffin

this is delicious!!!
get this brand!
it was given to me by a colleague.
Marina Beef Balls.
it has beefy smell! tastes beefy!
should be original! unlike some balls which can lack of taste and texture.
am i using the correct terms?

ultra simple meal!
we eat for the sake of HAVING-TO-EAT.

the shifts are giving me a wee bit of an irregular meal times.



oh my gooooddddnesssss!!

after blogging for years!!!! NOW only AM i using flickr to upload photos here! using html? WTHHHH!!!!

no wonder. no wonder. no wonder!

i don't know if this is the easier way, anyhow i still find it easier than my usual way!

what i commonly do is to upload through the ADD PHOTO icon. i can only upload max 5 photos at a time!

and i didn't know that photos with large sizes will take a longer period to upload! *slaps head hard!* I'm so stupid! all these while I've been cursing when pictures failed to upload! i thought it was due to bad internet connection! OMGGG!!!

fine. forget the past.

now with this, i hope i'll be able to blog more frequent? ha-ha.

nevertheless, i still need to get used to uploading photos to flickr first. i need to explore on the iMac uploader, where i read it is suppose to ease uploading, which is to upload in batch! me love!

okay, back to business.


kayjay concentrating in LACING ACTIVITY. this is one of the Montessori's Practical Life activity.

it allows them to work on their Fine Motor Skill. improves pincher grasp. language : in and out. up and down. patience. learn about colors. (note: the strings has different colors)

you can DIY too. i have decided to buy this commercial lacing cards from Popular Bookstore at RM 19.90. fair enough i thought. initially the stingy me drafted in my mind that i would google for photos and print them, laminate and punch holes! well, this saves all the hassle. I'm so lazy.

kj is doing this at ~25 mths old! a bit too old! i should have started earlier. kiasuism. *snorts*


don't be fooled. he looks very into it right? this was just for a few seconds. at most, 2 mins?
he needs to go through Normalization. :D

actually, not only can his patience be tested, mine as well. sometimes i can be so impatient, that i will quickly help him. i cannot be sure if it is because of that, or that I'm worried he would give up too quickly, so before he gets frustrated for not being able to do it, my hands were too swift to move.
the next time round, i shall hold back and watch. to tell the truth, i know what would ensued. he will either ask me to do it , which he is so fond of now, or throw it aside and move on to other things. *frowns*

to perk things up, his language is improving so it is very cute to listen to him.

i'd say " kayjay, go put back. put them back ". he used to follow the orders. but now, he would sometimes say " mommy put back" -_________-

he can also be cheeky and recite " mommy angry? mommy angry ar? " awwww who would still be ? it would instantly melt the anger and kick off laughters!

Friday, 6 April 2012

Chillis and Kinokuniya @ KLCC

Chilis KLCC (Feb 2012)
KJ is entitled to get a free meal!
kids below 12 eat for free with purchase of adult entree

kj is a cina-apek!
we scanned through the kid's menu somewhat thoroughly and after deliberating,
we chose what we thought was best for him.
timing wasnt right, he was in cranky mode.
demanded for milk. breastmilk that is.

we ordered cheese toast and fries.
unquestionably, they were being washed down by hub and me.
wastage is a sin!

but we have to nib bit by bit discreetly.
it was not our food after all.
we intentionally arranged for a meal here after getting to know about the free meal through a mommy blog :)
heck, who would have noticed the kids menu when one is without one?

we ordered cheese toast and fries.unquestionably, they were being washed down by hub and me.wastage is sin!but we have to nib bit by bit discreetly.it was not our food after all.haha.
arrangement of books in Kinokinuya.
*scratches head*
how on earth do i search for specific books?
i have my list of to-buy-book!

although we are both not bookworms,
i was glad when hb disclosed that he could loiter INSIDE Kinokuniya for one whole day!
he commended on this bookshop when we were in appaling Popular in KK.
thats all that they have (in KK)??? he asked skeptically.
this is not even a book shop!!! he hurrumphed!

that is one thing that i detest about KK!

will be best if i can go back every two months or so.
which will not happen.

so dream on!

Sunday, 1 April 2012

our drawings

he requested for them,
all that was drawn above.

two different Nemo!
guess who draw which?

i didn't draw all the above except for the outline of the Nemo on the right!
sad right?

whenever KJ asked ME to draw this and that,
i couldn't do it :(
not that i am not trying,
but he couldn't recognize what was it.

these are hubby's masterpiece.
so i'd push this job to daddy.


fish oil burstlet and painting lesson

received this sample of Nature's Way Kid's Omega Fish Oil.
it contains two chewable BURSTLETS only.
one for hubby to try,
the other one for little kayjay.
i tried one in the health expo.

hb made a bet with me.
he was confident that his son would not like it!
if he does, he (the son) will follow my surname.

i was quite skeptical because it is quite unpredictable with KJ these days, his taste bud.
well! he LOVES it!
i hold the burstlet and directed him to bite!
he was fine with the liquid.
he even chewed the entire 'capsule'.

it was a waste that i didn't buy from DKSH (distributor) in the Health Expo.
dear hb said that kayjay might not like it so i should let kj try before buying.

why did hb said that?
he bought a bottle of Amway Children's Multivitamin and KJ refuses to eat after taking it twice.
why did he eat the first and second time?
third time he rejected.
i tried to entice him with junk food but it still doesn't work.
he spat out when i forcefully stick the tablet into his mouth.
don't sue me.

i know, the multivitamin has a little bitter after taste.

its quite an eye sore when u see the bottle of multivit not being appreciated.

thanks to mommy-friends i made in Facebook.

i made paint for kayjay!

cornstarch mix with hot water
add in food coloring

however, i might want to try with tapioca starch next time,

because the cornstarch didn't thicken in the second bowl.

ready to dive in!

chop chop!
topless so that clothes wouldn't be stained hence less work for the lazy mommy!

not used to get dirty
~sticky starch~


should i hang them on the wall?

ta- da!
*note the side burn*

the aunty came over and ask him to eat it!
smart boy, he said bu yao! (no!)
but he did try to pretend to eat :S

another good-willed uncle came by,
and ask him to smear his face.
again, he said NO!
oh, i realize kayjay is very sensitive when it comes to his face.
very cautious.
he wouldn't allow me to slap sunblock on his face last week when we went to the beach. grrr.

well, the uncle did not give up.
he then suggested kj to rub his palms on his tummy.
kj ignored.
he grabbed kJ's hands and lead kj to execution.

whats he doing???


my goodness.
kj has pinky finger nails now.
can u imagine how food coloring will stain our digestive tract?
it takes 2 days to completely wash off the paint from the skin/body.

this would be kayjay's first painting lesson!
he will be 26 mths tomorrow.

his row row row your boat has improved!
last time was " mommy, sing low low boat!"

but just now was :

row row row your boat!
mellily melily mellily mellily,
life is but a dream!

im ecstatic!!

happy april fools everyone!

it was a peaceful day for us :)