Tuesday, 8 April 2008

budget supper

why lah want to emo me.
i am sinless.
i did nothing.
i dare say i do not deserve such treatment.


i love this place!!!
super economical and delicious!!

topped up another bowl of soup!

curry chee cheong fun with dried shrimp
2 ringgit only!!!!
the curry is divine!
not too diluted and
rather spicy compared to the normal curry ccf but i really fancy this one

the shrimps are crunchy and aromatic!

the lou shue fan with minced pork is 3 ringgit only!
hah! see what i mean when i say cheap?

beans. dont know what this is called in english.
rectangular beans? translated literally.
this is the only place that ive came across which serves this greenie as yong tau fu.

they have claypot herbal yong tau fu as well!
would want to come back to try given a chance ( cause im running short of time)

this shop is near pudu market. located at jalan brunei barat i think.

came here for supper and this would now be one of my favourite place for yong tau fu besides ampang! am missing the fried sui kow in ampang ytf.



weithian said...

lol. i see curry ccf!!!!! *slurps*

so much cheaper than penang wei. haha!

Lim said...

sweat...why so much food in ur blog one??

curiositykills said...

thian, you should go try! really cheap and nice!! :)
yep, cheaper than pg :D but portion a bit small la. hee

never heard of food for the soul?
wipe your sweat.

kxin said...

and also a lot of million's " the process of growing fat" photos... :P

weithian said...

this lady have an empty stomach la. how to grow fat. cisssss

kxin said...

her face can grow fat one... ask her show her last time's photos XD

but recently ya lor eat so much never grow fat geh.... must be pang sai making chocolate brownies a lot in the toilet!!!! :P

Lim said...
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Lim said...

sweat sweat sweat...

Time will prove 2 things:
1. Food is for survival..not for soul
2. Fat does accumulate on ur face over time.


Anonymous said...

See Please Here

ti3nD said...

ARGGGGHHH yong tau fu!!!!!

you better eat alot b4 u come!!
cause u are gonna miss them so much for a year after u come.

take my advice! :P

curiositykills said...

fat already lah...sobs. wait till u see me!!! sniff sniff

serious? my face a lot fatter compared to last time meh? WAILS!
choc brownie? lols!!! u wanna eat? :P
weih help me lah!! save me! i wanna go to pg! :( dad's not at home now and i dare not even mention of going anywhere!! but well, even if im going to pg, i wont be seeing u! hah! gotta treasure time! blek :) coz i'll be seeing u 24/7 for a week!! *grin* half excited and half heart broken. lols!

tsk tsk tsk
ure indeed very interesting.
im all the more curious which lim are you.

and nope, food is not for survival. water is :p u can live without food but not water.
and fat that accumulates spells out WEALTH and good HEALTH!

i took your advice! i went back again to the same shop and i ended up having giddiness. i suspect ajinamoto overdose? i dont know. but i didnt feel thirsty though. i had the same symptom during my first time there as well.
hmmm...perhaps i should really google for the symptoms of msg side effects :)

kxin said...

no la... i mean ur face last time more chubby :P aiya chubby is just another way to say FAT in a more polite manner lolx

bagaimana help ? call ur dad for u ? :P lol Stay at home teman ur mum la!!! now u back in Kedah? Bracer appointment this week? no more internship kah?

wei after HK baru come Penang lah... we go Paintball... if ngam ngam Monday then u can sumore come visit Joo Nee's studio tell her u wanna see 1 session to decide about joining ... i'm tking Latin there :P come kaypo here one day haha XD

why half excited half heart broke leh?

curiositykills said...

thank for for being tactful


call my dad? nono. call my mom and ask her to allow me to go to Pg. but u can also call my dad to ask him to get me a new phone! lols!

yes kedah. bracy appnt next wed :)

after HK oni go HK meh? but me now a bit senang wor..scared after HK will be busier coz nearer to june d, which means need to start planning and packing. but im really keen on paintball weih!
joonee? y lah wanna show me joonee..im not bisexual leh :p

half excitd coz we're going lo
heart broken coz wallet getting 'broken' too
sniff sniff

oih! hurry up and finish ur assignment ler!