Tuesday, 14 April 2009

y i like bukit bintang

queue... -____-

weng hing coffeeshop, jalan imbi
the boy, helping out his parents
i couldnt wait
went a few times, and they were sold out

this time?
u must be thinking, since i can get this pic,
but nope, i still couldnt manage to get the tarts
they were all sold out!
no more batter. so they cant bake more

go beli roti! hmph!

Lavender Bakery, Pavillion KL

i like Lavender's bread
chocolate marble square RM1.80
golden roll RM 3
luo song RM 3.50
milky cheese stick RM 1.80
hungary tuna bun RM 2.80
custard butter bun RM 1.50

pretty dear

a little secluded
rather difficult to spot
already not conspicuous,
with the blue canvas covering the stall,

this uncle tak mau buat business d kah?

the variety of offerings
i remember buying 2 curry puffs
one exotic flavour :p
mutton i think
and one original
they were good!

1 comment:

Mindytsc said...

Lavender is actually my mum's favourita store! but actually i love Four Leaves breads! :D