Monday, 4 January 2016


Look at baby driving !
Then he toppled over because the helmet is too heavy 😂 it did not deter him from continuing his ride ;)

Sunday, 3 January 2016


We had this for lunch today and kayjay says "next time we turn this place into a restaurant , so that people can come and eat"

Then my friends can come and eat.. And he began naming all his friends from his previous school.

Lunch : macaroni and grilled salmon steak

Sand play

This kid is afraid of sand. He won't step foot on the beach. 
He has swam in the sea with granddad and grandma before but when I try to put him into the water this time, he refused to go down.  He clung to me for his dear life.

Day 1 in kudat , I didn't expect him to be afraid hence I dressed them both in proper beach attire . Kayjay was the only one playing while ks stuck to me the entire afternoon .

Kj is a beach bum because he is so at ease and the moment he found a spade , he sat down and play! 

Thank goodness for the enormous tree which provides shade for people like me .

The kids here can surf amazingly well ! 

So! This funny kayshen , repeatedly tells us that he wants to go to the beach the next morning. 

Fed him well, dressed appropriately, slathered sunblock and off we go ! 

Again, he didn't want to get off me! Glued himself to me . He refused to even sit on the log. I had to reassure him and calm him down.
And we both sat on the log, and watched his brother play and dad surf . Kids, they can't sit still and watch can they ?
So he requested for me to bring him to his brother . He wants to go to the beach he says . I told him his is beach. Go walk to your brother . He didn't want.

After a while, I thought hey this is not it !

I need to help him to overcome his phobia . So I clutched him and went to his brother who is by the water , threw him down on the sand and gave him the spade and other tools. He shrieked and wailed! I showed him how to play and within 30seconds he calmed down and started playing .
He was very cautious with the sand and I need to be next to him!

It was unbearably hot so I moved him up higher where there is shade and he let down his hair at the end of it. 
Good job son !