Sunday, 26 September 2010

what to feed?

the first anniversary present

its apron:)

one for me and one for him
the pretty beige one is mine and the colourful one is his! just what ive wanted =)

> how true do u believe that oats can reduce cholesterol?

i have naively believe this UNTIL i did my chol test last month! my LDL is slightly high?

how can that be true?

i eat oats almost everyday as my breakfast! and it is not just a small mug of it, it is a huge bowl! u know how appetizing i can get in the morning

oh idea what went wrong

next up

> about kayjay's meal

he didnt fancy pureed pumkin yesterday :(

also, he doesnt like my pureed plum :(

plum is understandable because it is sourish.

pumpkin? haih, i even baked it instead of steam as baking retains more nutrients

so! i will give oats + pumpkin again this morning. ive already prepared them and both father and son is still asleep.
rather rare especially for KJ cause he would usually wake up before 8!

how many falls?

peaceful night

(+) hb brings kayjay out so im alone at home

(-) sorethroat worsens in just one hour? incredible

also, i should document this, kayjay fell off the bed again last night

this time wasnt a bad fall, like say he fell 1m high or something

again, he fell from my bed and got stuck in between our mattress and his cot

it was in the middle of the night

he sort of grunted, like he always does when hez sleeping (when this happens, i'll nurse him)

i heard it but decided to ignore and continue my slumber

then again, i heard the noise so i think its time to look for my son? :)

so i sat up and searched for him with squinting eyes

scanned the entire bed, dont have!


eyelids flew open to the maximum!

looked down!
oh shit!

he got stuck! horrible sight!

shit shit!

WHAM! woke hb up!
both os us kelam kabut

i tried to carry him but cant! got stuck!
he is crying now, not continuous though. wailing type
after few attempts to save him has failed, he started to cry already , a real cry this time
then finally hb pushed our mattress away and i managed to lift him and cradled him in my arms instantly
what a night
he got quiet immediately

so yea, that was it, another fall

no bumps no blue black, nothing. =)

Monday, 20 September 2010

are u ready for this?

shit, dont think i can post it in time in conjunction with the DATE
im late by few minutes (by the time i finish posting the entire entry)

if u can make up the puzzles on the cupcakes,

oh, and there were 25 of them
i ate 3 when i was transporting the cakes home cause i was too hungry

i was just brooding over the fact that we couldnt even make it through the 1st on a happier note
dont understand?
it means we didnt go through the day in good spirits

we HAD to argue the night before

he tried to make it up today after work

drove straight to town,
planned to bring me to Nishiki, a jap restaurant
unfortunately, it wasnt opened till 6.30pm
and we were there before 5.30pm

hence we decided to give LITTLE ITALY a try

if uve been to kota kinabalu,

u'll know how people rave about this restaurant

which i dont fancy!

we thought we should give it another chance
no way im going there again!

italiannies rates better than this over-rated restaurant!

my salmone
salmon was not fresh!
carbonara was soso

we had a rather good time catching up after not talking since last night

his grilled chicken
salmon pizza
a card which he claimed expressed everything, all his thoughts

i'll reveal the present next time

what i'd like to share now is...

the night had to end bitterly

we came home and i brought the cupcakes into the room

he was elated...

then he brought the cakes out to the living room as i told him to share with the rest

they wanted to go out for dinner first so we left the cakes untouched

did our stuff and my migraine got worse

so after preparing my things,
i stood at the doorway and said " i'll eat the cupcake and im ready for bed"
he said ok and continue surfing the net

hence i sat outside and ate one cake
then another

then i got into the room,
brushed my teeth,
and extorted " how come u didnt go out and eat the cake with me"
he looked a little astonished
"i thought u said u wanted to eat one cake and go to sleep"
"yes, but what is the point of eating it alone?"

do u guys see my point?

do i need further elaboration?

am i too demanding?

yes, it was dump of me to expect or to assume u will go out and sample the cake with me
i thought u should try the cake and give me the feedback?
to tell me if the cake is delicious?

i am speechless

what kind of a celebration?
i mean, how do u celebrate..say a birthday for a friend?
do u buy her/him a cake and then shove it to them and thats it?
u do your own things after that?
u ignore him/her and let her eat it herself?

or was it my mistake that i should actually tell him to go out and try the cakes WITH ME?

i slept right after that and now that im awake to do some chores,
eg washing the diaper, rinse my pump, fill up water into bottles,
i went to check on the cupcakes,
they were untouched

*twist into a knot*

in total, ive eaten 5 and i kept on avoiding eating those with the letters
i didnt want to break the words

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Pregnant Me

nothing to do in TDM
machine breakdown

ive reserved this photo to be posted here
some photos would be specially reserved for this blog
fb is too public :p

back to this photo,
there were request from friends who wanted to see pregnant photos of me
they are just evil as they wanted to see how bad i could be with a HUGE tummy
this was in the 6th month?
~ 5-6 mth

not sure if ive posted this before
if i did not, here goes

this was taken in KK, either in dec/jan 2009

face a lil bloated

and hair like a lioness
a lion to be exact

lioness does not have hairs like a lion
i hope u understand me

please dont use baby walker

i AM NOT getting baby walker for KJ

no 1 : bad for spine, prone to injury and many more

no2 : save money ;)


please rmber when its ur turn :)

read them here or goggle them

Monday, 6 September 2010


souvenirs from her highness!

4 boxes of ferrero
simply gifts like this bring lotsa joy to us
the ferrero is for hb
cote d'or is for me

she came for 3 days 2 nights (weekend)

she taught me how to make 'loh mai gai'

hb likes to eat and it really annoys me each time he orders it outside EVEN when he knows they suck! thats number 1. number 2, it is overpriced

hence now i can make my own loh mai gai and he has no reason to order outside :p


there are backlog of events for me to report

kj is 7 mths old

firstly, KJ can sit unsupported, well, not exactly upright but it was still ..something to be lauded :p

secondly, he begins to sleep with his chest on the bed, they call it 'meniarap'
if only he sleeps this way few months earlier, then his head would be shaped nicely. the back os his head/skull is flat now :(
anyway, just 2 weeks ago he starts to sleep one sided and then next, he flipped over and sleep

thirdly, it has been A WEEK that he wakes up in the middle of the night. he lifts up his head(cause he sleeps like a tortoise) and make grunt with his eyes closed.
think hez having nightmare :( poor kid

hb wants to put him on the bed with us but i do not encourage co-sleeping cause it is dangerous. why? can read about it online, the danger of SIDS :)

anyway, we got him a bed for a reason, so that he can sleep independently.

he can make more noise these days!
just over the weekend, he can lalalalala... he is asking us to carry him! :) omg! speaking of him now makes me miss him

im blogging away at work, tdm :p

im looking forward to this coming weekend! it is raya hols and it is the first time we are going for a short holiday as a family!
cant express how excited i am!
not to mention a little nevous
cause i need to be well prepared, as we'll be travelling with KJ

the trips home to ipoh/kedah is not counted cause u have families there, hence ure not afraid if u are short of any belongings

hence im already starting to make a list of items to bring

pray that it would be a smooth journey

oh, i forgot to mention that we will be driving all the way to sandakan from kota kinabalu!
that would take an approximate of 4 hours~


another joy that i'd like to share~

a present for us~

yay! makes like so much more exciting! ahhaha
i can buy more food and prepare them ahead of time. marinade and cook them and store them in the fridge so that we can have a fuss-free dinner on weekdays
can make jelly
can buy bags of fruits
hb can make cold drinks~
can store more of kj's ebm (expressed breast milk) in a odour-free space

see? benefits everyone!

another rule to remember:

MUST get BIG FRIDGE! even when u have 3 people in a household, or two
trust me!

another rule that ive learnt before this is,
MUST get GOOD mattress!
obviously we cant afford rm10 000 dunlopillo
but this current local made one seems fine

we've learnt our lessons and hence i'd like to share them!

we bought a fridge, one door fridge, but it is clearly insufficient

as for the mattress, i didnt look far at that juncture. i asked hb to get a cheap one :p haih... ended up wasting more money as we had to buy another mattress rm2k - rm3 cant remember
the first one was made of foam and it was rm400-500. mistake

the fridge was his mistake

so 1-1