Thursday, 27 October 2011

perineal massage

who dares to try this

ewww...massaging the vagina canal?

QUESTION: I have heard that I should be doing perineal massage each day in the weeks before giving birth to help avoid an episiotomy. Please tell me if this is helpful and if so, how it is done.

urghhh...would i do it? feels a bit gross to me. a bit like self-masturbation?

Sunday, 9 October 2011

housewife's joy and woe


a grill pan,
import all the way from scotland.
donated by a dear friend.

have been keeping this pan for a year,
and we've only used it twice i think?
underutilized, i know :p

tefal jamie oliver hard anodised grill pan

  • Prometal Pro premium non-stick coating interior
  • Hard anodized technology
  • Riveted stainless steel handles with silicone insert, oven safe up to 260C
  • Tefal Thermo-Spot
  • Curved shape with pouring lip
Hard Anodized technology enables the pans to distribute heat quickly and evenly giving you precision control when cooking
they are also extremely tough and ultra resistant to abrasion and corrosion
This strengh, combined with the naturally smooth surface, makes it easy to keep the pans looking their best

The range features Tefal's new generation of non-stick coating, Prometal Pro, which greatly increases both the performance and the durability of the non-stick coating
This coating is so durable that it can withstand the use of metal utensils
Tefal's unique heat indicator lets you know when your pan is pre-heated to the right temperature to seal in the flavour of your food.

this grill pan is HEAVY!

i ought to bring out this pan and reviving it once again =)

im crazy over kitchen accessories.

u know i tend to get muddled up pretty easily.
one minute i dont mind being a housewife.
another minute i couldnt stand the thought of staying at home the entire day, with a messed up hair, sweaty home clothes, oily face - covering household chores and cooking for the family and taking care of the a toddler/children.
might sound easy but u bet my aSs they are not!
unless, if u have a maid.
a live in maid.
*hint hint*


we're anticipating the completion of our new house.
a huge project for us i would say.
sad part is that i need my kitchen to be properly furnished!
adequately equipped.
ha! *sinister*
of course, it differs, this is person base. ?
u might think this is necessary and i might not?
i said sad, because,
one island can cost rm10 000?
so u tell me, how the hell do i renovate my kitchen?

what about my sink?
no teka for me?

remember this?
maybe not a kenwood mixer anymore,
but a KitchenAid this time :p

one fridge is not enough.
i need one fridge (minimum) and one deep freezer :p

my pyrex,
corning ware.

oh speaking of that!
ive broken 2 ramekins bought and brought back from UK

ok. time to go to bed.

i wanna win a lottery.

fried tang hoon

random post

fried tang hoon,
inspired by trisha wong