Monday, 21 April 2008

Money Money Money. heard of it before? by BoneyM

Money heong meh?
Money busuk lah!
not to mention the billions and gazillions of germs!

interesting drink.
Honeydew Melon Milk Ice with Peanut & Corn

Now this is what we came here for.
Claypot Lou Shue Fun (i think my loushuefun's spelling is a little inconsistent aye?) :p

why do we come here for this?

dont play play ah..
this dish won an award before wan wohkay?

i think it was good!
i would have eaten more if i were hungrier and it wasnt 11+ pm. -.-

He says he wanted to belanja me prawns.
thus, another attempt at Butter Prawn.
Butter Prawn with butter and nestum
i was actually looking for sticky goeey kind of prawn.

this was actually my third trial of butter prawn. i seriously dont know what got into my head.

 why cant i be afraid of the dark upon seeing the ghost? "literal translation"

first was umm..forgot what the place was called. it was in Selangor and is famous for its Yam Noodle.
second try was in Hau Kee Seafood in Cheras.
and now HERE! and AGAIN!
i swear there wont be any more butter prawns.

ikan pangang
thai style i suspect

oih? now what happen to the bbq pork photo?
the chef knows T so he gave us a little for sampling. foc.
thank you chef!

we also ordered MONEY mee.
i had rightly thought that it was money mee all along till weeks later, when T went to a 'dai chow'  and order man yee mee again.

Seri Kembangan
Behind South City Plaza

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