Sunday, 18 May 2008

a productive day out in Pavillion

is this a Jap restaurant? he asked
dont know. yerr..ive seen this somewhere. in some mag or something. dont think its nice. i replied

1.30 pm and it was pretty empty
see the plasma tv?

Sweet-scented osmanthus original vinegar RM15
this is a Vinegar Health Drink

next time, i'd try Honey original vinegar.

we had lots of fun playing with the shaved ice, besides much fun sipping the drink ;)
sip ok? dont drink =p
another much loved drink!
Hot Calamansi Tea RM 15
there are many other interesting beverages offered! milk teas and pretty alcoholic drinks.
i bet ladies will love them. Pink lady in dainty cups.

Barley Milk Tea! RM10
wanted to tabao but was full :(

Emperor's Roll
Baked Rice Roll Combo RM 28
Right: baked rice stuffed with crab meat, pork something, avocado, papaya, honeydew, topped with fish roe, mustard sauce and mayonnaise.
Replace tomato sauce with mustard and you'll get the ones on the left.

i prefer this over tomato!

the prawns topping were huge (by normal standard) and fresh!

the dish is baked or something, so i think that's the difference between it and japanese sushi.

i guess this is what mislead Merman at the beginning. that made him thought that this is a japanese restaurant *grin*

Chicken and papaya soup RM9
it's a beauty soup!

highly recommended!
too bad i have to share :(

this restaurant is REALLY GOOD!!

Highly Highly Recommended!!

good food! good service! good ambience! good view!

wth! didnt know that a wet tissue cost 1 buck!! *blehh*
ate a total of RM89.70


He made the right choice
nah.. kidding :p
need to give some credit, cause i was a little reluctant to enter Dainti Hill at first. i was actually screaming for Kampachi :(

guess what, they have branches all over the world but mainly in China and Taiwan.
u can see Faye Wong and lots of other artists in the articles posted outside the restaurant.


Y-Maeda said...

Hello nice to meet you.
KO-N-NI-CHI-WA (^_^)v
I am Japanese.
I saw your wonderful site.
Please link to this site !

YY Ong LTR! said...

yo million... nice to know u have a blog also.

kxin said...

y-maeda: just curious.. r u the Mae from SO?

FireWire said...

mae from SO is girl lah, kxin!!!

Feihing said...

some one said the restaurant is very wei b4 entering it!!
btw, i think merman is kinda so nice =) how about sea monkey??

curiositykills said...


hello! nice to meet u too!
alright, ive linked your site :)
i shall post more food that ive sampled ;)


heya yiuying!! ok, wonder if ive spelt ur name correctly. hee.
yeah, ive an amateur, so 'toh toh ji kao'. im incompetent in blogging lah. knowledge on blogspot is super limited! wish to do more!
hey! i link ur site to mine k? :p
thanks! and all the best in s'ban! ;)


u r kx's friend? i have a girlfriend who uses firewire as her nick too :)
btw, how u know mae is a girl?
*scratch head*

feihing: i know wor..:(
so can we go again? i know u fancy this place too!

sea monkey?yer...

kxin said...

firewire is someone i know among those bloggers lo i never see him b4 thou...

wei million i just realised the photo ur face look so.... "fat" hahahaha ok change the word fat to "bak bak" >.<

curiositykills said...

where got bakbak? not fat lah! it is 'FUK'
lu tak tau punya lah!! cis!