Thursday, 17 July 2008

bella italia

checking out menus
guys arent that 'cincai'. some guys.
~undecided of where to lunch~
final destination

this is what distinguishes homosapiens from animals
different expression lah...:P
welcome to Bella Italia
no set lunch, because it was a saturday.awww

Penne Pollo e Crema £ 8.50
Linguine Pollo e Funghi £7.95

Salmon al Pomodoro e Basilico £9.95
my most expensive one-off dish here so far!
so dont tell me your 5pounds salmon is expensive!!!

let's go to the loo!
toletta in the basement
"sweet bill"

ooOh! i forgot to take bigboy/uncle's strawberry banana smoothie! while the poorer ones ordered tap water. yes, that was what you order. ask for TAP WATER.
no puzzled look please, thank you

hugging something. see it?
he thinks it is a good buy.
thus the happy look :)

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