Wednesday, 19 March 2008

red rice porridge

Tempted by an article in The Star, introducing this restaurant.
It is in PJ, near Dutch Lady.
Came last Thursday for dinner.

See the 3 pots?

Opted for red.
can cook this myself at home.
House specialty RM1.60

Minced meat with salted fish
3 pieces, RM 6.30
It was so oily! should have snapped the photo of the heavily-soaked napkin.
The staff were peering at me.
and i forgot to give them the 'look-what-look' face. wasted.
Braised salted mustard vegetable (S) RM4.60
Braised tofu RM2 per piece
Kuey chap (rice cake noodle)

look at the amount of the innards!
Who's gonna eat 'em?

Anyway, i've never tried kuey chap in sarawak (aww, regret) but i think the ones in thailand are far more addictive than this one! WAY better!

Dont like this place.

Note to myself, go to Bonjuk if i want porridge!

Needed something sweet to end the night.
couldn't find a cake house nearby, thus we shot straight to SS2.

aiyoi, how to add photos here? add to the bottom? it seemed to only be able to add photos from the top! and not from bottom? :(

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Flora said...

aduhai. girl girl...

just cut or copy to be safer the photo at the top then paste it at the bottom lar..

sigh~ *shake head* common sense bah.. XD XD XD

just kidding lar. newbie~ LOL.

btw, apasal all the pics not that nice de?? apasal buy so pro punya camera the pics so-so saja de? see the kuey chap there got flash and got shadow. sigh sigh~ LOL

eh omigosh!!! i love kuey chap a lot!!!

happy blogging. it seems like you're aiming to be the next flogger!! haha cheers!