Sunday, 30 June 2013

homemade soy milk

how to make soya bean drink?

soya bean
 these are organic soy bean

wait. so it is soya bean or soy bean? hmmm...

i soaked for a night on the kitchen counter. they would swell and some skin will burst! :)

this batch of beans had all their skins removed.

previously i did not remove the skin but i have decided to do so after a while so that they wont produce that much pulp. the skin won't be contributing anything to the soy milk, will it?

 soya bean
 KJ does not like unstrained soy milk. so no choice, i have to strained it, using a cheap cloth strainer.

  soya bean

if the little one is not drinking, i could serve unstrained soy milk to the father, which is a hell lot simpler. and less washing :p

what i do is, soak the beans overnight, remove the skin, blend in the thermomix with water, strained, cook for 20 mins with pandan leaves (if i can remember) and some rock sugar or brown sugar. ready to be served.

somehow i find the taste of this home made soymilk to be a little raw. either they are not sweet enough to cover the taste or it could be due to the organic beans? means because it is organic? i have not tried on the normal soy beans.

well, drinking soy bean is so debatable these days that i don't think i would make them again. am i paranoid? not that much. but because i have lots of recipes on my sleeve that i dont think i can ever finish trying them.

google and read up more, especially if you are a soy lover. do not over do it.

some mothers share their stories which horrifies me.
the debate was:
-too much soy causes breast cancer : broadcast in a Breast cancer awareness talk
-could cause other cancers as well
-GMO soy vs non-GMO

i know, moderation is the key.

hence i will only permit drinking soy milk when they are outside (how frequent can it get?) and i'll make other nutritious drinks at home.

green-skinned banana

green banana

have u seen green bananas?

oh obviously u have.

green banana
but look! it is ripe inside!

green banana

the flesh is sweet and soft and it has ripen. albeit still wearing a green skin.

i have never seen this ever before in the west.

living in the east has given me vast tongue-tasting experience.

Friday, 28 June 2013

second bub!

Day 6 of life: Kay Shen, 

in NICU level 2, hwkk

DOB: 11 June 2013, 12.05am

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

green smoothies

the beginning of a new adventure!

green smoothies! 

ulam raja

Rm 2 / bunch
can plant this as it grows really easily, hence im gonna get the seeds soon!

 peppermint leaves
its considered a herb?

 can only get the peppermint in KK Market,
not the other markets which i usually frequent like Lido Market or Bundusan

our veggies for the week:
celery, carrot, ulam raja and peppermint leaves

 1 green apple, 1 carrot, a handful of ulam raja, 2 stalks of celery, 1 tsp of grounded flaxseed

remember to start consuming flaxseed gradually, from 1 tsp and slowly up to 1-2 tsb, as it is highly fibrous.
please google for the wholesome goodness.
or u can read from healthyflax or from webmd

 well, i find the smoothies too pulpy!
perhaps it was the carrot or celery or i did not add enough water? or i did not blend long enough.
all my smoothies were blended for less than a minute.
that is how quick you can prepare them ;)

hence i strained it to become juice!

 throw them away?

dont u ever!
store them in the fridge and cooked pasta sauce the next day! ;)

yin & yang baked macaroni

vege of the week would be ulam raja.
yes, the entire week i used the same vegetables.
consumption is little since there is only the 3 of us.

somehow the end product is only enough for 3 of us in each morning.

how i wish we can increase the frequency of drinking.
we'll figure this out later.

so the above was :
honey dew, 1 red apple, ulam raja, chia seed 

smooth green texture