Saturday, 9 April 2011

kids meal > 12 months

chicken stew
blend and freeze!


1st april weekend

cauliflower + garlic + chicken + onion +leek with porridge and cheese

(annabel karmel sweet potato + cauliflower)

cauliflower mix + sweet potato with lentil and rice and cheese

2nd april weekend

beef marinade with l&p, black pepper, garlic, olive oil, sesame oil = blend

breakfast: steamed sweet potato + cheese + applesauce
lunch: porridge with beef and brocolli


onion, garlic,tomato, pepper, salt, canned tomato, balsamic vinegar

ops, forgot capsicum
yellow/red is sweeter than green ones

few dollops of ketchup

sometimes when i didnt prepare kj's meal before hand, say if i fell asleep on friday night, what do i do on saturday morning?
i'll quickly soak few big spoonsful of oats and boil it and stir in a de-frost cube of chicken. thats all!

hence i neeed to have frozen cubes in stock!

to date, im using kampung chicken brought all the way from the west ;)

hb observed that more japanese are well built as compared to yesteryears due to their nutritional intake. they are eating well so he encouraged me to feed kayjay 'well'.

im thrilled to hear that! it gives me more confidence to try different food and give kj beef!

chinese believe that beef or rather red meat is heaty so i was a bit hesitant but not anymore now. yay!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011


missed the times when hb would get up early on saturday to do housework! ;)
i know, im a lucky lady arent i?

funniest was when he put the ipad into my pink puma mini bagpack so that he can listen to songs while executing the chores

kj's diapers
would love to get more but luckily ive stopped purchasing since last christmas (2010)

these arent the entire lot

im cloth diapering him full time

but on this coming trip to singapore, i feel like giving in and resort to using spossies (term they use on disposable diapers)

i still have some leftovers of huggies pants size M

oh, did i tell u that my MIL bought a washing machine to be put at her home (ipoh) for me?
or rather, for kayjay?
cause each time we were at ipoh,
we had to run between houses (2nd aunt and 3rd aunt) to borrow their w/m
this CNY (2011) before we got home,
MIL announced the good news! wheee!

dad and mom is at hospital putrajaya at this moment
dad has successfully undergone x-lif surgery, a spinalcord surgery
he had degenerative spondylitis

alright. very random.
it is almost 11pm, kayjay is asleep,
hb is at futsal,
i am goddamn tempted to bake,
but the inner lazy me is holding me back.

i think....
i'll just go to bed