Tuesday, 14 January 2014

nut milk. muffin

raw pumpkin seed, raw sunflower seed.
if they are organic, it's a plus point.
i dont intend to buy them organic, issue is that these raw nuts/seeds are available in organic.

made this using the thermomix.
blend it and sieve.

the 'trend' now is that DAIRY e.g. milk is BAD for health.

milk induce coughs in children.
believe it or not.
google and you will find tons of information.

i have friends who tried to remove dairy from her children and voila! they do not cough as often.

while i on the other hand, failed to remove 100% because the father of my children doesn't believe so.

so what i do now is that i vary our food intake.

besides drinking cow's milk, we drink nut milk too!

why is cow's milk bad?
the cow's milk that we drink are homogenized, yada yada.
they are tampered with technology!
we should be drinking raw milk.
well, we can't get raw milk everywhere.

are you raising your eyebrow?

read, darling, read.

the more i read, the more confused i become.

my fussy child doesn't fancy the nut milk.

the nuts are not cheap.

had to make use of this bar of bitter dark chocolate.
how else to consume it if it is not via these ugly muffins?

thermomix tzatziki cucumber yogurt dip

tzatziki sauce - greek cucumber yogurt dip

tastes good!

whiz this to make patty

Mc Cormick

im suppose to attach the recipe here,
because sharing is caring :)

but I'm just too lazy. since the photos have been kept here for years,
i shall just post them.

Choosing a breastpump

ameda lactaline electric breast pump

during kJ's time, i had 2 breast pump!

one is a medela harmony manual hand pump, and the other one is this ameda electric double pump.

they served me well throughout our breastfeeding journey.

the ameda broke down a few times.
despite that, i still miss it.
this time round, i decided to just invest in the 'ferrari' of all pump! that is the medela freestyle!

pumping at work

to succeed in breastfeeding for working mothers:
 pump/clear your breasts every 3 hourly. at most you can drag is 4 hours.

after you clear your breasts, automatically your body will produce more or fill up the boobs.

it is as simple as this.

my pumping schedule at work: 9am, 12pm, 3pm. ideally
but sometimes u can alter it a wee bit.
10am, 1pm, 4pm

i read so much about pumps before i decided to get this.
after getting this 'ferrari', i think it is just 'okay'.

it is not necessary to get this to succeed in breastfeeding.

there are plenty of other pumps out there in the market.
spectra, avent, to name a few.

BUT! an electric pump eases life.
manual single-pump is good for the first month (confinement month).

do your own research and set your budget before purchasing a pump.

i am actually thinking of getting medela PISA because a friend here uses it and she swears by it. she offers to exchange pump with me for a while so that i can try :) how sweet of her.
PISA is a hospital grade pump!

so again, do your own research.

i reckon now that malaysian prefers medela freestyle.
however, my friend in the States recommends PISA.
you can read the reviews in amazon on these two. it's a 50-50 if i am not wrong because i had a VERY hard time deciding on which pump.

this is how this pump works