Saturday, 30 June 2012


 presenting to u........ the BALANCE BIKE! P1060564
 i like his look here

 we bought this in March 2012, at a superbly good deal! P1060274 P1060276 
awfully handsome 2-wheeled bike! P1060271

 this pic was taken when he was 26 months old. his FIRST TIME getting a taste of a BALANCE BIKE! we bought it in KL. had my bro picked it up from the office. my parents checked in to their red flight here in Apr. it was ALL WORTHY i tell you.
 he doesn't like it at the beginning.
 we did force him a little but gave up. he still prefers his trike. P1060277

 my mom insisted on bringing the grey tricycle here as well, together with the balance bike. -_______-

well, u know how stubborn old people are sometimes :p P1060568 P1060562

 after 2 months, the little boy amazingly get hooked on to the balance bike. he would ask for it every evening. and his skill is improving. from walking on the bike to running and now slightly gliding! wheee! well done!

kopolli broccoli

P1060584 he loves broccoli! P1060583 he'll say " kopo li! "

by the way people, especially young mothers like me. please do the following when dealing with broccoli.

u MUST cut the florets into smaller pieces and soak them in salt water.

next, PLEASE peel the skin.
i'd usually forego this step until last week when my mom was here, she bought one broccoli from a lady in a tamu. she merely soaked the entire broccoli in water. then i steamed them. upon inspection before giving it to KJ! to my horrors! there was one worm, two worms, three, four...and they got more and more! I'm positive there were MORE than 10 WORMS! EEEWWwwWWWW!!!!

my mom said GOOD! means the vege is organic! *horrors*! yes, organic, but still??? the worms are too gross! and u expect my son to eat them? she chided me not to inspect them any further.
vege worms are edible. -_______-""""???
  P1060585 "goood!"

 *KJ @ 27 months old* now 30 months old

Friday, 8 June 2012

Allano Lotion


babysitter loves this lotion.
Amway Allano Lotion. RM 30-40

some friends claimed that this lotion works as mosquito repellent!

hub's aunt claimed that this can be applied on burnt skin!

it has aloe vera in it.

babies should not be exposed to synthetic fragrance,
hence i'd try not to use lotion/ bath products that has a strong scent.
(i was peeved by the Sebamed Baby range products's fragrance. they smell good, but too strong to my liking for baby-use)
usually i would select mild ones need it be.

i wouldn't categorize this in the mild group so KJ only started using this when he was 1+ year old, before that was Buds - organic Everyday Baby Cream. heck, not cheap.

KJ has scars on his legs - from feet to thigh.
he is prone to insect-bites.
He also has mild eczema hence the eczema would sometimes flare up and made him scratch.

im not sure if it is psychological illusion,
but we (babysitter and i) thought the scars look lighter in general ;)

whilst not knowing what other lotions to use,
we shall continue with this.

he also using Aqueous Cream alternatively.

Homemade playdough


 i made this using this recipe:

1 cup of plain flour
1 tablespoon of cream of tartar
1/2 cup salt
1 tablespoon cooking oil (i use canola oil)
1 cup of water

add all the ingredients and stir in a pot over low heat. stir constantly until they become sticky and becomes a dough. it is pretty quick, takes only a few minutes. next, bring out the dough and place on a silicone mat/ any smooth surface and knead. drop a few drops of color extract and cool it.

can keep the dough in an airtight container and store in the refrigerator for a couple of days.

I've also pinned one site which has plenty of play dough recipes. HERE.

kj does not fancy playing with play dough. he prefers to watch the father moulding animals and etc. at the moment, he does not like to play with play dough , as well as other icky stuff such as flour + water which sticks all over his fingers. OR either he is the type who is obsessed over cleanliness whereby he MUST keep his hands clean at all times. i will try to introduce play dough again another day. ;)

Sunday, 3 June 2012

No food after you brush your teeth

now this is a 28 months old SLKJ.


this afternoon he got cranky, asked me to bathe so that we can go out. he ended up sleeping in his father's arms.

these days,
if it is me tucking him into bed, he would want to be nursed.
if it is his father, he would request for the father to walk fast fast.

the father would need to walk around the house, carrying him in the above position until he falls asleep.

children are just cute, aren't they?

for the past few months, he hasn't been waking up regularly for midnight feeds. once in a while, if he wakes up and asks for milk, i'll give him my breast.

as for my breastfeeding journey, it is coming to an end, albeit slowly. the breasts have shrunk, either to its original size or smaller? haha.

i am not completely ready to give it all up yet. hence, whenever he wants my milk, i'll give.

i have long kept my electric Aveda breast pump into its box.

as for his teeth, we have missed the previous dental appointment with Dr. Yani hence the next one will be on the 12th . when we last saw her, she told us that she has managed to book a spot for KJ to do filling under anesthesia. i could accept it until she shared something that caught my throat. she said if its her own child, she wouldn't want her child to go through anesthesia. gasp! how?
given a chance i wouldnt want KJ to go through unnecessary medical-stress, mostly in my part.

few months back we make it a point to brush his teeth every night before bed. we can't be lazy/irresponsible and bank on babysitter to do it.
i think she only brushes the crown, that was what i observed a year ago. i would sometimes randomly go to her house and watch how she does certain things. :p
i am not spying, i merely want to observe and sometimes learn. anyhow, she is a veteran.

we have also been using adult's Darlie on KJ.

well, few days ago, hubs announced that we should not give KJ milk after he has brushed his teeth.

i am now thinking if we can maintain the condition of his teeth and we religiously bring him for dental check-up until he is ready to go though the procedure without NS. possible? the dentist said 4 years old. will a 4 - year-old kid be willing to be seated on a chair and opens his mouth wide for a period of time?

Beginning of Tot School

kj is 28 months old now. but he was 27 months old when he did all the activities below.



 i first started with one row - 5 birds, covering up the bottom row. he could match them the first time round. hence i opened up all, exposing the whole sheet of 10 birds the next time we did this. it was too easy for him i think because during our third time, he pretended to match incorrectly. -_______-"




 he transferred a few times and after that he swayed from the intended direction. he poured out the beans, but still within the box.

 my mom wanted to make ketupat with this beans but since she ran out of time during her previous trip here, i'll loan this beans until her next visit here in mid-june.

 Motor-Skill Enhancing Activity


 I'm supposed to use a bottle with narrower neck for this game but i thought i'll just try with this one first. he wasn't very interested.


 Sorting with Clothes Peg


 he has never done proper sorting and this is not his first sorting activity. not sure if it is because he does not understand or he doesn't like to sort?  he can handle the pegs well though. the clothes peg are cheap so the quality is awful. they break easily.




 he has never fixed his own Lego. he will usually asks either one of us to fix a gun for him. however, he will dismantle and throw all of them into the bin.

Lego is good for the brain as well as the motor-skill.



 he strung the first few beads all on his own but after that he asked me to hold the pipe cleaner for him. why is that? no idea
he will push them in.

 i didn't know what to do with the end product hence this! anklet. hihi


 this WOODEN BEADS was bought in Fun N Cheer, Kepong, affordable - RM 20.
  P1060891P1060895 he wanted to match the wooden beads to the shapes in the clouds.
  P1060897 he can aim and poke through!


he LOVES this the most! he would always ask for green beans! i'll make sure he plays on a mat! usually after playing for a wee while, he will start to be more adventurous / messy and beans will be scattered out of the 'compound'. i will ensure someone is around to watch him when he is playing with the beans ( u'll never know with kids, although he doesn't put things into his mouth now but still, it should be under supervision ). so whenever beans start to fly across the room, i would quickly pick them up and start to nag. if he doesn't obey, that's it. time to clear up!

 the first time his eyes laid upon the green beans, he told his father that it is 'pei si' (booger). we laughed our heads off!


  P1060914 i have contemplated many times whether or not to buy this set of pom-pom from Daiso. RM 5 for about 20 balls. i tried to DIY but failed so ended up buying nevertheless. P1060918 as shown in this photo, he did not use the tongs but hands to stuff the pom-pom into the opening of the water bottle.


 kj, this is Flo-Wer. is it soft? is it fine? touch it. 
it is white color! this is a siever.

u can also expand your child's vocabulary when carrying out all these activities.


he likes to play with Dry flour. the moment i mixed in water, he did not like the gooey texture hence he'd asked for a hand-wash.



 he loves these animal picks! they are bento accessories. i bought some online but only to find out that Daiso has them. darn, got cheated.
  P1060933 i bought numerous sets but too lazy to bring them all out. the hassle to wash and dry and store. low storage space. i need a REAL KITCHEN dearest hub!