Monday, 26 December 2016


i was busy shopping online this morning and when i turned to check on them, this was what he was doing.
a pat on your back kid!

then after a while, a clumsy pig spilled water!

kayjay took a cloth and wipe it and squeeze it into a pail.

(kayjay narrated and i type!)

boxing day 2016

kj is so sweet

im on a le creuset craze now and i lamented to hubs that we do not have a teapot! how do i make tea?

kj says " zhe yang xi huan le creuset, mai le creuset lah"

awwwww....isnt he sweet!

he says "always le creuset le creuset "-_-'''

but he said it so kindly and lovingly that i am taking it positively.

i have been shopping (online/ at home) and kids are all ears even when they are doing their things! dang!
it is a topic of discussion with hubs so kj knows what is my current interest. *shy*

quick and simple meal for lunch today, while mummy shop a wee bit boxing day!
who can resist ? right?!?!

i did the fried rice on the le creuset skillet but it got a little messy so i quickly transfer into my old tefal.

baked beans with tomato!
cooked in the skillet 26cm and transfer into the flower casserole to serve :D

i missed the date of winter solstice this year! when i got to know , it was on that morning! when i came home from work, i ransacked the fridge and find that i have all kinds of flour except glutinuous rice flour. :(

kj mentioned about tang yuen a couple of times and i reminded myself to do it this morning.

red bean dessert was cooked in my new toy in the kitchen, noxxa pressure cooker!
i soaked the red bean for a couple of hours, until it got puffy, and cooked for 30mins in the pressure cooker.
it wasnt soft and mushy as expected.
i still need to experiment further.

previously i would cook my beans in my slow cooker, and without needing to soak the beans, they come out perfectly soft and thick.

if any of you come across any blogs on the pressure cooker, do drop me a msg!
many thanks

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Death and marriage

Death and Marriage

last night before falling asleep, KJ asked about death. i forgot how this topic came about but i didnt want him to forget his ah kong , his grandfather so i reminded him how much ah kong loved him. he remembers. he said yes, ah kong always say that "i am guai guai" which is indeed true, my father always repeated those words to him.
it feels sad that my dad is not around to watch him at this age so what i can do is to remind him about ah kong.

i told him that ah kong is still here with us, he is with God up there hence he is watching us all the time. in a way i feel like im a hypocrite because i am not a Godly person. but i still need to give them an answer dont i?
hence i elaborated about how ah kong's spirit has left his body (because he says ah kong's body is buried).

kj: ah kong is not on earth now?
me: yes he is not. when he passed away, his body will be here but his spirit will leave his body and fly up to be with God.
kj: ohh i know,so when i die next time i will see ah kong?
me: yes u know. but ideally i should join ah kong first before you. when you are old next time then u will join me . so whenever u want to talk to ah kong, just put your hands together and speak to him, he will hear you.
kj: like that? then i can talk to him?
me: yes
kj: ok. but usually i will only talk to him when im in ah ma's house. when i want to talk to him, i will just pai pai to him.

awwwww. im glad to know he still remembers. i cant remember my childhood so not much memory. how sad.

right, after 2 mins of silence,
kj: do u know that aldrich and tamara are dancing together ? (for annual concert) and they look like.....
me: girlfriend and boyfriend?   (i have not talked to them about girlfriends and boyfriends ever)
kj:  like husband and wife
me: oh wow!
30 sec silence,
kj: mummy, so when will i marry?
im caught by surprised.
me: when you are old enough
kj cut in : when i leave home?
i wasnt prepared for such topic because he cant even bear the thought of sleepin on his own! let alone leave home? leave us?? (heart crushed)
he sounded so cool when he said that as-a-matter-of-fact. usually he will wail when his dad tells him he needs to sleep on his own in his own bedroom.
me: yes when you are old enough to leave home and start a family of your own. you wil marry your bestfriend like i do.
kj with enlarged eyes: YOU and DADDY ARE BESTFRIENDS?
me: yes we are. i love you no matter where you are and how old you will be. now im looking after you and when i am old, its your turn to look after me. same goes for ah ma. she looks after me when im young and when she is old i will look after her.
kj: but ah ma is there now.
me: yes she.....(tongue-tied) is...she is not very old yet (heh) she is capable of looking after herself now. (thinking back, i feel guilty for not spending enough time but yet we cant spend too much time with one another )

anyway, this is the first time we talked about death or partings in peace. otherwise kj will always cry whenever we talk about ah kong or him leaving us.

you have grown son.


this is so cute i need to document this immediately. otherwise i will forget. i have a brain like a goldish now.

S: hello mommy!
M: hieee baby!
S: hello mommy?? i cannot hear you
S:mommy! Isna hit me!
S: isna hit me...because she dont want to give me keropok...i need to eat koropok but dont have...
S: (continue) cannot find keporok so cannot eat....i want peppa pig raisinss!! ok?
M: err...
S: or u give me kangROO raisin first ok? dont want red red ok?

red red is cranberries -___-'''

soooo cuteeee right this little chap...sigh..

last weekend we went out for brunch before watching Doctor Strange.

i had to strip him off his shirt because i did not pack extra shirts out and he was wearing a white t-shirt and i dont want him to dirty his tshirt

skinny guy who loves to eat everything tasty!
who doesnt right -_-'''

Saturday, 8 October 2016



kj came home from school and was excited about his school trip in the morning.

they visited a primary chinese school in Putatan earlier in the day.

kj: mummy! do you know who i sat with on the bus today?

me: no, who?

kj: i sat with xxxxx. and do u know what, she is my girlfriend!
and he stopped and waited for my response.

i paused. looked at him.
me: oh! thats awesome! 
and i give him a smile :)

kj perplexed.
kj: why did u say that? my friends all said eeeeyerrrrrr and why didnt u say that?

me: really? why do i need to? they ARE your girlfriends because she is a girl right?

kj just walked away........-____-'''

but anyway, i wanted to remind myself that children is a white piece of paper. they learn by watching us.
our every move are being observed. smirk
 brilliant idea!!

why do you need expensive toys or fischer price or yada yada

hence i am now slowly learning to let go and sell off some of their toys...
it is definitely not easy especially the educational ones like the magnetic cards, or my montessori stuff
it does make me feel miserable not being able to use them now

 kj couldnt wait for me to prepare his dinner so he dived in by scooping rice into his bowl
what amazed me was he also helped himself to the vege!
well trained this guy! ;)

thats our no2...eating every few hours...:D

cant wait for the mumdad to tear the chicken for him so he lunged forward and attack!

Sunday, 19 June 2016

thermomix taiwanese dishes

taiwan lu rou fan/ taiwanese braised pork

step by step using the thermomix


fuzhou pepper biscuit

both dishes were done by hubs!

these pics were stuck in my draft since 2014!

activities for preshcoolers

10 aug 2013

 june 8 2012
 june 8-10 b2012

may 19 2013