Friday, 30 May 2008

today ICED lemon tea please, thank you

Zhou, S.Ching, Jiavian
happy faces!
that's my purple PDI shirt that she is wearing.
she yelled "popo! why this blouse so loose wan?"

she even tried to blow her breath to check if she could produce white steam.
that's also my pink sweater and floral multi-purpose batik.
regretted not bringing more.
didnt know what to expect.
didnt imagine that it would be that cold.
also i think that we were too fortunate to pick that row which has the aircon blasting above us.
*teeth clatters*
i was left uncovered....but luckily i managed to the end. phew
we watched this! Narnia, prince caspian.
i had a tough time explaining and translating to Jiavian in mandarin.
saddens me to know that my mandarin is far from honourable.
chinese not good.
english not good.
BM lagi lah no need to say.
all also half pail water.
anyway, this is where we went to on wednesday noon.
nope, no student price.
only 2 category available : adult and children
so i bought 1 adult and 3 children.
Adult RM 9, Children RM 7
made me ran back into the house to get my student id.
im RM30 poorer, but happy nevertheless

not a pocketful of sunshine

i dont understand.
why do most of the fights arise while driving. or more precisely, when he is driving?
as much as i want to rant and rave about driving! i'd spare you the details nxt time! because im very much on flame at this very second.
i am a very short tempered person.
i try to be nice and explain but if you still dont get it, i can no longer retain my impatience and thus explode!

it confuse the hell out of me because i do not understand why all this fighting could happen in a relationship where two people think that they are in love.

ive asked him before if he thinks im a cry baby.

i didnt want to cry those times that i did. i hate myself when it happens. 

i reckoned i never cry so much in my life.

i got IMMENSELY envious when people rave about their loved ones, be it in the blogs or hearing them first hand.
after that, i would ponder and start to doubt. why dont i feel the same?

i wondered if this was a compatibility issue .perhaps we just weren’t right for each other if i could keep disagreeing like this all the time. or was it my fault that i am headstrong, difficult and vocal about my views. 

just last week, i cried again. and i told myself, why do we need to put ourselves in such pain? do we really need to follow through the ordeal that we've sign up to?

never mind i comfort myself. i will gain from the journey. life's a pilgrimage.

i will be smarter and more matured, if not wiser.

my expectation is high. albeit that, im aware of my own qualification.

this only leads me to more confusion and dilemma.

has love shaped me into a nastier person?

i also hate it when trivial matters can easily drives me up the wall.

im mindful that perfection does not exist. but can i forego once and for all, ALL the expectations that have shaped my mind for the past 23 years?

before i took the giant stride and dove into the cave, i naively thought that i could change. he could change. i thought that we could work as a team to beautify the cave, to light it up. guess it was all wrong. i have mistaken.

what was i thinking back then before i dive? the more i think, the more disconcerting it becomes.

for all that, i liked the fact that he would try to reconcile and broach about the issues before night falls.

another episode that u may find amusing. the closing of the war would usually involve him admitting that it was entirely his fault and i would object saying that it was mine. so another fight ensued....

duh! just kidding about the last sentence :S

well, at the end of the day, i guess it is a question of if i am strong enough to withstand this trial on top of all the others?

tell me im mean.

c'mon. say it.

sidenote: Take a bow by rihanna is so comforting.

Thursday, 29 May 2008

hot lemon tea

my very own Michelin Baby!!! :))
young mother.
not the one in turquoise la dong! :p
Peipei is only 20 or 21 and her son is already 6 months old.
ouch!i feel the shame! and some pain!
im envious to tell the truth.
tskk tskk tskk...
well, she is on the way to becoming a mother of two! she's pregnant again now.
fuh! one year one child.
tak penat ke friend?
anyway, her son Kevin, is sooOOOO blooody cute!!! isnt he??
so fair and chubby!! and best of all is that he hardly cries!!! awww...*cubit cubit*

upacara bersanding.
dont know what this is called already, sorry.
beautiful nevertheless.
the bride and bridegroom

i am so going to miss this!
the KL-ites definitely wont know how to savour this plate of goodness :p
my utmost sympathy to them!
even people like Shazwan do not really eat ulam, what more the chinese? :p

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

reject my pounds

after listening to yieng, i too gave my mom 20 pounds. but she rejected my offer!! awrrghhh!! :(( how sad!!! then she gave dad instead! and i told mom! " hey my friend said this will bring prosperity!" she said i need the money. but then i said if she has money means i'd have money too! heee
but cis...greedy dad took it. sigh. i belum ada chance mau bagi dia, dis sudah ambik dari mak. tsk tsk tsk.

anyway, just to heed yieng's advice, i told mom not to put rupiah or any smaller currency into her bag.

thanks yieng!

aiyoh! cannot upload photos lah! sigh. the connection's very unstable.
ciaoz first!

anyway, here's some link ;)

oh wait! i did the BigMac challenge yesterday and scored 2:93, 2:83, 2:83 consecutively! which means i won 3 coupons with my own effort! many thanks to huiyin! i went with the mentality : if she can do it, why not me? :p LOLS! :PPPPP
oddly, my heart went dubdubdub even after i left McD. sweat!

ouch..and im suppose to belanja bro one bigmac but i forgot to give him last night. sigh. nevermind. shall give him when i go back to KL! cant wait!!!! n i so wish to sneak to SG!!!! :((( please pray for me pleaseeEEE!!!

oh! and kind-hearted sis bought her bro a nautica shirt which has 1983 on it. that's his birth year. how thoughtful eh? :p

i showed mom the shirt and grunted that i forgot to give bro. PREDICTABLE and KIAMSIAP mom enquired the price of the shirt. i was like, aiyah very cheap only lah. and added softly, "it was your money anyway"

*laugh heartily*

kays! i promised mom that i would hit the sack early tonight! toodles!mwahs!

Friday, 23 May 2008

can Furiosity kill the cat too?

just came back from camp!!!


okies...isetan has premember sales today! i walked past it in gardens during lunch just now and saw MANY people queuing to enter. tsk tsk tsk.

while ms.cho and ms.chai IS NOW at the isetan klcc, im considering which one i should go to. i am more familiar with the one in klcc though.

stupid ROBING aunty (from the company who are renting the IMU graduates robes) got very offended when i actually just want to ask for her opinion. effing witch. i wanted to ask why am i getting an M whilst huey wuen who is taller than me got an S. good grief! i blardy paid for it okay? you are not doing a charity by renting it out for free OKAY!!!!! so PLEASE!! where's your freaking manners? anyhow i am your customer!!! i really feel like smashing her up!! %@^#$!^&%@$#




now i dont know what to wear for convocation tomorrow. i dont know why did i agree to go at the first place. it simply didnt occur to me that i would be one of the few ones who wouldnt be getting anything (prizes). ouch. embarassing. =)

would like to congrats Fiona though, the GOLD MEDALLIST! ;-) hey! she's a OOI! :p ehehhehe. all the more to make me proud of her! muahahahahhaha 

sigh. i need to go shopping tonight. need to get a black formal shoe for tomorrow.
can no longer take my own sweet time to buy one. cant always be picky *cry*

with fingers crossed, hope i can find something which can arouse me!
bless me!!

Sunday, 18 May 2008

a productive day out in Pavillion

is this a Jap restaurant? he asked
dont know. yerr..ive seen this somewhere. in some mag or something. dont think its nice. i replied

1.30 pm and it was pretty empty
see the plasma tv?

Sweet-scented osmanthus original vinegar RM15
this is a Vinegar Health Drink

next time, i'd try Honey original vinegar.

we had lots of fun playing with the shaved ice, besides much fun sipping the drink ;)
sip ok? dont drink =p
another much loved drink!
Hot Calamansi Tea RM 15
there are many other interesting beverages offered! milk teas and pretty alcoholic drinks.
i bet ladies will love them. Pink lady in dainty cups.

Barley Milk Tea! RM10
wanted to tabao but was full :(

Emperor's Roll
Baked Rice Roll Combo RM 28
Right: baked rice stuffed with crab meat, pork something, avocado, papaya, honeydew, topped with fish roe, mustard sauce and mayonnaise.
Replace tomato sauce with mustard and you'll get the ones on the left.

i prefer this over tomato!

the prawns topping were huge (by normal standard) and fresh!

the dish is baked or something, so i think that's the difference between it and japanese sushi.

i guess this is what mislead Merman at the beginning. that made him thought that this is a japanese restaurant *grin*

Chicken and papaya soup RM9
it's a beauty soup!

highly recommended!
too bad i have to share :(

this restaurant is REALLY GOOD!!

Highly Highly Recommended!!

good food! good service! good ambience! good view!

wth! didnt know that a wet tissue cost 1 buck!! *blehh*
ate a total of RM89.70


He made the right choice
nah.. kidding :p
need to give some credit, cause i was a little reluctant to enter Dainti Hill at first. i was actually screaming for Kampachi :(

guess what, they have branches all over the world but mainly in China and Taiwan.
u can see Faye Wong and lots of other artists in the articles posted outside the restaurant.

all in 4 seconds ;)

i managed to collect 7 of the BigMac Chant Challenge coupons at one go.
obviously, i didnt buy 7 McValue meals.
i am only 'supposedly' entitled to 2 coupons but ...well yeah....i have my ways :p

you need to use the black&white coupon to redeem for the coloured ones and then only u can use it (coloured coupon) to exchange for a Big Mac!

the coloured coupon says
Way to go! You've mastered the Big Mac Chant within 4 seconds! Exchange this coupon for a FREE Big MAc at any participating restaurants.
valid till 7 June 

we redeemed 3 just now.
Merman did all 3.
i wasnt prepared :p

first attempt: 2.72 seconds
second and third attempt was 3 seconds plus. deteriorate. eheheh
nevertheless, it was good enough! :)
dont need so fast lah. so fast for what?
as long as in within the time limit can already lo :p

exchanged one burger, the rest keep first ;)

and here's the
Mega MAC!
double beef patties!!

dont get confused.
u need to buy the MEGA BIG MAC above.

for the Big Mac Challenge, u get a normal Big Mac, not mega :)

good one

MAHATHIR stands for:

M ust

A lways

H antam

A bdullah

T ill

H e

I s

R emoved


Einstein has a creative mind

Bill Gates has a brilliant mind

Mahathir is the mastermind

Badawi is... oh never mind! 

Jalan PKM U

does it really exists?

Tuesday, 13 May 2008


my family always strive to be different.

with eccentric-and-killer-mom! exotic dad and super bro! what do you expect? *grins*

during M-day, we (mom, dad and me) didnt know where to dine. so in the end we went to eat NASI KANDAR!! jeng jeng! hee...

ive been deprived of malay-indian food. Merman doesnt fancy it so malay-indian cuisine is NEVER on our menu. boo.hee

hence, i've made a mental note to myself to suggest going to mamak or other eateries of those sorts when going out with friends. that is the only other chance that i get, no? ;)

well, so now that ive spilled my strategy, you can turn me down if you want to be naughty :(

back to Mday, told u my family always do things outta the norm.

after our meal, mom said "so, i thought its mother's day, so mothers are to be treated?"

i looked at dad. he smiled and grinned, "its Mother's Day, so Mothers are suppose to treat! "


tsk tsk tsk...that's dad.


therefore? mom paid! awww.. poor mom :)

i didnt have any cash left, thus i couldnt pay.

but hey! im not that bad of a rotten child.

what did i get mom?

tadahh!! got her YIMKUKGAI! translated- salted chicken!

all the way from ipoh whey...


kx: ure not the only who gets to eat salted chicken ohhkayyyY??! :p well, i finally get my chance now :p hee

i ate tat seng the day before and bought home aun kheng lim.

couldnt believe why yieng doesnt rave about this dish! nor any other edibles. tsk tsk! aiyah, having Sam is enough to satiate her :p

anyways, im now loving yimkukgai!!! think i prefer tat seng. it is not as salty as aunkhenglim.

Below: Aun Kheng Lim

when we got up the car, i annouced "hey mom, i belanja you salted chicken mah". *oh big deal you would say?*

mom never eat before ma. and im glad she loves it. maybe not as much i do. or maybe as much as i do. -.-

it would be another thing that i can get her besides heong peng from ipoh ;)

she is hard to please. if you buy guava, she'll ask you how much and later comment that it is expensive and is not as nice as last time. grhhh..


went swimming yesterday and i cheated my way through the entrance. not much harm done la. cheaper by 50 cents ny ma. so what if i paid for the under 18 years old fare? :p

what marred my swim is the dugongs. i cannot stand those dugongs. you know what they did? people swim vertically in a 50m pool correct? but those dugongs swim horizontally! ugh! wanna cekik them! and for god's sake! although i look young, i know im cute, cant help it that i look like a high school girl, but actually if u look long enough, u'd realise that im actually more beautiful than cute :p and for all you know, i could be half a decade older than you y'know! no joke! so please! dont try to disturb my swim you dugongs!

otherwise, my swim would be pleasant. im willing to drive farther to this pool rather than the club which is nearer to my house. the club's pool is a total crap. i would get headache swimming in it. reason : the pool is so tiny that i had to do too many laps to reach nirvana. sienness!

Regrets on the Second last day

Labour Day
tram track
Times Square

inside Times Square
regretted not trying on the white FCUK bikini top

and i should have bought the beach pants from Nautica. 
i held back because i didnt know his size. 
fine, my bad.
*cry again*

and i SHOULD HAVE REALLY gotten hold of the Paul Frank bikini in TST-tsim sa tsui
Pavillion doesnt have the same design! SOBS!!!

aiyah, nevermind, that not heartbroken anymore. since im not going to Sabah already. effing JPA!

i have photos taken of me in the PF bikinis. haha!
but i do not think it would be approved. =(
there are only 4 such NOKIA specialty store in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD, according to the uncle in white, hee.
and one of them is in HK.
wth. so we just went in for a short look-around.
y'know... to indicate that we've been there that kind of thing :p hee

never witnessed this before!
not even in the notoriously populated China
not even in bangkok.
okay lor.. maybe i was just here at the right time. it was after all a Labour Day! an international public holiday!

donut craze?

if u want this, the nearest reach would be in Singapore

this store is located in Mong Kok MTR station ;)

what are they!
i know its donuts!...
From Top Left glazed strips, chocolate iced custard filled, chocolate cruller 
From Bottom Left: glazed vanilla cake, neopolitan, new york cheesecake

i like the coloured ones ;)
the other two were a tad too sweet.
love the custard filling.
like the cheese. tasted very much like secret recipe's NY cheesecake.hee
love the choc cruller. the entire thing is chocolaty! it is not original donut dipped in chocolate. the whole donut itself is made from chocolate powder or something.
get what i mean?
wanted to tabao home for Merman.
but i had to cure my hunger in the airport so i ate a lil bit. no choice. :)

walked the entire street of Sai Yeung Choi Street South to look for this.
found this street name amusing :)

stupid weather. it was drizzling in the morning even before we leave our hostel.

he commented that it was too sweet, when i fed him the vanilla cake. he wasnt in the mood also lar... 
so in the end i ate most of them. without heating.
yeah, im eligible for this
so mocha it is! ;)
in CTMA centre, Wongkok

so what they KK? we have J Co and Big Apple that they dont! 

ALOY~! [has nothing to do with earth element, it simply means YUMMY in Thai ;)]

was treated to a thai restaurant in causewaybay.

thai-jade thai's-food restaurant

quite a mouthful for a name of a restaurant

shouldnt it be simple so that people can remember it easily? 


these were what we had......

prawn crackers. delicious

raw prawns. sashimi in thai cuisine? this is new to me :) 

if you've noticed, i never rarely take thai food when going out with friends. of course, i'd order tomyam in certain shops, especially malay shops, but i will not suggest going to a THAI RESTAURANT for THAI CUISINE.

due to the location of my birthplace, we also go to THAILAND for shopping and food. thus, whenever i crave for  thai food, i'll ask dad to bring us there. nothing beats the authentic hot and spicy food in their country of origin!

some chap even believed me when i said im a thai. a chinese-thai. grin. my thai vocab is limited, although mom and dad can pass off as a thai. they can speak well. dad better of course.

mom was just telling me the other day that she regretted not applying for a thai PR. -.-

aiks. ive diverged. i am suppose to yak about hong kong arent i? sorry sorry.

bck to the prawns, they were fresh! and horribly spicy! cabai burung kind of spiciness!

this is prawn balls. they are not in the shape of a ball. urm...oblong mashed prawns? bah..whatever. u know what im talking about, right? RIGHT?

tomyam. milky type.

the must have greens. to complete the COLOURS on the table.

fried fish with sweet and sour sauce? something like that :)

after the dinner, we head straight to the MTR station. sobs. i havent had enough of causeway bay.