Friday, 10 February 2017

stop bathing with kids

I spoke to kj today

Of late, when we were watching tv togeher, it is usually me+hubs watching our dramas and he joined in

Whenever he sees woman with bra and panty he will go ueeeee

So today i had the opportunity to speak to him about it

Beginning this year, hubs reminded me to stop bathing together with kj.
i challenged him why
Hubs confided that kj is growing up now and he is aware of such issues. 
I have been bathing with him since day1 of his life till now.
alright, i am more conscious now and i only strip my clothes off, leaving my undergarments and bathed the boys.

Back to the conversation with kj.
Kj, why did u uekk when you see girls with bra and panty in the tv?
I feel shy
So next time i wont bathe with u anymore ok? Because i respect you, and if u dont like it i will not do it.
No its fine. U can bathe with me
U think its ueky right? So i will not do it, i dont want u to feel uncomfortable
 It is not uncomfortable. Just a lil bit shy
Maybe skip one day?
*i understand he means every other day
Okay we can do that. And i will put on my bra and panty ok?
Ok (all the time trying to look at his story book)

There is many school of thoughts for this.

To let your children see naked body and they wont feel gross when they see naked bodies outside the house?

Really there are many controversial stories out there

This is not a post for discussion
This is to remind me of tonight's conversation:)