Saturday, 12 July 2008

cafe de india

dont look at flora
the highlight here should be,
miss tan!
a representative from JPA london!
and there's also yen nee's nine west handbag. ignore!!! ekekekke
and kakeat hidden behind flor
i love her.
she looks so pleasant. very very charming and gracious.
check out her glasses!

by the way, she is MISS NAZLINDA
pure malay
very sweet looking

then we walked here!
prior reservation had been made.
good and bad news actually.
means that ms nazlinda has already ordered when she made the reservation.
good because we didnt have to wait, once we were seated, we were immediately served!
bad because we couldnt order ourselves *grin*
im contented nevertheless
appetiser : papadums
the dips
starter plate
pakora, tikka, samosa-look-alike, popiah-look-alike
private moment, which was not so private
i was too late. yihui should have informed me earlier
~high on indian food~

note the annoying light
without the annoying light
someone's birthday. he was high, so he brought the cake over and showed us. someone in his table celebrated. so this wasnt his cake
green curry.
superb! and one of the fav!
one of the curries

there were rice too
check out the annoying light again

our table didnt have this initially :mutton curry and thanks to huey wuen for helping us to order after that!
karen and a few others loved it :)
some were disappointed seeing this. they wanted more. =)
lemon cheese pie ( i said pie cause it was in a pie shape?)
accompanied by ice cream and cream.
some had coconut ice cream cake
happy faces!
28 of us.
a large group i would say
cacat lah the turban man.
simply take one!


dont know what i ate which made me poo comfortably this morning!
happy happy!!

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Anonymous said...

everything was ok in this blog until the last sentence...urghhh...geli nia..