Tuesday, 8 July 2008

tiger tiger

have to make reservation to come to this restaurant!
tiger tiger!
so pa pai!

Pan-seared fillet of salmon (mains)
i like the sweet and sour gravy!
so much better than my salmon entree in some Italian restaurant weeks ago.

Pan fried breast of chicken (mains)
this is definitely larger and more worthy than salmon *grin*
Marinated Tikka Chicken Skewers (starter)

Platter of plump prawns (starter)

Sticky Toffee Pudding
recommended! means this is good lar.


three course meal, with SNapfax, will cost about 10pounds per set.

if you are interested to go to Tiger tiger,
rule #1 : make a reservation
rule #2 : when calling to book, TELL them that u are using SNAPFAX!

yeah, that should be all!

and many thanks to Joanne who made the booking and for bringing us out :)

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