Monday, 26 December 2011

we are intruders!

second visit to the site

half-excited over the house, half not
(dread to think of all the money needed to renovate)

we were unlucky this time,
didn't manage to get into the house to snap photos.
there were guards and contractors.

approaching the guard was easy, we succeeded in coaxing him
however, we failed at persuading the contractors.

one of the contractor warned us not to do funny things inside (the house).
hello? can u define "funny things"?

during our first visit early this month,
we could march in simply and take photos but unfortunately,
we lost the photos.

what is with the hand-on-the-waist posture?

gleefully drinking in the sights of our future home

explaining to me that i can hang our clothes there!

kitchen is a very crucial section of a house
hence it must be planned to a T.

hb loves their design

im glad that we both agreed on this notion.
phew =D

how to be a smart shopper

with two beauties!
December 2011 @ Delicious

fh said i look pregnant! wth wth wth!

Aldo Boat Shoe
i loveeee this!
it is very very soft!


shopping list : work-shoes, sandals and work-skirts

sometimes u'll think 'Fine! with all this festive season, the malls would definitely be jammed pack, hence i'll shop some other time'

but when That some other time comes, when u're in the mall, u'll wonder how come no discount.
double sigh

i need to be a smart shopper!
buy ONLY when NEEDED, that is rule number ONE
hence the TO-BUY-LIST

rule number TWO:
buy during SALE

of course, u can't get the best of both worlds,
during sales, it would be out-of-season clothes but that doesn't really bother me because i am not a very fashionable person.
i buy what suits me.
and maybe buy what looks beautiful but doesn't quite suit me,
and buy what looks gorgeous in the fitting room but looks ugly when u wear it again at home :S

oh wait, did i mention the boat shoe above is about rm400?
it is absurdity!
but it is ULTRASOFT!
don't believe me? go try it!

best pearl drinks in malaysia

much talked about pearl-milk-tea
bought this in Sunway Pyramid,
perhaps it has been a while since it first started in KL,
hence there weren't a queue.

Chatime is double the price of Yoyo, a very popular pearl-drinks-shop in Kota Kinabalu

verdict: i still prefer YoYo!

cmon KLites!
chatime is horrible!

gongcha? haven't tried it yet

met up with loved ones
at din tai fung dec 2011
gotta select restaurants which are child-friendly,
most importantly they must serve food that are edible by kayjay

what I've learned from out recent trip home is that
we must feed him with lots of food,
because he'll usually lose weight whenever we are back in peninsular.
we must not lost out to Aunty (babysitter)!
(till today i still think aunty overfeeds him)