Thursday, 15 January 2009


JCO Donuts and Coffee
sunway pyramid outlet

is it donut or doughnut?

donut = american

doughnut = british

ever seen JCO this empty???

ive waited so long for this to happen! lols!

once i got down from the escalator, i saw how VACANT the shop is!
i pulled and dragged him in right away.

free 1 glaze

from top: tiramisu, green tea and strawberry
oozing cream

re-edit: ladies and gentleman,
i would like to apologize for this mouldy post.
uploaded the photos AGES ago and was kept in the dark thereafter.

kinda obvious isnt it? hee

well, i wonder how is the current donut frenzy back home


weithian said...

all of a sudden JCO ny. zzzz -.-||

don't tell me...
i sense something. haha!
and i know i always hits the bulls eye

JoShIbOsHi said...

realised that u really really really love food!! Hungryzzzz!

curiositykills said...


har??? wut wut?? eh i honestly have no idea...sense what? tell tell! :)

josh: ahhahhahaha aiyah! ure going back soon! u hungry wut lah! :p

hey we have to meet up in london some time soon! :)))

yieng said...

who is him?

JoShIbOsHi said... actually considering not to go back!! haha

when u wanna go london.....april? set a date and a weekend. then i book ticket now lor. oh and tell me what u wnana eat so i cna book restaurant before hand.

Fat duck at least 2 mths in advance and no guarantee!!

curiositykills said...


dont be naughty


aiks? dont want to go back? u havent buy ticket wan ah? crazy to just burn it like that! :p

april? wait..have to check the exact date for hols in apr 1st k! ;) will get back to u! omg! excited liow! ahahahah
okies, we'll see whcih one to go then :))
papai fat duck!

JoShIbOsHi said...

girl!! u dun need tidur one ar??? post comment at 6.30 am!! siaw...

I will be ogin back. i think i might cut short the hols!!

curiositykills said...

weithian: i reread ur comment again...i think i get wut u mean...-_-

ahhaaha i tidur lah.i need ler. just that i wake up early? :p erratic sleeping pattern . ehee

eh do u watch tvb?

i see..go back for cny n refill pocket la rite :p

JoShIbOsHi said...

I dont get angpow anymore, only get from Family. Everyone thinks im old enuf. can kahwin. dun need angpow!! haha

Yes i watch tvb. I watch everything actually. Most of the US series too.

curiositykills said...

eh y kuching ppl so mean one? think ure old enuf so dun giv anymore? ahahhaha

ooo dey tink u can kahwin when r u gona do it? hurry up! im waiting! i mean im waiting to u to get married! den i cn get angpow! yayy!

eh i was thinking, frens our age now who got married d, wil u accept angpow fr dem? or wil dey giv at d 1st place? ehee.feels weird

eee u watch tvb? ahahah nolah..okok..saja ask :D

JoShIbOsHi said...

hahaa..dunolar. i very long din get angpow dy also. benci lar!!

erm...u shudda read my last last post. Bestman for hire. hahah. i seriously not gonna get married!! not my thing.. I won give angpow one lar..i so kiam

ehhehee.....frens won give angpowws to frens.. i got tooo many frens getting married. every year since 3 years ago got at least 3 or 4. half of them shotgun...hahahahhaa

y? u gila gem of life isit?

curiositykills said...

u so kiam? u serious? ahahah i don think so

u din get angpow coz ure not home la..eheheh..
frens won giv to frens? huh? :S...ehehhe...

yes gila gem life..but now a bit sien d...ehehhe gona end soon anyway..

JoShIbOsHi said...

kiam lar really....

angpow...its the past lar... have to find smth new ..ahaa