Wednesday, 24 April 2019

24 Apr 2019


In the bathroom this morning, he was squeezing his penis, when I observe carefully,he was actually holding his testis.

M: KS, let go . Don't touch your balls. Oh that's testis

KS: what is testis? The balls, What is it for

Me: it's to store your sperm

KS: what is sperm?

Me: to make you .to make babies

KS: how to make babies? Guys can have babies too?

Me: er,guys put the sperm.into the girls. And the girl will carry the baby

KS: do they put inside the girl

Me:, by sexual intercourse

KS: what is sexual intercourse

Me: you will know when you grow up

KS: ohmannnn

Me: can ask your daddy later

Daddy comes home in 5mins

KS: daddy what's testis for?

Dad is speechless, the cinae apek that he is

So I quickly run through what I've told the lil boy

KS: yeah so what's sexual intercourse

D: you will know when you grow up

KS: "yiu lai"

Poor kid

6years old, lost two bottom insicors

Tuesday, 26 February 2019



Our digital piano needs to be fixed. Nobody can chaperon the man so we send kj home after school so that he can open the door for the man.

Tonight when I can , kj filled me in about his conversation with the man. It touched my heart and I'm impressed with what he has done.

Kj chatted to the Uncle. He offered him drinks!:) How thoughtful of him.
He asked the uncle if the uncle wants to drink milk tea. The uncle says no,he doesn't drink milk.
So kj offered if he wants coffee. The uncle.replied that he wants something cold. Kj says he doesn't know how to make cold coffee. So the uncle requested for cold water instead.

Then they chatted about Pokémon....and kj says the uncle rest for a while before leaving the house.

Before he left, kj have him 2 lollipops for his daughter.

Kj quickly showed me that he took them from the fridge. No one wants the lollipops anyway . Hence he gave one hello kitty and one chupachups to the uncle.
He said the uncle thanked him profusely too. 

This child amazes me and surprised me.from time to time.
I gave him a high five and kayshen followed! Haha
Kj then asked Ks why did he high five . I quickly answered on his (KS) behalf, that he thinks his brother (kj) is a kind person.
KS then stood beside me and whispered to me that his brother is a kind person.

I have this panic attack that if I don't quickly pen this down I wouldn't remember this event.

So here goes....

Wednesday, 19 September 2018


KS asked cheerily: mummy, do you know what is mi feng?

M:yes I do... Oh no I don't . What is it kayshen?

KS: it's bee!!

M: oh I see..

The little cute mouth starts to quiver  " do you know or you do not know?" With hands on hips, staring at me.

M: *blank * (do I know or do I not know? Which will be the correct answer??)

KS: you do know right! Because you know Chinese

M: then why did you ask me if you know I know Chinese?


M: because sometimes you asked me to pretend that I don't know🤷

KS: but this is for real...

The show begins....crying and whatnot😅

Anyway this is a cute pic of him:)

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Banana chocolate valrhona brownies

Cool I can blog using my new HUAWEI P20 Plus.

Made this today, on labour 'S day 2018

Altered recipe :

1cup flour
50g Dutch processed cocoa powder
1tsp baking powder
Half tsp salt
3 big brown banana (1 and 1/2cup)
50g oil
50g melted butter
100g brown sugar
1 large egg
1tsp vanilla
Chocolate chips

Added walnuts on top before baking


Sweetness is perfect
Keeper recipe hence I'm documenting here

Tuesday, 16 January 2018


last night, we were running out of time, rushing to bed -_-'''' what a rat race.

at 8pm we quickly jump onto bed and KS was the first to be read. he gave me The Good Dinosaur disney book and whilst i was reading, he was holding another book beside me, flipping through that book . ??? WHAT IS THIS???
since he wasnt paying attention to me, and i didnt want to cause any uproar (coming from him) so i quickly read 1-2 sentences and flipped through the book quickly. i need to finish this book in order to read to KJ the gangsta granny.

while waiting for his turn (KJ), he was at the far end of the bed, reading another book.

as i race through KS's book, i thought no one was paying attention. out of nowhere KJ questioned " mummy, why are u reading so fast?"
opss! i turned at him and wink wink, hoping he could catch me.
he smirked.
i was avoiding a tantrum from KS. seriously.

so when i was done with the dinosaur book, kj came to me and we read a few chapters beside the father came in and switched off the lights.

all of us knocked off at 8.30pm. :)

our current read: Gangsta granny

Sunday, 7 January 2018


Sunday 7jan2018

Early morning, ks went into the toilet to poo and when he was done, he shouted mummy!! Im done!

I was still feeling groggy so i asked the brother to help out. He was halfway to the toilet and ks said No! I dotn want ge ge

The brother threw his hands up and walked back to his book.

The father pulled himself from bed and offered, kayshen what about daddy?
No i want mummy. You tomorrow.

Why do u want mummy?

Because she is comfortable

All of us raised our eyebrows

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

toddler skin to skin contact

"Did u drink my milk? " I felt someone drinking.....

He kept quiet, thinking for a many seconds... before he answered, "me"

Just a little bit!

Why just a little bit?

Im afraid u will scold me

Why? U like to drink my milk?


U want to drink a lot?


on another occaion:

When i was still sleeping he tries to roll up my shirt from my back
He had difficulty then he decided he has to also roll up from the front

When he was doing it from the front, suddenly he saw my nipple and decided to give it a suck

When i woke up he got startled

Oh, he explained "i thought you are sleeping"

yes, and he decided to stack books on my back

this guy make me feel that if he can crawl under my skin, he would!
he loves to rub his face all over me...and sometimes it hurts.
he gets heavier now (as compared to last time because he is very tiny for someone his age) and whenever he sleeps on me, even if it is only his head nested on my chest (between shoulder and neck), i would felt out of breath!
what should i do!

son, that does not mean i love u any lesser.
but really, it suffocates me and hurts my collarbone. eekk


-march 2017-

Friday, 16 June 2017


Today after school i picked ks home

He overheard his dad telling me that he (dad) wanted apples and oranges

Ks exclaimed that he wanted apple too

Then he began asking:

Him: isna talk english?

Me: no. She speaks in bahasa

Him: what is skin?

Me: kulit

Him: tidak mau kulit. What is meat?

Me: isi. Meat is i-si

Him: isi. What is skin again?

Me: kulit


Then i recalled back in ah ma's house last week, ks yelped to his grandma, "ahma Ni suap wo!" one responded
Ahma! Ni suap wo!

Only kj can understood 😂

Kind hearted kj " ahma, kayshen yau ni feed ta"  (grandma, kayshen wants u to feed him)



Sunday, 30 April 2017


During dinner today, out of the blue kj turned to me and asked "hey mummy are u wearing your bra?"
Yes of course i am
Oh where? I thought you are not
And he lightly press my shirt down and see the "hill" not mountain
Ohhh he uttered.

His dad caught us in our conversation, this is one topic which bothers him more than it bothers me
So he quickly explain to kj that this are private parts .he cannot do that etc etc
I quickly add on that he can do so to me but not to others..only to me
I think somehow i do not want to part with him as in i do not want him to think that he cannot do such things to me and we wont be as close as before -______-'''
Heck he used to drink my milk! Haha


Friday, 10 February 2017

stop bathing with kids

I spoke to kj today

Of late, when we were watching tv togeher, it is usually me+hubs watching our dramas and he joined in

Whenever he sees woman with bra and panty he will go ueeeee

So today i had the opportunity to speak to him about it

Beginning this year, hubs reminded me to stop bathing together with kj.
i challenged him why
Hubs confided that kj is growing up now and he is aware of such issues. 
I have been bathing with him since day1 of his life till now.
alright, i am more conscious now and i only strip my clothes off, leaving my undergarments and bathed the boys.

Back to the conversation with kj.
Kj, why did u uekk when you see girls with bra and panty in the tv?
I feel shy
So next time i wont bathe with u anymore ok? Because i respect you, and if u dont like it i will not do it.
No its fine. U can bathe with me
U think its ueky right? So i will not do it, i dont want u to feel uncomfortable
 It is not uncomfortable. Just a lil bit shy
Maybe skip one day?
*i understand he means every other day
Okay we can do that. And i will put on my bra and panty ok?
Ok (all the time trying to look at his story book)

There is many school of thoughts for this.

To let your children see naked body and they wont feel gross when they see naked bodies outside the house?

Really there are many controversial stories out there

This is not a post for discussion
This is to remind me of tonight's conversation:)