Saturday, 18 April 2009

mario bros

this is what i do,
i could see *many things* from my room in vista :p
missed it:(
no idea how i got this.
glutinous rice-wrapped-in-leaves
looks more like someone else's food
and since this was captured, i would defnitely have a mouthful

the trucker's cap
and the BLING!
his collection!
cmon people!
GASP! please do!
his collection
not cheap!!! hundreds of ringgit for a cap!
what's so great about it can someone tell me?
notice those behind were displayed with its box

brought them to william's, petaling jaya

spaghetti meatball with marinara sauce
nasi goreng with soft shell crab
cant remember
roti planta?
mine!!! this was mine
mango smoothie
was it cheese?
duck + chicken noodle
CRAZY!!!! this is not a "HUMAN-SERVING"!!!
a normal human CANNOT consume this MONSTROUS portion !
but he did...
my heart ached...
his friend ordered the same dish
and he helped polished half the meat + noodle of his mate
which meant that he had 1.5 serving
i told him not to finished them
they were famished
he lost lots of weight
they survived on instant noodles

so i went home and relate this incident to mom, and to their parents
it was for their sake
and i did it out of love
 dips for their chicken and duck

it was on me
took them out to William's before i left
paid for a hefty RM80++, in a MAMAK stall??
mom said i was stupid
well , as long as im happy, they are happy.
and i kept my promise in giving them a treat

ended up like this at the end of the day

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