Thursday, 6 March 2008

Peter Pork Noodle, Mayflower Brickfields

i was looking high and low for New Lay Sin Coffeeshop in Brickfields yesterday.
Kish was with me and he said the shop moved already.
I didn't believe him at first because i swear i only saw it not long ago! i could even remember the background of the signboard! it was green in colour!
In the end, i gave up. fine.
oh-kay. but move where?
On impulse, he said the hawkers could have relocated to this new restaurant, called the Mayflower.
We drove there and saw the sign saying Seafood restaurant, so i said it couldnt be it thus we decided on another place for breakfast.

However, i couldn't feel at peace and so i went to brickfields again this morning to look for it!

and HERE it is!!!
they have indeed shifted to Mayflower.

Peter pork noodle.
I wanted dry noodle but somehow i just ordered ONE BOWL,small, with egg, without specifying dry or soup intentionally.

Took these from my seat, as there weren't many customers so i was annoyingly aware of myself.

Delicious. but kinda regretted not ordering the dry one instead.

Batchmate, Julian acclaimed that the pork noodle in OUG is excellent.
He brought us (lil P and me) once and....urm...hee..i forgot how it taste like already.
It was nice lah..but i can't decide which is better.
Do not really fancy pork noodle.
They are in the same gang as koey teow thing.
Means you only eat them when you feel ill :p
I'm having sorethroat now, so does it explain why i looked high and low for it?
I can only identify BAD ones from this category.

Ok, shall not be verbose.
Im having the jitters as i should'nt, i really should not be going this!
but i really cant concentrate!
Ive whiled away the entire day today!!!!


kxin said...

saya mau makan~~~~ when we go kl! ;) also i still din get the chance to makan the char siew fun!!!!!! arghhhh

pablopabla said...

Another branch of Peter's Pork Noodle is at the kopitiam opposite YMCA Brickfields. Peter alternates between the 2 stalls.

curiositykills said...

yes! come to KL! but im a bit broke d now.sobss
charsiewfun is one thing im going to miss!!i didnt even touch charsiews sold elsewhere now. lols

i see :) thanks for ya info!will hunt for him when im in the mood for pork noodle.hee