Wednesday, 7 January 2009

makanmakan in princess square

princess square!
*scratch buttocks*

the list of restaurants on the top floor of princess square


mua, before heading for class
need to do some socialising :p

so out for lunch, n rush back to class thereafter


spanish restaurant

newspaper cutting

the bar

i kinda like the 'bubble' design..and also the colours

Zizzi restaurant stubby coke and pretty beer.

was is it? corona? no idea. but i like how the lemon sticks out

i took this under the table ;)

it was someone else's drink

my tuna salad, with a rather big piece of anchovy on top

musselsmushroom soup with bread
their risotto
my meat platter

there's salami, bacon and dont know what else

thank u!

he picked up the tab

for bigboy's farewell :)

reporting now from SIBS LAB!


upload photos at home

come here and edit and post!


labs are sickening!

it is fun!

but horrendous when ileums misbehaved! grrRRR

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