Thursday, 26 March 2009

how not to be a hypocrite?

im done
with the book
that is yieng's ritter sports by the way

venue: Dunrobin Castle

i know i can do it
i can manage to cough out words to make up to the words requirement
no one will fail, RIGHT????

as long as u hand in something,
as long as i hand in something
it doesnt matter if i wrote gibberish
i myself cannot fathom the contents
*cold sweat*
i HATE illogical things
and now im producing illogical dissertation
im a hypocrite


mcvitie's mini mallows
ferrero rondnoir
valentine chocolate muffin from gregg's bakery
thank u tai-kar-che
heh heh
go get yourself a muffin when u want need some endorphins
there's a story behind this muffin nevertheless :)

i so love pineapple
at home, no one can touch pineapples except for me
i'll get really annoyed if mom give away pineapples
that is because dad loves to buy tons and we couldnt catch up with the rate of oxidation
theye rot faster than my eating speed
2 whole pineapple per day
not more than that

mom, should u consider planting out own pineapples?

ive never leant how to slaughter a pineapple till vista days

i was taught the techniques to cut them beautifully

by the way, they (or rather ALDI) have the techniques explained on a tag attached to the fruit.
oh well, they are not MY WAY though
ask me if u want to know how! i can demo.
im not asking much. but i would like to ask for a kind reward of A pineapple in return.
omelette with sauteed mushrooms with onions
there's so much to do with mushrooms
mushrooms with onions bathed in ketchup

baked mushrooms
dried shrimps
sprinkle some chilli powder and blob some ketchup
this was GOOD!!!
will do it again!
baked salmon accompanied with sweet turnips
hwa tai luxury vegetable crackers
corn crackers! hallelujah
jacob's weetameal!

note the one at the far right
it is WASABI flavoured crackers
highly recommended!!!
by Hwa tai!

Tuesday, 24 March 2009


ploughman's sandwich
basically, it is just pickles, cheese(loads) and salads
egg mayo
one of my specialty
self praise is a disgrace -___-

random pic

McVities Digestives Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate

mugs by amanda james

this is good
please buy this
fox's bars

crisps from ALDI

mark and spencers
all butter cheese twist & all butter breadstick assortment
they are both good

McVities Jaffa Cakes

this is a novely to me.

had it not been for eric, i wouldnt know about this

this is a british thing, jaffa cakes

other giant hypermarket do carry their own jaffa cakes, namely Sainsbury and Tesco, but McVities is the most popular.

i chanced upon this in Morrisons so i thought why not give it a try. it is Cadbury after all.

Cadbury Milk Chocolate Jaffa Cakes

but neh...:(

BIG disappointment

was nauseatingly sweet


but it has a crispy chocolate coating though :)


the best jaffa cake would be....

Sondey Soft Orange Biscuit!~

not too sweet and thick orange filling ;) yum!

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

how to's


ingredient: Nutella, Horlicks, hot water, and a BROS bottle (haha:p)

2-3 tbs of horlicks
2 tbs nutella
hot water

shake them in a bottle

then pour into a glass

that's it!
as simple as that!
3 steps!


guess what's that?

brownie! ahahahah

a flatten brownie?:p

that's Annabelle's flowers

not bad wert...said to self

im satisfied nonetheless
i dont have any standard/appropriate measuring tools
everything was done in approximation
no baking chocolate powder as well
i substituted with edibles that i have in the kitchen

1 cup of plain flour
wee bit of baking powder
1/2 cocoa (i use hot chocolate -_-)
1/2 sugar (curi from housemate)
pinch of salt
3tbs of melted butter
1/2 butter milk (i use 1/2 cup of milk + 1 tbs white vinegar)
2tsp coffee (i omitted this)


now this...

u need :

milk + green tea powder + ginger powder + cinnamon + honey

heat milk for 2 mins in high power

n add all the above ingredients!

n u'll get this!
milk with spices
a cup of goodness!

i omitted the honey and it was as wicked~!

can try this if u ever get cloyed of hot chocolate


one more trick,

squirt some RIBENA into MILK!
it was GOOD!
*thank u so much for this idea*

Counting House

Counting house
JD Wetherspoon is one of the UK’s most popular and successful high-street pub chains and is No.1 for real ales.

i wanna go for their FRESH GUINNESS and ALES one of these nights!

note their Fish n Chips
normal price £5.39

afternoon deal!
mon-fri 2-5pm!
u can get Fish n chips! for £3.20!
with a coffee or tea!

we decided to head to this place last week when we had to vacate our PEST-INFESTED HOSTEL!!!!
rubbish place! grh!

that's the platter
it was filling
good deal!

plus Free wifi!

can consider this place if u get up late ---> can get a late lunch here ;)

not so yummy tartar sauce

guess it's the brand

love butter!
it's only enough for me to spread half the slice of bread

Thursday, 12 March 2009


2 hours of sensible talk
of discussion
of the old times
help to easy my confusion
"FOC" therapy


the last word
slumdog millionaire
much raved movie of the year
i find it rather mediocre


miss this milk!
gardenia ice cream!
only in East malaysia!
in sabah
didnt see it in kuching though
S.H.E yogurt drink!
if only malaysia has UHT yogurt drink!

Jay Chow instant noodle!

sweet taro pie
Fuzhou McDonald's

green bean pie

what have i learned today?
best best thing ever!!!!
so which base are u?