Monday, 24 March 2008


Samurai Pork Burger!
Looks delicious kan?

Unfortunately, this is not available in Malaysia.

Hop to the neighbouring country if you wanna savour this.

Oh yeah, which reminds me!
The neighbouring land below us, Singapore, has this McD Cafe in Orchard road. It has dessert such as cakes and coffee blended! ;)
cool wey!!

McDs in Thailand has assorted pies. Namely pineapple, taro, corn and what is the black one? forgotten.
Anyway, taro is the best! and pineapple.
They once had green pea pie too. and chocolate.
i still prefer those two
and i only take banana in Msia.
Glad the banana is here to stay.
Had one last night for my supper ;)

Gotta pack to redang now.

bad news is,
ive decided to shoulder all the bills myself for this trip.
kesian me

and the dive centre which ive registered to in redang sounds a tad wee ...unreliable.
im skeptical.
through the phone, they didn't ask if i can swim.
there would be only the two of us taking the course and they would not test our skill to be exact.
we will pass if we can do it he says.
"Oh sir, what about the theory test?"
Dont worry! we will give you the answer! 


how could i not be dubious?
i'd better verify their status before paying the full amount as i've already paid a deposit of 100 ringgit.
Please protect my 100 ringgit!!


tell me she's beautiful!

not only that, she is GORGEOUS!

innocent and demure


let me introduce her to you!

...jeng jeng jeng...

BILL GATE's daughter!!!
life is fair?
but how come she has the look besides the little fortune that she will inherit?
i bet she has the brain too!

so u think life is still fair?:(

Some opined that life is fair because God is fair.

hold on, this post if not a anti-religious post okay?
*hold tight to my shield*

I think otherwise until i'm proven wrong.
i would very much like to embrace their belief nevertheless.

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Pasta Zanmai

Ulcer is growing bigger! stupid metal!! UGHHH!!
never mind if u cannot spot the teeeeny weeny hole. hee
Had Pasta Zanmai for dinner yesterday!!
Terrible jam all the way to One Utama cause it was raining.
Sien. so i was complaining all the way till we reached One U. hah!
Narrow entrance

~Let us see what they have~
Huge and bulky menu
Dont understand. Why are the menus in restaurants getting huger?
See? it can fit about 6 of my faces! :p
Hot green tea, thus they served in this ugly thermos. If you order a cold pot, they would serve you with a nicer teapot ;)

Forgot to change the position of the photos and thus the chaos-ness.

Grabbed some kuihs from Nyonya Colour before that.
Love kuihs! It is difficult to get yummy ones these d
ays. sien. and the kuihs in KL are darn expensive!

Bought Sago Ubi, dunno-what, Sweet Potato(3sisters),Lapis Pandan, cendol and bingka ubi.

Ika to Ika Sumi no Pasta RM18
"surume" Squid & Squid-ink Pasta

The squids were perfect. Not too rubberish :D

Teriyaki Chicken to Onsen Tamago no Pizza RM20

This is the virgin version

Sprinkled some chilli powder.
Love the chilli powder! very fragrant, unlike those that u get from other eateries.
The egg! Darn nice!
You can order only the egg itself for RM3. wait or was it RM2? cant remember
Loved the pizza
Macha cha Parfait RM15
They have jellies at the bottom, followed by vanilla icecream, cornflakes and finally greentea icecream.
Overall, this was good. the vanilla rawks surprisingly.  and the cornflakes taste a bit different! its a lot nicer than Kelloggs Cornflakes. Probably they use Jap ones
BUT! it was normal. If you have all the ingreadients, you can prepare yourself at home.
Detoured to this place above when i went for a toilet-break.
Make me missed KLCC :(
Why? cause i usually go to the one in KLCC, Isetan  :)
Mini Anpan Japan RM1.20 & Mini-pie Durian RM2.50
The mini anpan has redbean in it ---> =(
The durian pastry ---> =)
Steamed cheesecake RM3.30
Good, with a strong cheesy smell.
i want my green tea one :(

The service in pasta zanmai wasn't good. i had to wave like crazy sometimes to signal them and the pizza came wayyyy too late! after the pasta, we had to wait for about 20mins and had to kept checking with the staff.
That was the time i went to the bakery while waiting for the pizza =)
Merman wanted to order the meat sauce omo rice but i stopped him. was worried that their portions would be big.
Since i bought lotsa little snacks and the pizza came so late ( it was 10pm by then), we didn't order the rice.

but here's the catch!
they are having a promotion now and so i ate the squid pasta for half-price!
One dish per day at 50% off!
but u need to bring the promo advertisement in The Star!
i wanna go again!!!!

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

i love Y. Y for Yams

New Formosa SS2
Buy 4 free 1
Should have taken 2 yam instead of this mua-chee.
They were rather hard and chewy.
Came here for the yam!!
But we couldn't wait 30mins for the bigger yam! It is one of their recommended dessert.
Next time maybe.
So i had to settle for the mini ones :(

But weird, don't the Formosa Special Sweet Yam, looks like this? it's just that this mashed yam is presented in a small container, no?
Im comparing the photos shown on the menu.

well, i have no idea.

alright! that was all for last Thursday night! :)

red rice porridge

Tempted by an article in The Star, introducing this restaurant.
It is in PJ, near Dutch Lady.
Came last Thursday for dinner.

See the 3 pots?

Opted for red.
can cook this myself at home.
House specialty RM1.60

Minced meat with salted fish
3 pieces, RM 6.30
It was so oily! should have snapped the photo of the heavily-soaked napkin.
The staff were peering at me.
and i forgot to give them the 'look-what-look' face. wasted.
Braised salted mustard vegetable (S) RM4.60
Braised tofu RM2 per piece
Kuey chap (rice cake noodle)

look at the amount of the innards!
Who's gonna eat 'em?

Anyway, i've never tried kuey chap in sarawak (aww, regret) but i think the ones in thailand are far more addictive than this one! WAY better!

Dont like this place.

Note to myself, go to Bonjuk if i want porridge!

Needed something sweet to end the night.
couldn't find a cake house nearby, thus we shot straight to SS2.

aiyoi, how to add photos here? add to the bottom? it seemed to only be able to add photos from the top! and not from bottom? :(

generation gap

a Yummy and Perfect-for-Mugging-Season snack!~

Was hoping the pumpkin seeds could carve some anaesthesia knowledge into my pea brain.

One more paper!!!

Just one moreeE!!!

I can't wait!

I can't wait to burst from the cage and...
urm...but i don't know where i should head to.

Mom would not be happy with me.definitely not.

Having said that, i have not forgotten my conscience to toe the line. i do ask her for permission, even if i have already somewhat made my choice sometimes :

I know the limits and i will not cross it.
I'm no abuser as well.
i hope im not

I don't want to take advantage of the LOVE , on top of everything else that she has given me.

Had a row with her the previous night. It all started with messages and then phone calls. Little did i know that it would involve hard sobs as well!
*cover face* malunya

I asked her if i can go to Redang and she didn't reply me. I thought she was busy , so fine. never mind. i waited for a few days and i messaged her again. still didn't reply.
To be honest, i knew she would be angry thus i dare not call :(

In the midst of sitting for my final semester 5 exam, i called her that night and she chirpily answered my call. The fire came. I thought she was busy therefore the absence of reply. Leave that aside, bla bla bla bla, she gave me the nods. Somewhat unwillingly.

For some reason, a foolish one indeed, i texted her another message.

it sounded like this,

I am disappointed. even if you are angry, you should reply my messages. i want to let you know that i still respect you that is why i asked you for permission. you should have atleast said something. i know you thought that i have made my decision without your consent but this is not the case. now i really don't know how to communicate with you. good night.


Mom called back.
first ring, i refused to pick up.
on second ring, Merman asked me to answer.


after the conversation, only did i realise how lucky i am!

I have actually forgotten about her love for me!
How could i?
How atrocious of me!!

i was drowned with lotsa. LOTSA guilt upon listening to her words.

i'm sorry.
i'm such a terrible child.


how did this post lead to this point?

Anyway, it felt good to be loved and to feel loved once again.

Thanks mom.

NB: I still feel guilty. the guilt would haunt me until i settled foot at the place where the heart is.

Friday, 14 March 2008

New breed - Congratulations!

hot and sultry!!
oOHH lalaAA!!
let me introduce her to you people! HANNAH YEOH!
she has a blog,
oh, and she'z a fellow DAPian.
This pretty lass is now the assemblyman for Subang Jaya. Beat Sire Lee Hwa Beng

That aside, back to my first statement!

I came to realise that DAP has many beautiful chics and handsome blokes!

Come, let me show you! ;)
Nurul Izzah, eldest daughter or Anwar Ibrahim.

Hannah's Political Secretary, Edward Ling. *drools*

Imu peeps would definitely be familiar with her, aye?
Her face was plastered everywhere!!
Teresa Kok beat Carol Chew in Seputeh.
Urm...she's not the league. The beauty league i mean :p Just want to make a contrast here. ekekek :p

I admit, it would be rather immature of me to pick on their beauty, rather than their skills/experience.

Anwway, this post is just for the fun of it! :p
Do take it lightly alright?

I am not publicly showing my stand on either side of the political scene.

I JUST so happen to PERSONALLY feel that most DAP representatives are good-looking.

Nonetheless, this would not be the case for Lim Guan Eng, Penang's Chief Minister.
Same goes for his papa, Notorious/ Intriguing Lim Kit Siang.

I am mesmerized by her sweetness.
She doesn't look like she is married (but she is) and she is really too sweet to be in this arena.
WELL! As the old saying goes, We cannot judge a book by its cover.
Thus....we'll see
Come! We shall have another peek of her! *sparkling tinsel teeth*

pssttt, Tony Pua also not bad ;) (not bad looking lah...geezz) =)))

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Never ending pasta giving way to Meals To Share~

This is the newly opened branch in Sunway Pyramid.

The "never ending pasta" promotion in Italiannies has ended few months ago! 
but they are coming out with another promotion called " Meals to share"!
The promotion should be out somewhere March. The deal of the promotion is...RM89++, a choices of appetizer( from 3 selection), 3 choices of entree ( From 8 selection) & a choices of dessert ( from 2 selection). This promotion is good for four persons.
We are looking forward to see you in any of our restaurant soon.
We currently located at 1-Utama, Curve, the Gardens, & Sunway Pyramid
Thank you...& have a great day!
 Those in bold are extracted directly from Sua Yi Sheng's email.
Sua Yi Sheng
Regional Manager
Italiannies Malaysia
M+6016 211 8533

No, this is not plagiarism. I am merely copy-ing and paste-ing the content of my email.
cause i wrote to him :S

Yay! and i've finally know-how to put up the ads! much thanks to lil p! 
and she seems to be the only one, coming online as frequent as we should not!
nevertheless good in a way that you're keeping me company! *grin* thanks thanks!